The Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV-M) can rapidly deploy up to ten battle ready troops in all environments. It is blast resistant and its innovative cabin design gives it the flexibility to serve many roles.

The Bushmaster is built to carry and sustain a nine man infantry section, with room for one more passenger. It is fully air-conditioned and can sustain itself for a period of up to three days.

It uses an armoured v-shaped hull to protect its passengers from landmines and other explosive devices. The sloped sides on the bottom of the hull act to deflect blasts upward and away from the vehicle. The vehicle's welded one-piece shell is designed to protect troops against all small arms fire. Windows also carry similar ballistic protection.

The Bushmaster's fuel and hydraulic tanks are positioned outside the crew's compartment to protect troops from possible fires. There is also a protected emergency fuel tank so the vehicle won't be left stranded.

General characteristics

Weight 12500kg
Length 7.18m
Width 2.48m
Height 2.65m
Crew 1 crew and up to 9 passengers


Engine Caterpillar 3126E
Speed Over 100km per hour
Operational range 800km
Armament Gun ring for 5.56 millimetre

7.62 millimetre machine guns