The G-Wagon vehicle and its range of trailers and modules is designed to be used by the Army in tactical training, disaster relief and securing Australia’s coastline.

The base vehicle shares common chassis components, engine and running gear, and body work. Modifications to meet specific requirements include the additional axle for 6x6 variants and salt water fording. A wide range of mission system variants have been developed, including surveillance and reconnaissance, mobile command posts and canine care and transport.

Every vehicle is designed to be part of a networked land force. Accordingly, all the G-Wagons are designed to accept a range of military radios as well as the Army’s Battle Management System (BMS).


Weight 3400kg (unladen)

4600 - 4800 (laden)
Seating 2 (single-cab)

4 (dual-cab)
Variants Truck, lightweight, single-cab, carryall (2-door)

Truck, lightweight, single-cab, panel van (2-door)

Truck, lightweight, dual-cab, station wagon (4-door)


Weight 4300 - 5600 (unladen)

6500kg (laden)
Seating 2 (single-cab)

4 (dual-cab)
Variants Truck, light, single-cab, carryall (2-door)

Truck, light, single-cab, ambulance (2-door)

Truck, light, dual-cab, cargo (4-door)

Truck, light, dual-cab, canine (4-door)

Truck, light, dual-cab, command post mobile (4-door)

Truck, light, surveillance & reconnaissance

Truck, light, general maintenance vehicle (4-door)

Truck, light, line-laying module (4-door)

Haulmark trailers

Variants Trailer, cargo, lightweight, 800kg

Trailer, cargo, light, 1,500kg