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Game of Drones 19

14 August 2019



Army Minor Project (AMP) 024.34 procured DJI Phantom multirotor unmanned aerial systems (MRUAS) for units across Army. The aim of this procurement was to expose all soldiers across Army to UAS basic operations and increase ‘UAS literacy’. It has allowed various aspects of experimentation to occur across SOPs and TTPs within combat and logistical scenarios.

To further leverage AMP 024.34 benefits, the Army Drone Programme is conducting a competition to capture, collate and disseminate corporate knowledge developed through this project. This competition provides various prizes across two categories. These prizes and categories and explained further below.


There are two categories in the competition:

Category 1: Best image or short video. Category 1 will be for the submission of an image or short video that most effectively demonstrates the utility of MRUAS in supporting Army’s training requirements. Considerations:

  1.        Videos must not exceed 30 seconds,
  2.        Still images must be less than 10 Mb;
  3.        Images/Videos must be placed into OBJ with a link sent to the contest organisers at the following email address: mruas.comp [at]
  4.        Images must be the work of a member of the unit;
  5.        Imagery must be obtained IAW the general and security conditions in the Authority to Operate MRUAS (see link on Sharepoint site for a pdf of this ATO);
  6.         Imagery of individuals must be submitted with the consent of the individuals; and
  7.        Up to three entries may be submitted per unit.

Category 2: Most innovative TTP concept. Category 2 requires units to develop, execute and report on a Concept of Employment (CONEMP) for MRUAS to enhance mission efficiency or reduce risk. Units will be required to prove the submitted CONEMP in the field. The format of submissions will not be constrained. As a minimum, the CONEMP must:

  1.        Detail how the concept increases mission efficiency, provides new capability or reduces risk to our soldiers
  2.        Outline the resources required to execute the TTP,
  3.        Outline how the TTP is executed,
  4.        NOT exceed two pages in length, based on standard Defence Writing Manual standard
  5.        Communicate the concept as clearly as possible; diagrams and imagery may be used to achieve this
  6.         Provide evidence of where the submitting unit has successfully employed the TTP in training.


The CONEMP and video must be placed on Objective and a link sent to the competition coordinators. These details can be found on the UAS Sharepoint.


Other Considerations

Eligibility: The competition is open to all Officers and Soldiers of The Australian Army using approved MRUAS as per the Approval to Operate UAS (Multi Rotor) ATOUAS.

Submission: Entries must be placed onto Objective and appropriate permissions made for judges to view them (ie no major restrictions on access). Send a link to the location to mruas.comp [at]

Judges: A panel of three senior officers and soldiers will be asked to judge the shortlisted entries. (Details TBC)

Notification: Winners will be notified by email with a general announcement made in the 28 November edition of Army News along with a selection of entries. Further details will be promulgated on Army Sharepoint and Army Web.

Timeframe: Entries open 1 June and close at the close of business Friday 01 Nov 19. Judging will be complete by 15 Nov. Winners notified before publication of results in Army News on 28 Nov.

Details and Online Engagement: Further details will be promulgated via the UAS online engagement portals as shown below:


Email: mruas.comp [at]

UAS Sharepoint: http://drnet/Army/FORCOMD/AVN/Pages/Unmanned-Aerial-Systems.aspx

UAS Collab (UASNet): http://collab/army/uasnet/SitePages/Home.aspx

UAS Webpage:

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29 September 2019
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