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Kidnap for Ransom of ADF Personnel - a vulnerability for the ADF and the Australian government?

Event Date: 
Thursday, 17 May, 2018 - 10:00
Event Location: 

R1 Theaterette Russell Offices, Canberra

For more than 40 years, experienced and reputable K&R/E response consultancies, primarily operating out of the UK, have advised clients on how to negotiate the release of kidnap victims safely, in a timely manner, and for an appropriate ransom sum. Warwick will argue that government agencies, restricted by ill-considered and inflexible government policy, impenetrable layers of hierarchy, multiple decision-makers, crass politics and inexperience, ignorance and fear, are inherently unable to achieve success in this area.Where various governments have failed in various ways with regard to civilian hostages, the ADF will face greater challenges in the event an Australian soldier, sailor or airman is kidnapped, or otherwise held hostage by terrorist groups or other asymmetric actors.This lecture will give a compelling insight into proper and appropriate response to kidnap for ransom.



SPEAKER - Warwick Stacey was born and brought up in Australia. He joined the British Army, was commissioned into the Parachute Regiment, and later served as a troop commander with 22 SAS. On his return to Australia he served 10 years with the Australian Army Reserve. He has advised on more than 40 kidnap, extortion, piracy and related life-threatening incidents, and has acted as case manager for a further 30 such incidents.

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