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Lessons From Syria - Dr Robert Bowker

Event Date: 
Thursday, 11 July, 2019 - 12:30

With the Syrian regime now secure in Damascus it is timely to examine lessons arising from the conflict. This discussion focuses on two issues: firstly, what the experience of the Syrian civil war, including the approaches taken by the parties to the conflict suggests about the future nature of politics and conflict in the region; and secondly, what lessons may be drawn concerning external military intervention in such conflicts.

About the speaker: Dr Bowker served as a diplomat in Saudi Arabia (74-06), Syria (79-81) and he was Australian ambassador to Jordan (89-92), Egypt (05-08) as well as non-resident ambassador to Syria, Libya, Tunisia and Sudan. He also held senior roles for the United Nations Relief and Works Program for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (1997-1998,) based in Gaza and Jerusalem. His experience of the Middle East underpins his research, publication and Professorial roles at the ANU where he is currently a Visiting Fellow.

Army: Courage. Initiative. Respect. Teamwork.
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