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1 RAR first to receive enhanced F88

1 RAR first to receive enhanced F88
Lethal, robust, ergonomic and superior are the characteristics of the enhanced F88 (EF88) being issued to the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR) in June 2015 as a precursor to the rollout of the EF88 to Army.

Equipping 1 RAR with what has been described by those who trialled it as an exceptional weapon is a sign of things to come, with the introduction of the EF88 being provided by Project Land 125-3C.

Colonel Scotty Palmer, of Army Headquarters, said the EF88 being issued to 1 RAR this year was a comprehensive enhancement to the current F88.

“Trial results have confirmed our soldiers consider this weapon to be remarkably modular, balanced and accurate during combat and longer range shooting,” Colonel Palmer said.

Operations Officer 1 RAR, Major Peter Van de Peer, said the EF88 was already a popular weapon with the soldiers who used it during trials to date.

“We are very much looking forward to employing the new EF88 during coming support company courses, Tully jungle training rotations and Exercise Wantok Warrior in Papua New Guinea,” Major Van de Peer said.

Private Jake Whitlock of 1 RAR was involved in a previous trial of the EF88.

“The EF88 impressed everyone with its accuracy, reliability and design,” Private Whitlock said.

The EF88 being issued to 1 RAR will be equipped with an enhanced day sight, foregrip and, for grenadiers, a grenade launcher attachment.

Lessons learned from the rollout of the EF88 to 1 RAR will influence the introduction into service of the EF88 and ancillary packs provided by Land 125-3C from 2016.

Land 125-3C Project Officer Major Mick O’Sullivan of Army Headquarters said in addition to the introduction of the EF88, Land 125-3C would include a range of state-of-the-art weapon ancillaries to optimise the performance of the EF88.

“Land 125-3C will deliver the EF88 with ancillary packs configured to the tier and role of the recipient,” Major O’Sullivan said.

“These ancillary packs, combined with creative, persistent and challenging training, will empower Army’s Tier 2 and 3 combatants to achieve superior competence in combat shooting and marksmanship.”

A tiered approach has been adopted for Army’s Soldier Combat System (SCS). Land 125-3C will provide the EF88 and ancillary packs according to the SCS tiers to allow soldiers to have the equipment they need for their role.

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6 September 2016
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