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ADFHQ standing up 01 July

27 June 2017

THE new ADF Headquarters structure will be fully implemented on July 1 as an important outcome of the First Principles Review. 


The ADFHQ’s establishment relates to the First Principles Review’s intent that Defence operate as one integrated system, called the One Defence approach. Its main aim is to bring about the four Cs – a coordinated, coherent, comprehensive capability.

It capitalises on legislative changes recommended in the FPR that have made clear CDF’s position as commander of the ADF, as well as greater clarity for One Defence roles more broadly. 

“If we have a more concept-led and integrated approach to delivering capability, over time our units will experience less of the issues we have had in the past,” AVM Hart said. “Issues such as equipment turning up that isn’t fully compatible or interoperable with our networks, or with the other services or groups. There has been a lot of effort in the past on workarounds in the field, and a kind of retro-fitting of joint capabilities.” 

The key change in terms of operating, exercising and preparing new capabilities is they will arrive as comprehensive packages. This will be done through One Defence’s Capability Life-Cycle approach, which covers everything from planning to maintaining Defence capability. This process will also consider requirements for equipment to be integrated and interoperable parts of the joint force. 

“This will allow units to spend more of their early effort during the introduction to service on training and tactics development, rather than so much effort being spent just on making the system work and integrating or developing workarounds,” AVM Hart said. AVM Hart uses the analogy of buying a new phone to explain what he hopes the new ADFHQ will avoid. 


In explaining what the new headquarters will look like, AVM Hart cited the evolution of HQJOC as a model, and as a great success story of ‘jointery’. “In directing the development of the ADFHQ model, CDF often pointed to the joint approach to planning and teamwork at HQJOC,” he said. 

“HQJOC has evolved significantly over the last 15 years or so, moving us from stove-piped service planning, to the integrated approach to joint planning and operations we now have. 

“The arrangements at JOC put us in a fantastic place operationally, as a result of being an integrated entity that is not just joint, but also better supports us working with our friends and partners from across government, such as AFP, Border Protection and Foreign Affairs, and in coalitions. 


To read the full story, go to the Army News, available at units on Thursday 29 June or online here:

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27 June 2017
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