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Administrative changes for MEAO

Following a reduction in the size of Australia's commitment and the number of Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel in Afghanistan, Defence has reassessed and redefined operations in the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO).

From 1 July 2014, Operation SLIPPER will split into three separate operations to accurately reflect the evolving nature of Australia’s military contribution in the MEAO.

Australia’s military commitment in Afghanistan will continue to be conducted under Operation SLIPPER while the ADF contribution to Maritime Security Operations in the MEAO and counter piracy in the Gulf of Aden will be conducted under Operation MANITOU, and supporting operations in neighbouring Gulf States will be conducted under Operation ACCORDION.

Operation SLIPPER will continue to be classified as ‘warlike’ service, while Operation MANITOU and Operation ACCORDION will be classified as ‘non warlike’ service.

In line with this reassessment of operations, Defence has also reviewed the Field Allowance paid to land-based ADF personnel deployed on Operation SLIPPER.

From 1 March 2014, only personnel living and working in ‘field-like conditions’ will receive the allowance. Field Allowance is paid to compensate for the requirement to live and work in arduous conditions with limited or no access to basic provisions and amenities.

The end of Australia's mission in Uruzgan combined with improved infrastructure and living conditions for Australia's remaining deployed personnel means they will not automatically qualify for Field Allowance.

Defence will continue to provide deployment conditions of service and allowance packages that recognise the hazardous duty and work undertaken by ADF personnel on operations overseas.

Members who will be affected by these changes will be briefed on the range of allowances appropriate for their operational circumstances.

Special Forces personnel and those posted to ships do not receive Field Allowance. Their service specific allowances such as Special Forces Disability Allowance will remain unchanged.

Allowances are periodically reviewed by Defence, and appropriate adjustments made as conditions change.

Last updated
7 September 2016
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