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Army’s next armoured fighting vehicle announced

14 March 2018

The Australian Government has announced that the next generation of Army’s combat reconnaissance vehicles will be built by Rheinmetall.

The armoured vehicles will deliver improved firepower, protection, mobility and communication systems to ensure our soldiers can fight, win and survive while operating in an ever-changing threat environment.

Army’s next generation of fighting vehicle will be more capable than any other vehicle Army has operated.These vehicles will have digital warfare and information networking capabilities that will provide operational commanders with advanced knowledge and understanding of the battlefield.

This bigger and better protected armoured fighting vehicle will provide Australian troops with increased firepower and protection on the battlefield in the decades ahead.

The Department of Defence completed a comprehensive tender process over three years, during which the vehicles were rigorously and extensively tested across Australia.

The process was designed to secure the best outcome for Defence. Rheinmetall’s Boxer was assessed as the most capable vehicle for Australia.

As part of the LAND 400 Phase 2 project Rheinmetall will deliver 211 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles with the first vehicles ready for training in 2020.

Rheinmetall’s Boxer will replace Army’s current reconnaissance vehicle, the Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) that has been in service since 1996 and seen extensive operational service.

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15 March 2018
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