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Australian Army and Queensland Police Service recognised for efforts during Townsville floods

20 November 2019

In a parade at Jezzine Barracks, troops from the Australian Army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment and their partners from the Queensland Police Service were recognised for the efforts and devotion to duty during the 2019 Townsville floods.


The composite squadron was awarded an Australian Defence Force, Joint Operations Command Commendation, to acknowledge the significant role they played, and to recognise the Always Ready attitude enabling agility and adaptability in arduous circumstances.


Commander of the Joint Task Force, Brigadier Scott Winter, praised the way the two organisations were able to blend so rapidly together, work quickly and flexibly to assist the Townsville people.


“Our Australian Army soldiers and members of the Queensland Police Service were a partnered force, working together as a team to support the Townsville community and capitalising on each other’s strengths,” Brigadier Winter said.


“When crisis strikes it’s our people that provide protection and reassurance in the community. The teamwork shown by these outstanding individuals ensured the safety of a significant number of Townsville residents who were at risk of death or injury during the Townsville floods.”


Deputy Commissioner Brian Codd from the Queensland Police Service said the relationship between the two organisations was strengthened during the operation and continues to grow for the benefit of North Queensland.


“Our people from the Queensland Police Service together with their Australian Army colleagues have done the Townsville community proud. Their service and dedication during those challenging days has cemented our bond, working as a team for Townsville,” Deputy Commissioner Codd said.


The citation for the Commendation reads:


I commend the Composite Cavalry Squadron for the superior achievement and devotion to duty during Operation NORTHERN QUEENSLAND FLOOD ASSIST 2019.


Your excellent leadership by personal example, superior skills and judgement enabled the composite Cavalry Squadron to provide assistance to a significant number of members of the public who were at risk of death or injury during the Townsville floods.


Your performance under arduous and dangerous conditions was an essential component to the forming of a highly effective interagency team capable of carrying out a mission for mission for which you were not specifically trained and was reliant on your individual skills and judgment to rapidly build a highly effective team.


Your efforts directly contributed to extremely effective and tactical and operational outcomes and directly enhance the effectiveness of the JTF658 and Queensland Police Service response to the Townsville floods.


Your achievements and commitment to duty are of the highest order and in keeping with the finest traditions of the Australian Army, the Australian Defence Force and the Queensland Police Service.


Imagery of the Australian Army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment and Queensland Police Service during the 2019 Townsville Floods is available at: 


Imagery from the parade will be available at:

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20 November 2019
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