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CA interviewed about domestic violence in Army

24 July 2017

Supporting our Soldiers in the Fight Against Domestic Violence.

It is becoming more widely known in our society that violence occurs behind closed doors. Women and children are most often the targets of that violence, although men can also be victims of domestic abuse.

As part of the Australian Army information campaign for our members and for the general public, a powerful video has been produced where four soldiers – victims of domestic violence – have been interviewed and tell of their stories. All members of the Army have been shown the video with soldiers coming away affected by the stories of their mates.

Recently, ABC asked the Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, about the making of the video and about the anti-domestic violence campaign within Army. To see this interview and to hear the Chief’s candid responses to some poignant questions, have a look at ABC’s website and videos.

(Other domestic violence stories of note are also found there).

To see the video Silence is the Accomplice in full, go here:


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10 August 2017
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