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Combat health training in Brisbane

Combat health training in Brisbane
The realism was ramped up for Operation Okra combat health training held recently at Gallipoli Barracks, Brisbane.

Training components included care of the battle casualty, advanced medical trauma and combat collective medical training. 
Soldiers from all over Australia came together to learn how to provide pre-hospital care to their mates in a simulated tactical combat environment.

Lifesaving actions included applying a tourniquet to a severed limb, stopping artery bleeds and applying a self-tourniquet.

Officer in charge of Combat Health Training Team Warrant Officer Class Two (WO2) James Mark said it was satisfying to know that the training had properly prepared ADF personnel for deployment.

“The ability to consolidate and train such a large force at short notice with 100 per cent support from the deploying task force demonstrates that the ADF is implementing the lessons learned over the past 15 years of operations and implementing these into future operational environments,” WO2 Mark said.

Activity coordinator Major (Maj) Gina Tilbrook said pre-deployment medical training had evolved to the point where high-quality, mission-specific training could be conducted at relatively short notice for a sizeable contingent.

“From care of the battle casualty training right through to the final complex night scenario conducted during combat collective medical training, we see improvements in the performance, responsiveness and confidence of the training audience,” Maj Tilbrook said.

She said feedback on the training was positive.

“This is directly attributable to the excellent support that Headquarters 1st Division staff receives from the Combat Health Training Team and observer trainers who deliver the training,” Maj Tilbrook said.

“Each time we conduct the training, it reinforces the outcome of high-quality, well-trained first-responders, who are confident and capable of responding to any incident.”

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6 September 2016
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