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Exercise Predators Run

5 October 2015

Units from 1st Brigade pushed their skills and equipment to the limits during Exercise Predator’s Run, held at the Cultana Training Area from October 5 to November 2, 2015.

Commander 1st Brigade Brigadier Mick Ryan said the exercise provided soldiers with experience in a combined arms environment, where infantry, armour, artillery, engineers and close-air support were integrated into a single fighting unit.

“It is important that we train from the lowest level all the way up to brigade level in a range of complex combined arms activities,” Brigadier Ryan said.

“The success of the exercise demonstrates our high training standards, as well as the excellent equipment the Army currently has on offer.”

Brigadier Ryan said Predator’s Run was an important step in the journey to becoming the Army’s “ready” brigade in July 2016.

“When we are the ready brigade we will be available at very short notice to undertake a range of different missions, depending on the requirements of the government,” he said.

Around 2500 personnel took part in the exercise, including members of the Air Force and visitors from the Indonesian Army.

“We have a common professional ethic and we have common values between our societies, and that makes it much, much easier to work together,” Brigadier Ryan said.

The soldiers enjoyed great support from the nearby towns of Port Augusta and Whyalla, even managing a “meet and greet” to say g’day and show off some of the brigade’s equipment.

“We were very lucky to work in a community such as these,” Brigadier Ryan said.

1st Brigade soldiers will head back to Cultana in February and March, as the next iteration of the “Predator” series, Exercise Predator’s Gallop, takes place.

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5 December 2016
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