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International Women's Day

International Women's Day
Soldiers gathered across Australia in the lead-up to International Women’s day on March 8.

Many events featured guest speakers sharing their experiences of making the workplace more inclusive; one was Andrew Stevens, from the ADF Gender Equity Advisory Board and former managing director of IBM Australia.

“I would encourage you to keep going to your journey (of change), to surface resistance,” he said. “Because unless you’re taking hits you’re not over the target, unless resistance is coming up then nothing is changing.

“Whenever I encounter resistance I’m encouraged by it because people are starting to challenge the issues.”

In his role as a “male champion of change”, Mr Stevens said he turns down engagements were the “converted” on women’s’ issues are talking to the “converted”.

“This isn’t only an issue ‘about’ women and it isn’t only an issue ‘for’ women,” he said. “It’s about a mature, really established and positive society.”

CA Lt-Gen David Morrison said he wasn’t going to stop pushing for workplace equality or speaking about gender issues.

“There are men out there who are pretty over the idea of diversity,” he said. “I think because they believe they’re going to be discomforted by the changes that are taking place.

“There are also a number of women who are saying ‘we’re tired of being identified as your cause’.

“I understand both views but if we don’t make the change we won’t be as capable as the nation need us to be, if we don’t make better use of talent then we simply won’t hit the bar.”

Each year thousands of International Women’s Day events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate their achievements.

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6 September 2016
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