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New start in Townsville

3 February 2015

The role of 3CSSB’s protected and unprotected mobility capability has progressively evolved under Plan Beersheba.

The new squadron will provide lift for 3CSSB and 3 Bde troops with 40 Bushmasters and 14 Unimogs.

OC 6 Tpt Sqn Major Luke Tindale said it was an honour to be the first OC of the new squadron

“We aim to have three highly capable and proficient troops by the end of the squadron’s first year,” Major Tindale said.

“As Army shifts to like brigades under Plan Beersheba, the requirement for CSSBs to provide protected and unprotected mobility to the brigade will only increase. 

“Ours has bright and busy future, and its men and women have the necessary equipment and skills to do justice to the squadron’s rich heritage.”

The parade in Townsville was reviewed by RACT Head of Corps Brigadier Paul Nothard and marked the fourth time 6 Tpt Sqn has been raised. 

The squadron was first raised during WWI as part of the 2nd Light Horse Brigade Train and comprised 342 personnel, 45 three-tonne lorries, 16 30-tonne lorries, seven motorcycles, two cars and four assorted trucks for workshops and stores.

The squadron was disbanded in Sydney in 1920. It was also raised and disbanded during WWII and the Vietnam War.

Commanding Officer 3rd Combat Service Support Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Colin Bassett said raising 6 Tpt Sqn provided opportunities for exciting training and deployments for his soldiers. 

“All of our PMV operators have undertaken extensive training in the tactical operation of the vehicle,” Lieutenant Colonel Bassett said. 

“The soldiers of 6 Tpt Sqn are well trained and highly capable, exemplified by the recent deployment of 3CSSB PMV operators to Afghanistan and Iraq.”  

The Townsville parade – under the command of Major Tindale and Squadron Sergeant Major Warrant Officer Class Two Peter Morritt – involved the rarely attempted synchronisation of moving vehicles and soldiers. 

The result was a unique and impressive spectacle thanks to the ingenuity of the Regimental Sergeant Major of 3CSSB, Warrant Officer Class One Andrew Killen.

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5 December 2016
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