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Plan Beersheba sees Army Reservists supporting 3 Bde

3 July 2017

As part of Plan Beersheba, Army Reserve Brigades form habitual relationships with Combat Brigades forming bespoke Battle Groups.


Battle Group Canaan is made up of soldiers from 11th Brigade (Queensland) and 13th Brigade (Western  Australia) and will support the Townsville-based 3rd Brigade.

13 Bde has recently completed training at Bindoon in WA during Exercise Damour which incorporated an urban combat component and allowed them more time working with Protected Mobility Vehicles and understanding how best to use them.

As part of the partnering of Reserve Brigades and Combat Brigades, the most recent training can be imparted by members of the Combat Brigades being tasked to provide instruction to Reserve brigades.

For a full rundown on 13 Bde’s preparation, visit the Army News, p 9 here.

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3 July 2017
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