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ADF counter terrorism training in New South Wales and Queensland

Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel will conduct simulated counter terrorism training in several locations in Sydney, Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast from mid July to mid August 2016.

The training involves responses to simulated terrorist scenarios at government and civilian infrastructure, both on land and at sea. 

Residents may see or hear Black Hawk helicopters, military watercraft, vehicles and soldiers carrying weapons and tactical equipment during the exercise. 

The training involves low flying helicopters, which may generate some unavoidable noise. Some parts of the training will also involve the use of blank ammunition and other pyrotechnics. The ADF will seek to minimise noise disturbances by alternating the choice of flying routes, boat transits and activity locations, wherever possible. 

The purpose of the training is to provide personnel with realistic training environments and scenarios in built-up areas. 

This exercise is part of the regular, scheduled training program and residents should not be concerned if they hear or see these activities occurring. 

The training activity is designed to provide a realistic test of ADF skills and to ensure the ADF maintains the highest level of capability to respond, where required, to support Australia’s national interests. 

Defence acknowledges that these activities may result in possible disturbances to local residents, however, wherever possible, the ADF seeks to minimise this disruption. 

The ADF has consulted with the relevant local authorities in preparing for this training. 

The ADF would like to thank the local residents and businesses for their continued support and cooperation during this important training.

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