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ADF Training in the Sydney and Nowra regions 02-30 Jun 17

The Australian Defence Force will be conducting training in the Sydney and Nowra regions during the period 02 – 30 June 2017.

This routine training is designed to provide a realistic test of ADF skills, working together with State and Federal agencies. The Police along relevant State and Federal agencies are fully aware and involved in this training.

The exercise will involve Army helicopters. Flights will occur in all conditions across urban and rural areas during the afternoon and evening, generally concluding by 11:30pm.  Some unavoidable noise may be noticeable for short periods, due to low flying helicopters.


The ADF makes every effort to minimise the disruption to local residents and businesses while providing realistic training for its members and State authorities. This includes rotating training between difference States and areas, and wherever possible, using training venues only once during the training period.


Defence takes extensive measures to inform the public of this training.  Alerts have been issued to national and regional media, notices inserted in national and regional newspapers, and leaflets are delivered to letterboxes of the residents most likely to be affected.


The training is extensively planned, will be conducted with all relevant safeguards, and poses no danger to the public. Residents should not be concerned if they hear or see these activities occurring and the unavoidable short term noise disruption is regretted.

The ADF would like to thank the local residents and businesses for their continued support and patience during this important training.

Individuals with concerns should contact: [at]

Date of Publication: 
Thursday, 11 May, 2017
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