Australian Defence Force training

Australian Defence Force personnel, vehicles, equipment and helicopters will operate in and around the James Cook University Campus in Townsville, Queensland in support of routine activities on the 22nd November and 23rd November 2023.

The training will be conducted during the day and night.

The public should not be alarmed if they see or hear military vehicles, helicopters and military personnel carrying weapons.

Blank ammunition may be used during some aspects of the training.

People who see the training should not be concerned that any of the locations are under any form of actual threat.

All aircraft activities are conducted within strict safety and operational guidelines.

The flying activity schedule is subject to change, including short notice cancellation, due to variables such as air traffic control, weather and other aviation considerations.

Safety, noise management and the environment are vital considerations in the planning and conduct of Defence flying activities.

Noise disturbances will be minimised where possible and the ADF thanks the public for their patience and cooperation.

Members of the public can access further information regarding aircraft noise at, or by calling 1800 033 200.

Further Information: Defence Media – 02 6127 1999 or



22 November 2023 – 23 November 2023


James Cook University, Townsville