Army training activity

Personnel from the Australian Army’s 1st Brigade will be conducting training in the Northern Territory over the period of 07 May to 07 June 2024.

The community can expect an increased presence of Australian Army personnel, vehicles and equipment in vicinity of the Mount Bundey Training Area, as well as the Dundee Beach region.

The community may see soldiers carrying weapons with blank ammunition, and hear periodic blank ammunition firing. 

This is a routine training activity, and there is no danger, and no cause for alarm. 

This training is vital in developing and maintaining the skills of the Australian Defence Force in providing world class military capability to the Government in defence of the nation.

The Australian Defence Force thanks the public sincerely for their patience and cooperation while this essential training is being conducted. 



7 May 2024 – 7 June 2024


Mount Bundey Training Area and Dundee Beach region
Northern Territory