Hazard reduction burn

In accordance with State Legislation, a prescribed hazard reduction burn will be conducted on Purga Training Area which will generate smoke over the period 17 June to 21 June 2024.

Purga Training Area is described generally as the area bounded by Carmichael Road and Chants Road Purga.

A smoke haze may be evident for days after the burn.

Planned hazard reduction burns are conducted for a range of purpose, including to:

  • Reduce the likelihood and severity of bushfires on the training area and surrounding areas
  • Improve ecosystem health and resilience.  

The ADF thanks the public for their patience and cooperation while this essential operation is being conducted.

Residents can enrol on the Purga Telstra SMS Messaging System by texting “Purga” and their full name their name to mobile number 0438 711 976.

Enquiries regarding the Purga Training Area should be directed to:

Range Control Officer

Greenbank Training Area

1-129 Goodna Road

Greenbank Qld 4124

Phone: (07) 3804 2411

Email: dotamqldta.managementsq@defence.gov.au



17 June 2024 – 21 June 2024


Purga Training Area