Address to Army Innovation Day

2 July 2020

Good morning industry partners. Welcome to the seventh Army Innovation Day which is focused on Enhancing the Land Force Support System.

Army Innovation Day is one of my key annual events, and is an important example of how Army and industry partner together.

Through this partnership, Army seeks to prepare for an environment we describe as Accelerated Warfare – a future that is defined by dynamic change.

Technology, geopolitics, and demographics are causing the character of war to change faster than many of our processes are designed for.

To be responsive to this environment, Army is open to the ideas of others and values the ongoing support and innovation of the Australian Defence industry.

Army welcomes industry’s technical expertise to help us develop solutions to the complex problems we face.

We seek to strengthen our common purpose with Australian business and together be willing to test and experiment and learn quickly.

This is who we are as an Army in Motion – working in partnership with others to be Ready Now, but remaining forward-looking to ensure that actions also lead us to be Future Ready.

The land force support system is a good example. It is at work right now – supporting the preparation and employment of land power domestically and in the region.

Simultaneously, the contributions you and your colleagues make today ensure that the system is Future Ready for next year, three years or twenty years into the future.

We seek solutions that increase simplicity, give our teams more capacity and ensure that we are making best use of new technologies.

Through Army innovation we help each other to refine and develop these ideas.

Dialogue, debate, and open minds are important in this process.

Together we ensure that we deliver the best capability possible for Australian soldiers.

Thank you for being part of this year’s Army Innovation Day.