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Land Power Forum

The Land Power Forum blog is published by the Australian Army Research Centre in order to generate discussion and debate about the future of Army.
It is a forum for informed analysis, commentary, thoughts and ideas. Contributions are welcomed from stakeholders, subject matter experts and those interested in future land warfare.
If you would like to contribute, please send your article to future.landwarfare [at] for review.


DISCLAIMER: Opinions contained within AARC publications, articles, posts and blogs are those of the authors and do not reflect the policy of the ADF. They are published to promote further analysis and debate. To read the full Defence disclaimer, click here.

  1. Napoleon with a red cape on a white, rearing horse with grey clouds in the background
    Accelerating rate of change in warfare - Major Andrew Maher 8 May 2019 The recent release of the Chief of Army’s Accelerated Warfare concept has prompted a contest of idea...
    Tags: Strategy
  2. Warhammer 40k image with blue futuristic tank in a warzone
    There is only War - Lieutenant Colonel Nick Bosio 7 May 2019 Understanding the Need for Balance between Information and Physical Dimensions In the grim darkness...
  3. Silhouette of a man reading in a library
    Knowledge, the Master Program - Albert Palazzo 5 April 2019 Volumes are devoted to armament; pages to inspiration. George S Patton[1]  
  4. Navy medical personnel with a patient
    Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief: Trialling Accelerated Warfare - Part 2 - Major Zac von Bertouch 3 April 2019 In part one of this two-part series, I argued that the Australian Army must make Humanitarian Assist...
    Tags: Strategy
  5. Debris spread from cyclone damage
    Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief: Trialling Accelerated Warfare Part 1 - Major Zac von Bertouch 2 April 2019 In August 2018 the Australian Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Rick Burr, issued his futures statem...
    Tags: Strategy
  6. dark background hooded person with digital data across screen
    Detecting Information Warfare activities - Major Lee Hayward 28 March 2019 The conduct of Information Warfare (IW)[1] and operations in the Information Environment (IE)[2] are...
  7. keyboard with magnifying glass over a few keys
    Countering Information Warfare activities - Major Lee Hayward 26 March 2019 For the future Land Force, the ability to counter Information Warfare (IW)[1] and operations in the...
  8. Man standing in front of futuristic imagery and table
    Information – Army’s next cultural evolution - Colonel Kirk Johnstone 13 March 2019 In 2015, the First Principles Review Reportobserved that Defence was lacking in its ability to manag...
  9. Army personnel in planning
    Future Land Force Information Warfare Operations - Part 2 - Major Lee Hayward 28 February 2019 This is Part 2 of a blog on Information Warfare (IW), in case you missed it, you can read Part 1 her...
  10. Missile firing from ground, bottom right to top left
    The Consequences of Advances in Missile Technologies and Missile Proliferation on Warfare - Brigadier Chris Smith 26 February 2019 A Submission to the Chief of Army’s ‘Contest of Ideas’
  11. Future Joint Force Information Warfare Operations – Part 1 - Major Lee Hayward 21 February 2019 Information Warfare (IW)[1] is a whole of government challenge in which Joint Forces must play an in...
  12. MAJGEN Chris Field
    Accelerated Warfare – Four Imperatives for Change - Major General Chris Field 20 February 2019 On 8 August 2018, the Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Rick Burr, released the Army’s Futures State...
  13. Military computer operators in a dark tent
    Emerging Technologies – The Primal Strategic Challenge - Dr Nitin Gupta 19 February 2019 To understand technological change, look for the enduring patterns and concepts
  14. How did Ancient warriors deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? - Mr Wayne Shipp 12 February 2019 “My past is an armour I cannot take off, no matter how many times you tell me the war is over.” - un...
  15. Rusty oil barrel tilted to the right side in dried mud
    Peak Oil and the Australian Army: An Update - Major Cameron Leckie 6 February 2019 In 2007 the Australian Army Journal published an article titled Peak Oil and the Australian Army. Th...
    Tags: Logistics
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