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Upcoming Events

Information and links to upcoming events that may be of interest to the defence and national security community.


Information on upcoming events are posted here.

5 July 2018 - Future-Tech Warfare - A ‘Black Team’ View of Our Vulnerabilities

In an era of the Internet of Things, Programmable Drones, Robotics, Lasers, Software-Defined Everything, Machine Intelligence, Object Recognition, Smart Drugs, Brainwear, and Cyber and Social Warfare the modern military machine is not only unprepared, but for the most part, completely unaware of the way emerging technologies can be deployed against them. Concurrently, old technology such as Infrared, electronic jammers, and EMP is all being reimagined and the cost of all these tools is falling to make innovative attack methods available, not just to State actors but Terrorists, Criminals and your local street kids.

Futurists Skeeve and Shanti will explore some of the new technological tools available on the internet, demonstrate and discuss areas of most concern and highlight methods of attack to be prepared for.

SPEAKERS - Skeeve Stevens and Shanti Korporaal are futurists. Building on his expertise in software engineering they advise widely to provide insight into the implications of new technology. This includes Future Crime & Critical Infrastructure Protection, Security Robotics and Technology based Neuroscience and, most important for this audience, Black-teaming to develop theoretical attack scenarios.

4-6 September 2018 - Chief of Army Land Forces Seminar 2018 (CALFS18)

The Chief of Army Land Forces Seminar 2018 (CALFS18) is the Australian Army’s biennial event that brings national and international partners together to consider the role of future land forces in generating military response options within a whole-of-government context. CALFS18 will examine the theme ‘The application of Land Power in the Indo-Pacific’.

CALFS18 includes a range of keynote presentations, syndicate discussions, counterpart meetings and functions. It will be held in conjunction with Industry Defence and Security Australia Limited's Land Forces 2018 Exposition at the Adelaide Convention Centre on 4-6 September 2018.

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