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Information and links to upcoming events that may be of interest to the defence and national security community.


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A joint initiative between the Australian Army Research Centre and Charles Sturt University

Thursday 15 February 2017

Time: 1230 - 1330
Venue: R1 Theaterette
Russell Offices, Canberra
wayne.shipp [at]

Time: 1730 - 1930
Venue: Seminar Room 1 Charles Sturt University 10-12 Brisbane Avenue Barton, Canberra
RSVP: terrorismstudies [at]

Multi-domain Battle: Why it will Fail
The US Army and Marine Corps have begun the transition to a new concept of war fighting which has important implications for Australia. Multi-Domain Battle is an attempt to gain advantage over adversaries by simultaneously leveraging the potential of all the domains of war. With this concept, the land forces of the United States plan to defeat a rising China and turn back a resurgent Russia. While the intentions are good the design is poor. At best, the result will be defeat, at worst the outcome will be nuclear conflagration. This presentation will highlight Multi Domain Battle’s deficiencies and point to whole of government initiatives that would put the United States (and its Allies) on a less risky path to victory.

SPEAKER - Dr Albert Palazzo
Dr Albert Palazzo is the Director of War Studies in the Australian Army Research Centre. He has published widely on military history and the contemporary character of war. His work epitomises the public service commitment to frank and fearless advice. When he is not thinking about Multi-Domain Battle his other current research interest is war and climate change.

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