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Research and development

Army conducts conceptual research around the themes and concepts of future land warfare and seeks to inform the production of key reports and publications.

The Australian Army publishes the Army Research and Development (R&D) Plan annually as part of the Army Modernisation Plan. It articulates the questions that Army needs answered to inform modernisation and to make key capability development decisions in the short, medium and long term. Questions are prioritised and derived from the development needs of Army Projects and a deeper analysis of the capability needs required to execute future operating concepts in the assessed future operating environment. Questions are organised along Army’s seven modernisation lines of effort [Human PerformanceForce ProtectionLand CombatSituational AwarenessCommand, Control & CommunicationForce Design and Logistic Support].

Army’s R&D questions are primarily answered through rigorous scientific analysis by the Australian Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG). Army also utilises the expertise of our allies and partners, academia (through the Army Research Scheme) and other organisations with subject matter expertise. Army staff and leadership analyse the answers to inform Army modernisation and make key capability development decisions.

Last updated
30 January 2018
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