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Army's Future

Army tracked robot
To ensure the Australian Army remains capable of adapting appropriately to the demands of Government in the changing security environment, Army is committed to continuous modernisation in order to prepare for the contingencies of future warfare.

Army’s modernisation process is a disciplined and considered enterprise. It involves the transformation of the current Army into the Future Army, such that Army remains a capable, credible, and relevant force. This transformation is achieved through a continuum of processes, decisions, and actions. Modernisation includes the development and adoption of validated concepts and doctrine, adaptation and optimisation of force structures, and introduction and renewal of major systems, personnel policies, facilities and support architectures.

Modernisation begins with gaining an appreciation of the trends that might be apparent in future land operations. This occurs through rigorous intellectual examination of strategic guidance, future environments, emerging threats, and potential scenarios. You can access our Future Land Warfare Report here.

We then develop concepts that respond to this analysis to ensure Army is fit to fight – as part of a joint or coalition force – in the likely future environment. These concepts bridge the capability gap between what Army is now and what it needs to be. You can access our Future Land Operating Concept here.

Finally, we must effectively plan and coordinate the transition of the current Army through to the Army of the future. Army's most recent modernisation program has been Plan Beersheba. Army is now commencing detailed planning to modernise Army beyond Beersheba. An outline of this planning can be found in the attached presentation Modernisation from Beersheba and Beyond. Further details are also contained in a series of Building on Beersheba Discussion Papers.

Efforts to improve our strategic planning and modernisation processes are enhanced by continually investing in the intellectual capacity of Army’s people. As part of preparing Army for the third decade of this century and beyond, Army is committed to enhancing its intellectual capacity in terms of thinking about future conflicts and security challenges. You can find out more about our intellectual efforts on our publications and research pages.

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25 July 2017
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