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Army Futures Day

The Chief of Army-sponsored Futures Day where individuals and organisations can put forward ideas for the betterment of The Army.
3 August 2017

​The Chief of Army Futures Day provides a medium for the presentation of ideas relating to the future of Army. All personnel within Army, the wider Department and external to the Department are encouraged to contribute. The guiding principles for the development of ideas are detailed in diagram 1. The guiding principles are not designed to limit, rather they provide a start point to assist in the development of ideas.

The Futures Day is seeking ideas from:

  • Across Army – from units through to AHQ
  • Other Service and Groups, including the strategic centre
  • Organisations external to the Department of Defence from academia, thinks tanks, research centres, etc.


Who are we?

What is Army’s relationship with Society?
What is Army's relationship within the region?
How do we leverage Army's cultural strengths to optimise effectiveness in the Future Operating Environment?

Human capacity

What are Army's future workforce needs?
How do we best utilise our people?
How can Army best respond to the changing nature of work 2030+?
How do we recruit and retain the people required for future capabilities?
How do we recruit and retain the people required for future capabilities?
How do we build resilient people, teams, networks and capabilities?


How can Army best respond to both the opportunities and challenges posed by emergent and disruptive technologies?
How will the Land Force harness the potential of emerging disruptive technologies?

Future Warfare

How does Army propose to fight in the Future Operating Environment?
How can Army optimise our role within the Joint Force?
How will the Land Force fight in a densely populated and connected Future Operating Environment?
How will the Land Force defend against non-traditional challenges?
How will the Land Force fight and win the 'battle of signatures'?

Force Design

How can Army structure to optimise effectiveness in the Future Operating Environment?
What are the future FORGEN versus OPGEN structural considerations?
How does the Objective Land Force integrate with the Objective Join Force characteristics as described by AJOC:
Conduct proactive and persistent shaping of the operating environment.
Conduct sustained expeditionary operations within a contested environment.
Exercise adaptive and resilient command and leadership.
Achieve interoperability with partners.
Integrate effects across all domains.
Achieve decision superiority.


How do we optimise our education and training?
How do we hone the cognitive edge of our people?
How do we optimise the linking of lessons from operations, collective and individual training into the Land Force?


Futures Day Guidance

The following guidance is in relation to the submission of ideas for CA's Futures Day:

  •  Ideas are to be submitted to executivesupport-chiefofarmy [at] (Executive Support - Chief of Army)
  • A Coordinating Officer will contact you to further discuss your idea
  • Ideas are to be submitted as a Microsoft Word document
    • Limited to two pages
    • Can include Flags, attachments or Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
  • Cut off for ideas is 14 Sep 17
  • Template for submissions of ideas included below
  • Utilise the SharePoint discussion board to further explore ideas and encourage debate
  • Posts on the discussion board are to be constructive and focus on further development of ideas

The following is the template for submission of ideas to Executive Support - Chief of Army


  • BLUF. One to two sentences outlining the idea
  • Summary of the idea
  • Outline of any resources required to support the idea
  • Insert contact details
    • Rank and name
    • Position
    • Phone number
  • Limit to two pages
  • Submit idea to:exeutivesupport-chiefofarmy [at]


For users of the Defence Protected Network, here is a link to the
Collaboration Site with further information:

To see and comment on other submissions on the
Defence Protected Network, click here



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15 August 2017
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