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Rapid Force Projection Conference

Jointly hosted by the:

Australian Army Research Centre

Sea Power Centre - Australia

Air Power Development Centre

Location: ADFA, Adams Auditorium, Canberra

The Keynote address was delivered by BRIG R. Iron (UK Retd) – The Need for Speed, The Case of Operation Palliser

Other topics discussed were:

  • Instability and Climate Change
  • The View from the Pacific
  • Logistic readiness, how much is enough
  • Liquid fuel supply and rapid response
  • Tonga Case Study
  • JAM-GC concepts, challenges and integration
  • East Timor Case Study
  • ADF as a System
  • Seizing the Social Media High Ground
  • Where are the Gaps – A panel discussion
Army: Courage. Initiative. Respect. Teamwork.
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