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Rapid Force Projection Conference 2019

Rapid Force Projection Logo 2019
The Rapid Force Projection Conference 2019 was held on 9th April 2019. This conference was an opportunity for Australian Defence Forces, key stakeholders, and academics to discuss strategic issues relevant to force projection.
9 April 2019

Jointly hosted by the:

Australian Army Research Centre

Sea Power Centre - Australia

Air Power Development Centre

Location: ADFA, Adams Auditorium, Canberra

The Keynote address was delivered by BRIG R. Iron (UK Retd) – The Need for Speed, The Case of Operation Palliser

Other topics discussed were:

  • Instability and Climate Change
  • The View from the Pacific
  • Logistic readiness, how much is enough
  • Liquid fuel supply and rapid response
  • Tonga Case Study
  • JAM-GC concepts, challenges and integration
  • East Timor Case Study
  • ADF as a System
  • Seizing the Social Media High Ground
  • Where are the Gaps – A panel discussion



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9 May 2019
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