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1970 - 1976

Editions from the 1970s
21 December 2016

Number 329, October 1976 (pdf, 15.8MB)

  • Foreword by the Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General A. L. MacDonald, CB, OBE
  • Birth of the Army Journal Colonel E. G. Keogh, MBE, ED (Retd)
  • The Continuing Story of the Army Journal The Succeeding Editors
  • Lexington and Concord P. H. Kitney
  • Liberty and Discipline Field Marshal Sir William Slim, GBE, KCB, DSO, MC
  • Self-Propelled Guns or Towed Guns Lieutenant Colonel S. N. Gower
  • The Canadian Militia Major W. A. Morrison
  • Book Review
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Index for 1976

Number 328, September 1976 (pdf, 21.5MB)

  • Editorial
  • Oil Supply and National Security Lieutenant Colonel M. J. Ball
  • For Exceptional Gallantry Sergeant N. C. Selway
  • Australia's Immediate Post-Federation Military Forces Major Warren Perry, RL
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Riot, Resistance and Revolution Lieutenant Colonel P. R. Phillips, MC
  • Book Reviews

Number 327, August 1976 (pdf, 23.2MB)

  • Editorial
  • The Role of Guerrilla Warfare in Defence of Continental Australia Major S. F. McCullagh, MD, MB, BSc.,(MED)
  • Command and Control of Artillery Brigadier P. J. Norton
  • The Defence of Port Phillip Bay in 1858 Lieutenant C. A. Jones, BA (Mil)
  • Letter to the Editor
  • The Improvement of Management Skills Written and Verbal Communication Captain A. J. Howe, MA, BSc., Dip. Ed.
  • Book Reviews

Number 326, July 1976 (pdf, 39.3MB)

  • Editorial
  • Away with the Birds Major G. L. Hulse
  • Files Lieutenant Colonel T. H. Senden
  • Let's Start Using Our Guns Again Brigadier P. J. Norton
  • Principles of War as Methodology Brigadier E. H. Dar
  • The Establishment of the Royal Military College of Australia. H. Kitney
  • The Hearing Damage Risk to Passengers in an M113A1 Armoured Personnel Carrier Doctor T. B. Guy and Corporal R. A. Studholme C.S.C.
  • Exercise Winter Sun : Training in Canada Major R. D. Letts
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Book Reviews

Number 325, June 1976 (pdf, 28.6MB)

  • Editorial
  • Alexander and Eisenhower: Their Career Lines of Ascent Captain W. J. Graco
  • Logistics can be Logical - Maintenance Areas, Operating Stocks and Reserves Lieutenant Colonel G. J. Loughton
  • The Fat Canary - A Unique Leadership Challenge Captain L. J. Gregson
  • New Warfare Concepts for the Industrial Society Lieutenant Colonel Carl D. Walbeck
  • Book Reviews
  • Foreword to "The Grim Glory of the 2/19 Battalion AIF" Brigadier J. H. Thyer CBE DSO
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 323, April 1976 (pdf, 6.3MB)

  • Editorial
  • Defence Policy Making in Australia Address by Sir Arthur Tange CBE
  • Japanese Aims and Actions in the Pacific War December 1941-August 1942 Lieutenant Colonel R. D. Manley
  • The Yom Kippur War - In Retrospect. Part I - Operations Lieutenant Colonel J. Viksne
  • The Australian Defence Forces: Their Peace-time Roles - A Young Officer's Experience Captain M. G. Smith
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Asia - The Dynamics of a New Order Lieutenant A. H. Longhurst
  • Book Review

Number 322, March 1976 (pdf, 7.5MB)

  • Editorial
  • Equipment Management Policy Lieutenant Colonel J. A. McDonald, MIE Aust
  • The Late Major-General L. E. Beavis - An Appreciation Major Warren Perry, R.L.
  • Some Aspects of the Anglo-Maori Wars John F. Fishburn
  • Mental and Physical Fitness - A Necessity or a Luxury? Major D. L. Byrne and Sergeant R. Payne
  • Book Review
  • Letter to the Editor

Number 321, February 1976 (pdf, 8.0MB)

  • Editorial
  • Address by His Excellency The Honourable Sir John Kerr, A.C., K.C.M.G., K.St.J., Q.C., Governor-General of Australia Sir John Kerr, A.C., K.C.M.G., K.St.J., Q.C.
  • The Nature and Consequence of the Relationship between the Regular and Reserve Soldier Captain M. D. O'Neill
  • Marihuana Sergeant F. Mooibroek, J.P.
  • Defence Equipment Procurement Primer Wing Commander F. O. Pederick
  • The First Battle of the Next War Major General Donn A. Starry
  • Women in the Services: A Majority View Captain S. I. Horner
  • Book Reviews
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 319, December 1975 (pdf, 14.4MB)

  • Man at the Top Lieutenant Colonel A. S. Hinds
  • Lieutenant General A. L. MacDonald, CB OBE
  • United Service Institutes
  • Defence of Australia and its Relation to Imperial Defence Colonel D. H. Wynter, CMG, DSO, idc, psc
  • National Morale and National Survival Part II - Ways and Means Brigadier J. H. Thyer, CBE, DSO (RL)
  • War in Korea 1950-54 - Inchon Landing Major I. M. Wells
  • 3rd Country Deterrence Colonel V. St. L. Green, OBE, BA (RL)
  • Plans of Anglesea Barracks 1844 and Today
  • Plan of Victoria Barracks 1845 and Today
  • Current Defence Readings

Number 318, November 1975 (pdf, 14.6MB)

  • National Morale and National Survival - Part 1 Brigadier J. H. Thyer, CBE, DSO (RL)
  • The Australian Community Fellowships and Defence Lieutenant Colonel A. R. Howes and Mr L. E. Ludovici
  • A Calculator for the Mortar Fire Controller's Pocket Lieutenant W. Fitzherbert and Mr H. Sargeant
  • Defence of Continental Australia - 1942 Captain A. Vane
  • The Universal Cop Captain J. F. Crossman
  • India - Role in South Asia Major I. M. Wells
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Current Defence Readings

Number 316, September 1975 (pdf, 8.2MB)

  • Departmental Organisation and the Profession of Arms - A Civilian Perspective Sir Arthur Tange, CBE
  • Orienteering: A Sport of Military Value, or Military Training? Captain L. O'Dea
  • The Commonwealth of Australia . . . . Its Inauguration and Immediate Military Problems Major Warren Perry (RL)
  • Darwin - A Platoon Commander's Experience Lieutenant P. A. Pedersen
  • The Multi-Purpose Infantry Combat Dog - Asset or Liability? Second Lieutenant J. B. Sands
  • The Junior Command and Staff Course Captain A. Nutt-Caise
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Book Reviews

Number 315, August 1975 (pdf, 7.8MB)

  • Weather as a Factor in Tactical Planning Major M. A. Harvey
  • Some thoughts on a Proposal for a Military Presence in North West Australia Lieutenant Colonel J. N. Stein
  • Address by His Excellency The Honourable Sir John Kerr, K.C.M.G., K.St.J., Q.C., Governor-General of Australia Sir John Kerr, K.C.M.G., K.St.J., Q.C.
  • Philosophy, Psychology and The Army Captain P. P. Manzie
  • Citizen Military Forces - Strategic Considerations
  • Joseph Stalin the Man Lieutenant Colonel D. R. Overstead
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Book Review
  • Current Defence Readings

Number 314, July 1975 (pdf, 20.2MB)

  • The Final Year Civil Engineering Project at the Royal Military College T. G. Chapman, J. Sneddon, R. J. Bielenberg, B. W. Golley
  • Mounted Infantry and the Military Motor Cycle - 'Small Wheels in a Big Cog' Major J. R. Clarke
  • A Letter to Mr Norman
  • Book Reviews: RUSI and Brassey's Defence Year Book 1974 and Breassey's Infantry Weapons of the World 1974/75
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 313, June 1975 (pdf, 5.8MB)

  • Which Way for Tactical Intelligence after Vietnam? Major Marc B. Power
  • How to Hit the Barn Door Lieutenant Colonel R. F. Stuart
  • Relationship with the Community
  • Army Women and a Decade of Progress Brigadier General Mildred C. Bailey
  • The Aerial Steam Carriage
  • On Russell Hill Major Peter S. Sadler
  • Book Reviews: Comparative Defence Policy Gallipoli
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 311, April 1975 (pdf, 11.6MB)

  • The Amiens Gun Editorial Staff
  • Uncertainties Associated with Cloud-Seeding for Military Purposes Flight Lieutenant A. K. Wells
  • Urban Guerrillas Lieutenant Colonel C. C. M. Peters
  • Book Reviews: The Shadow War: Resistance in Europe 193901945
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 310, March 1975 (pdf, 6.8MB)

  • Motivation and Military Manpower Planning Major P. J. F. Tuckett
  • Major General Walter Adams Coxen Major Warren Perry
  • A Canadian Experience Lieutenant Colonel M. M. van Gelder
  • Know Your Men: Know Your Business: Know Yourself Major C. A. Bach
  • German Mechanized Operations on the Western Front 1917-18 Lieutenant A. L. Graeme-Evans
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 308, January 1975 (pdf, 9.3MB)

  • Disaster Relief by the Armed Forces Major J. C. Gordon
  • The 'Inspired Larrikin' of Australian Art John Reid
  • Lessons from the Arab/Israeli War
  • Reservists - Wake Up Major F. J. Makin
  • Dialogue, Persuasion and Common Sense
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 306, November 1974 (pdf, 7.0MB)

  • The Need for Audacity in Battle Lieutenant Colonel H. L. Bell
  • On Gobbledygook Argus J. Tresidder
  • My Subject is War Lieutenant C. A. Jones
  • Abbreviated Report Captain P. S. Sadler
  • From The Past

Number 305, October 1974 (pdf, 23.4MB)

  • Intervention For Imperial Integrity Major J. V. Johnson
  • A 20th Century Military Force Richard F. Rosser
  • The American Revolutionary War: How Revolutionary? Lieutenant Colonel C. C. M. Peters
  • Book Review: Full Circle
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 303, August 1974 (pdf, 32.0MB)

  • Military History Major Alexander Karas
  • People's Army Major A. J. C. Wells
  • Ivor Hele - A Chameleon at War John Reid
  • The Australian Army in Two World Wars Editorial Staff
  • Book Reviews: The Canadian Military - A Profile Canadian Military Professionalism: The Search For Identity, The Politics of Non-Violent Action Behind Barbed Wire, A Foreign Policy for an Independent Papua New Guinea
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 301, June 1974 (pdf, 13.1MB)

  • Operations of the Eighth Army in North Africa Lieutenant Colonel P. Varma
  • The Projector and Other Barriers to Successful Instruction Lieutenant Colonel O. J. O'Brien
  • Exercise 'Crackers's Persuader' Lieutenant Colonel G. J. Farley
  • Soldiers or Policemen? Brigadier K. Perkins
  • Biography of a Political General Major P. A. Mench
  • Letters to the Editor
  • From The Past

Number 299, April 1974 (pdf, 6.1MB)

  • A Defence Studies Information Exchange System Major R. D. Manley
  • The Indonesian Army Brigadier A. J. F. McDonald
  • The Briggs Plan David Wilson
  • Book Reviews: Strategic Thinking and its Moral Implications, Man in Isolation and Confinement
  • Letters to the Editor
  • From The Past

Number 298, March 1974 (pdf, 16.4MB)

  • Raids Major J. Viksne
  • Airborne Assault During the Second World War S. W. Dyer
  • The Dragon in Bondage Lieutenant Colonel R. J. G. Hall
  • The Answer is a Bitter Lemon Major A. G. Jones
  • Psychological Warfare in the South-West Pacific H. N. Walker

Number 296, January 1974 (pdf, 6.8MB)

  • Why the Cultural Revolution? Lieutenant Colonel E. J. O'Donnell
  • Much Ado About Nothing Major R. Hennessy
  • General Sir John Monash Major Warren Perry
  • Development of the Coastal Defences of Australia, 1840-50 Major C. Winter
  • Book Reviews: The Moscow Agreements and Strategic Arms Limitation, The Australians in Nine Wars
  • From The Past

Number 295, December 1973 (pdf, 6.2MB)

  • It's Time For A Change Captain D. W. Beveridge
  • Short-War Defence Systems Kenneth S. Brower
  • There Is No Such Thing As A 'Simple' Visual Aid Captain W. Glynn
  • Some Uses of Biography
  • Book Review: Who Called The Cook A Bastard?
  • Letters to the Editor
  • From The Past
  • Index

Number 294, November 1973 (pdf, 7.2MB)

  • The Impact of Nuclear Weapons on International Society Lance Corporal P. A. Perdersen
  • Is An Army Career Still Worth While? General Maxwell D. Taylor
  • Military Sociology? Captain G. L. Hulse
  • Training For Leadership: An Approach Major N. J. Braun
  • The Nature of Blitzkrieg: France 1940 Lieutenant A. L. Graeme-Evans
  • Book Review: Our First Twenty-Five Years
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 293, October 1973 (pdf, 7.9MB)

  • Come the Revolution Lieutenant C. A. Jones
  • Estimating the Threat: A Soldier's Job Major General Daniel O. Graham
  • The Japanese Decision to Attack Pearl Harbour Lieutenant Colonel W. W. Lennon
  • The Study of Military History Colonel E. G. Keogh
  • Book Review: Eisenhower as Military Commander

Number 291, August 1973 (pdf, 13.0MB)

  • 25th Anniversary
  • The Australian Army Training Team Vietnam Brigadier O. D. Jackson
  • Lieutenant General Sir Edward Hutton Major Warren Perry
  • Vietnam and the Western Military System Donald Jender
  • Improving Managerial Skills
  • Book Review: Brassey's Annual, 1972
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 290, July 1973 (pdf, 5.5MB)

  • RAE and Northern Territory Development Major D. R. Simpkins
  • Validation of Officer Training Majors N. A. Jans and P. F. Routh
  • Australian Railways Captain J. H. Boot
  • Who Will It Be? Captain W. L. Fowles
  • A Brief History of Baria Province Lieutenant Colonel P. C. Gration
  • Book Reviews: Dear Miss Em, Count Your Dead, The Anzac Battalion 1970-71

Number 289, June 1973 (pdf, 6.0MB)

  • Headquarters 1 Division/Training Command
  • The Crisis of Japanese Strategy, January-June 1942 Professor L. C. F. Turner
  • Citizen Forces in the 1980s - A Proposed Basis For The Reorganization Of The CMF Lieutenant Colonel P. Varma
  • From Commission, Via Conference To Collaboration Major J. V. Johnson
  • Why Is Everybody Mumbling? Colonel R. H. Meyer

Number 288, May 1973 (pdf, 38.8MB)

  • Communism and the Military Efficiency of the Soviet Armed Forces Major C. C. M. Peters
  • The Beginnings of the School of Gunnery at Middle Head, Sydney Lieutenant Colonel W. St. Pierre Bunbury
  • Australian New Guinea Administrative Unit Editorial Staff
  • History of Fort Queenscliff Major C. A. Cunningham

Number 287, April 1973 (pdf, 29.4MB)

  • Decision Making and Defence Organization Colonel D. Willett
  • The Gallipoli Campaign Editorial Staff
  • The Indonesian Economy: Problems and Prospects Captain D. W. Sutton
  • Versatile Australian Nationalist Dr Michael Roe
  • Book Reviews: The Victorian Army and the Staff College, Uniforms of the Australian Colonies
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 286, March 1973 (pdf, 31.8MB)

  • The Media and the Armed Services Major General D. W. Scott-Barrett
  • Aborigines in the First AIF Lieutenant C. D. Clark
  • The Madison Avenue Formula for a Volunteer Army Major L. G. Peters
  • New Guinea Volunteer Rifles Editorial Staff
  • The Australian Army Service Corps Lieutenant Colonel G. H. Browne
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 283, December 1972 (pdf, 10.9MB)

  • Army Reorganization
  • The Darwin Firings of Rapier Major S. N. Gower
  • How the Soldiers Voted Lieutenant C. D. Clark
  • What is Management? Wing Commander N. F. Ashworth
  • Book Reviews: Military Chaplains, Singapore: The Chain of Disaster, Percival and the Tragedy of Singapore
  • Index

Number 282, November 1972 (pdf, 6.7MB)

  • National Service Sir Thomas Daly
  • The Impact of Technology on Military Manpower Lieutenant Colonel M. M. van Gelder
  • Writing for All Occasions
  • The Active Citizen Air Force in the 1970's Flying Officer R. J. Bluck
  • Book Review: Aircraft Pioneer
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 279, August 1972 (pdf, 13.1MB)

  • Towards a CMF Revival Captains H. D. Swift and R. A. Ringe
  • The 'Invasion' of New Caledonia Staff Cadet C. D. Clark
  • Fire Support Co-ordination and Airmobility Major F. J. McConville
  • Britain's Professionals Gordon Lee
  • A Volunteer Army: Three Views
  • Book Reviews: Armoured Forces, The Impartial Soldier, Montgomery - The Field Marshal, Britain and Her Army, Job Evaluation

Number 278, July 1972 (pdf, 10.6MB)

  • The Development of Viet Minh Political Power Lieutenant Colonel P. C. Gration
  • Management and the Army Captain G. J. Pratt
  • ABCA Lieutenant Colonel P. C. Smeaton
  • AMF Gold Medal and ASCO Prize Essay Competition 1972
  • Crime Reporting in the Army Major K. G. Petersen
  • LPG & U' Captain R. L. Denner
  • Recommended Reading
  • Book Review: The Noise of Drums and Trumpets

Number 276, May 1972 (pdf, 11.9MB)

  • An Integrated Department of Defence Lieutenant Colonel M. M. van Gelder
  • Leadership in Perspective Correlli Barnett
  • The Fallacy of Defence on the Cheap Major T. H. Holland
  • Cost and Effectiveness Colonel D. G. Osborne

Number 274, March 1972 (pdf, 15.6MB)

  • Army Reorganization
  • Papua New Guinea: The Political Parties Major M. V. Moore
  • What is Logistics? Wing Commander N. F. Ashworth
  • Book Reviews: The Battle for Moscow, Military Aircraft of Australia 1909-1918, AFV 1919-40 British Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Tank Force Allied Armour in the Second World War
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 273, February 1972 (pdf, 37.5MB)

  • Papua New Guinea: Towards Self-Government Captain M. V. Moore
  • Artificial Catchments for Military Water Supplies Captain K. D. Nelson
  • The Impact of Science and Technology on Society in the 1980s Colonel J. O. Langtry
  • In Search of Ali Lieutenant Colonel C. F. Thomson
  • Redlegs' and Indians Captain P. S. Sadler
  • Book Reviews: Singapore: The Chain of Disaster, The Administrative Staff Colleges at Home and Overseas
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 272, January 1972 (pdf, 20.8MB)

  • A Report on Exercise Jaywick Lieutenant R. W. Lowry
  • The 'Slash' Headquarters Colonel C. T. W. Dixon
  • Supersonic Blowpipe Hamish Hay
  • Fundamental Principles of War Lieutenant Colonel D. J. Macbride
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 271, December 1971 (pdf, 8.2MB)

  • I Like Systems Analysis But . . . . Colonel D. G. Osborne
  • Japanese Command Crisis in Burma, 1944 Major J. H. Moore
  • Orienteering Captain R. G. Dempsey
  • Military Heraldry Captain K. D. Nelson
  • Intelsat Speeds Long Distance Links David Wright
  • Book Review: Decision Making
  • Index

Number 270, November 1971 (pdf, 28.4MB)

  • Military Law Today: A Commanding Officer's View Major D. M. M. Francis
  • Defence Studies in the Department of Supply D. G. Strahle
  • AMF Gold Medal and ASCO Prize Essay Competition - 1971
  • A Case for Rubber Bullets 2nd Lieutenant M. C. Brown
  • Quinn of Quinn's Post Lieutenant Colonel A. Argent
  • Book Reviews: Other Banners, The Franco-Prussian War
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 269, October 1971 (pdf, 14.8MB)

  • The Future of the Battle Tank R. M. Ogorkiewicz
  • Towards a Defence Policy Wing Commander N. F. Ashworth
  • An Army Career - Is It Worthwhile? Lieutenant Colonel W. A. Piper
  • Book Reviews: In This Sign Conquer, Conscription and Australian Military Capability, The Machine Gun: Special Forces Foreign Weapons Handbook; Combat Firing Techniques

Number 268, September 1971 (pdf, 31.4MB)

  • We're Going to the Dogs Captain G. L. Hulse
  • The Soldier, Battlefield and Leadership Lieutenant Colonel Ijaz Ahmad
  • Redcoats Before the Revolution Major E. J. O'Donnell
  • Book Reviews
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 267, August 1971 (pdf, 24.6MB)

  • Battle is the Pay-off Major J. Fletcher
  • Centenary of Artillery Staff Cadet C. D. Clark
  • Administration of Discipline Major C. C. McGregor
  • The Australian Instructional Corps Major A. J. C. Newton
  • Modern Developments in Freight Handling by Sea Major K. L. Duncan
  • Recommended Reading

Number 266, July 1971 (pdf, 15.1MB)

  • Not By Arms Alone Major J. L. L'Epagniol
  • Rachel, Who's Minding the Store? Lieutenant Colonels D. M. Butler and B. C. Milligan
  • The Staff Officer Wing Commander N. F. Ashworth
  • Modern Developments in Freight Handling by Sea Major K. L. Duncan
  • Book Reviews: Small Nation Survival: Political Defence in Unequal Conflicts, Fighting Marines, Hanoi's Strategy of Terror; Massacre at Hué; Why I left the Terrorists

Number 265, June 1971 (pdf, 7.9MB)

  • The Sino-Soviet Ideological Dispute Captain M. V. Moore
  • Tomorrow's War in Africa Major P. G. Francis
  • War Surgery in Vietnam Colonel D. R. Leslie
  • Review of 1970 General Baron Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Posting Turbulence Lieutenant Colonel M. R. Ramsay
  • Book Reviews: The Footsoldiers, The Army in Papua-New Guinea
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 264, May 1971 (pdf, 36.4MB)

  • Centralized Junior NCO Training Major F. Fazekas
  • U.S. Marksmanship Training Jac Weller
  • Language and the Army of Papua - New Guinea Major H. L. Bell
  • The School of Military Engineering Lieutenant Colonel J. M. Hutcheson
  • Task Force Logistics: The Medical Problem Major P. C. Anderson
  • Book Reviews: John Monash, The Secret Lives of Lawrence of Arabia, New Guinea - Problems and Prospects
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 263, April 1971 (pdf, 28.1MB)

  • The Battle of Kapyong
  • War is Cruelty Major E. J. O'Donnell
  • Regimental Tradition, Morale and Organization Major General J. L. Moulton
  • Book Reviews: The Making of Israel's Army, The Russo-German War 1941-45

Number 262, March 1971 (pdf, 5.6MB)

  • Whatever You Say Captain J. F. Crossman
  • Notes on Company Operations in Vietnam Major R. F. Sutton
  • The First Campaign Editorial Staff
  • Some More Thoughts on Adventure Training Major M. R. N. Bray
  • Book Reviews: Australian War Memorial Paintings, No Memory For Pain

Number 261, February 1971 (pdf, 5.9MB)

  • The Man Who Has Tried to Kill You Lieutenant Colonel P. J. Cameron
  • Personnel Management in the Services Major G. R. R. Mawer
  • Our Widening Military Doctrine Gap Colonel Mark M. Boatner III
  • The Chaplain in the Service of the Soldier Senior Chaplain J. Hughes
  • Leadership and the Australian Army Officer Major W. L. H. Smith

Number 260, January 1971 (pdf, 5.6MB)

  • Ground Surveillance in Support of Small Force Operations A. W. Pybus
  • Urban Guerilla Warfare in Western Countries Donald Jender
  • Management Improvement in the Australian Army Lieutenant Colonel D. J. Macbride
  • Churchill versus Curtin, February 1942 Judith Marsh
  • The Pacific Big Three: USSR, Red China, USA General Baron Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • A Creative Problem Solving Technique for Non-Tactical Problems Major J. S. Kendell
  • Book Review: What is Communism?

Number 258, November 1970 (pdf, 30.0MB)

  • Soldier-Tradesmen Major A. Weaver
  • A Plea from the Audience Major B. J. O'Neil
  • AMF Gold Medal and ASCO Prize Essay Competition - 1970
  • Thrice Your Servant Lieutenant Colonel A. Argent
  • Education or Training: Is That The Question? Captain A. Sandery
  • The Sioux Wars, 1854-91 Staff Cadet C. D. Clark
  • Book Reviews: The Fourth Dimension of Warfare Volume One, Thracian Peltasts and their Influence on Greek Warfare

Number 257, October 1970 (pdf, 9.4MB)

  • Sappers - New Guinea Ahead? Major A. H. Hodges
  • Public Servant, p.s.c. Major W. W. Lennon
  • The Managing Director in Uniform Major-General Sir John Bates
  • Generalship and the Importance of Military History Lance Corporal M. G. Smith
  • The Cultural Revolution in China Staff Sergeant B. I. Payne

Number 256, September 1970 (pdf, 16.3MB)

  • The Intelligence War Lieutenant Colonel J. O. Furner
  • Performance Appraisal and the Confidential Report Major O. J. O'Brien
  • Gunship Application - Continued Lieutenant Colonel A. Argent
  • Japan's Reluctant Return to Military Power Major A. Weaver
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 255, August 1970 (pdf, 10.9MB)

  • Economic Considerations of Limited War or Military Involvement in South-East Asia Major M. M. van Gelder
  • Reorganization of Logistic Support - The Ultimate Solution? Lieutenant Colonel D. White
  • The Camp of Tran Van Hoang Major P. R. Phillips
  • Military and Economic Links in Japan 1870-1920 Captain R. J. Lamb
  • Australian Tank of 1912 Staff Cadet C. D. Clark
  • Project N

Number 253, June 1970 (pdf, 13.1MB)

  • Vietnam - The Unwinnable War? Major D. K. Atkinson
  • More Power to Our Elbow Lieutenant Colonel A. Argent
  • Countermeasures Against Mines and Booby Traps Major Wallace M. Greene III
  • The Charge of the Heavy Brigade Staff Cadet C. D. Clark
  • Oriental Insurgent Strategy Captain Jack Stevenson
  • Chess and the Principles of War Major A. Weaver
  • Guerilla Warfare Major F. R. Bond
  • Book Review: Vietnam - A Basis for a Right Opinion

Number 252, May 1970 (pdf, 13.0MB)

  • What's in a Village? Colonel D. G. Sharp
  • Towards Regional Security in South-East Asia Squadron Leader R. W. Bradford
  • The European Scene - A Visitor's View Major P. N. D. White
  • The Fallacy of the Doctrine of Tactical Mobility in Vietnam Major Michael F. Parrino
  • East is West and West is East Captain J. B. Rishworth
  • Capitation Reimbursement - A Logistic Tool Captain B. H. Manning
  • Book Reviews: The Last Ditch, Action This Day: Working with Churchill, Sinister Twilight, Taking Command
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 251, April 1970 (pdf, 6.9MB)

  • Technical and Tactical Review of Small Arms Major R. L. Twiss
  • Adventure Training in the Australian Military Forces Major P. N. D. White
  • Sir Basil Liddell Hart: An Appreciation Robert O'Neill
  • Proposed Reorganization of Task Force Logistics Major P. A. Davison
  • The Proper Leader: Two Views Lieutenant Colonel Fielding L. Greaves

Number 250, March 1970 (pdf, 8.2MB)

  • The Tank is Dead Major W. W. Lennon
  • A Modern Armoured Force is Vital to Australia's Defence Major B. G. Ranking
  • Ambush Captain J. F. Crossman
  • The Significance of Stalingrad in World War II G. M. Brown
  • In Defence of Appreciation Format Lieutenant-Colonel E. H. Dar
  • The Last Days of the British Cavalry Ernest M. Teagarden
  • Book Review: Bayonets in the Streets
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