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1960 - 1969

Editions from the 1960s
21 December 2016

Number 247, December 1969 (pdf, 6.8MB)

  • Intelligence: A principle of WarMajor J. Fletcher
  • Logistics in a Total War SituationLieutenant-Colonel K. M. Batters
  • AMF Gold Medal and ASCO Prize Essay Competition - 1969
  • All that Glitters is not GoldLieutenant N. Gow
  • Quality Control in AustraliaJ. Shilkin
  • Book Reviews: No Exit from Vietnam, Revolutionary Warfare and Communist Strategy - The Threat to South-East Asia
  • Index

Number 246, November 1969 (pdf, 30.7MB)

  • Luscombe Field - Nui DatMajor W. W. Lennon
  • Tertiary Education for OfficersMajor J. Fletcher
  • Another Meaning to MobilityMajor C. E. Smith
  • Diamond Jubilee of the Australian General StaffMajor Warren Perry
  • The Specialty of Army HealthColonel M. M. Lewis
  • Book Reviews: Laos - Buffer State or Battleground, The Defenders, Fire and Movement, The End of Sukarno, The Modern History of China, Hitler's Last Gamble

Number 245, October 1969 (pdf, 22.4MB)

  • A Part of Asia?Major A. R. Roberts
  • Developing PNG Training DepotMajor J. J. Tattam
  • In Defence of Academic 'Ignorance'General Hamilton H. Howze
  • Sources of Contemporary Australian Military HistoryGavin Long
  • AMF Gold Medal and ASCO Prize Essay Competition
  • The Antarctic Treaty in OperationRaymond J. Barrett
  • Water Divining - Witchcraft or Fact?Captain K. D. Nelson
  • Book Reviews: The Cold War as History, The Montgomery Legend, The Observer's Fighting Vehicles Directory

Number 244, September 1969 (pdf, 6.1MB)

  • Massive InterventionMajor N. F. Graham
  • How Borneo was WonGeneral Sir Walter Walker
  • The Quiet One from Dong TamMajor E. S. Holt
  • Education in the Republic of VietnamCaptain N. I. Smith
  • Book Reviews: Tail of an Army, Viet Cong, The Awakening of China

Number 243, August 1969 (pdf, 29.8MB)

  • Artillery Operations in BorneoMajor D. Quinn
  • The Western Soldier versus The Communist InsurgentBrigadier C. N. Barclay
  • LateriteMajor M. M. van Gelder
  • Military Review and Appreciation of the Year 1968General Baron Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • The Feeding of Dogs for Special TasksDr C. F. A. Younger
  • Book Reviews: A Dictionary of Battles, The War with Japan: A Concise History, MacArthur as Military Commander
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 242, July 1969 (pdf, 15.3MB)

  • Drop Dead Soldier?Colonel C. Stuart
  • China's PLALieutenant-Colonel J. A. Zanghi and Major G. F. Boileau
  • Plan XVIILynette Chaffey
  • The Staff System - A ChangeMajor A. A. Partridge
  • IndiaCaptain E. J. Ellis

Number 241, June 1969 (pdf, 34.2MB)

  • Opportunities in Cadet TrainingLieutenant-Colonel R. J. Stanley
  • The Second Viet Cong General OffensiveLieutenant-Colonel A. B. Garland
  • Army Civic ActionG. Hussey
  • The Fall of AtlantaSergeant D. M. Horner
  • Military Support for Revolutionary Development in South VietnamLieutenant-Colonel G. T. Bartlett
  • Book Reviews: Promise of Greatness, Men of the Pentagon, War, Politics and Diplomacy
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 240, May 1969 (pdf, 36.6MB)

  • Command and Control in BattleColonel E. H. Smith
  • The Defence of Sydney in 1820G. P. Walsh and D. M. Horner
  • The First Viet Cong General OffensiveLieutenant-Colonel A. B. Garland
  • The Design of Light Weight Patrol RationsDr C. F. A. Younger
  • Chieu Hoi - The Bloodless WarMajor P. R. Burns
  • The Royal Military College of Science Army Staff CourseCaptain A. Aitken
  • Book Reviews
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 239, April 1969 (pdf, 11.1MB)

  • The Silent Peninsula - Anzac 1968Lieutenant-Colonel A. Argent
  • The ProblemMajor R. J. G. Hall
  • Czechoslovakia - A Scenario of the Future?Phillip A. Karber
  • The Industrial Mobilization CourseColonel P. H. G. Oxley
  • The Case for Army FACsMajor B. A. Murphy
  • The Heavy Hand of Marshal GrechkowGeneral Baron Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Book Review: Contemporary Military Strategy
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 238, March 1969 (pdf, 19.2MB)

  • Air Support at Unit LevelLieutenant-Colonel A. B. Garland
  • Decisions, DecisionsMajor J. S. Sinclair
  • Problems in Research on Psychological WarfareJames O. Whittaker
  • Principles of Employment of EngineersLieutenant-Colonel D. J. Binney
  • The New ConflictColonel R. S. N. Mans
  • Precision or PedantryMajor R. L. Sinclair
  • What the Army Needs - Professional Junior NCOsCaptain B. W. Pannell
  • Book Review: Revolutionary Warfare and Communist Strategy

Number 237, February 1969 (pdf, 21.5MB)

  • Victory at HuéAATTV
  • Armour Leaps to Lose its ChainsLieutenant-Colonel A. Argent
  • As a Senior NCO sees ItFrom a speech by Sergeant Major John G. Stepanek. Submitted by Sergeant Major William O. Wooldridge
  • A Good Day to DieMajor M. J. Ryan
  • Book Reviews: Arms and Influence, Communism in Asia: A Threat to Australia?, The Politics of British Defence Policy 1945-1962, China After Mao, Scientists and War, The Australian Light Horse

Number 236, January 1969 (pdf, 19.3MB)

  • Engineer Support in VietnamMajor W. W. Lennon
  • Offensive Air Support in the 1960'sMajor M. J. Ryan
  • Why Foxhound?Dr C. F. A. Younger
  • The Nigerian Civil WarNeville Brown
  • Essentials of Report WritingColonel S. A. Embling
  • A Military Interpretation of Benefit-Cost AnalysisMajor M. M. van Gelder

Number 234, November 1968 (pdf, 25.8MB)

  • Ingredients of Victory in Counter Revolutionary WarfareMajor W. S. Tee
  • Some thoughts in the Airmobile ConceptMajor J. F. McMahon
  • Notes for Young ConfereesT2'
  • AMF Gold Medal and ASCO Prize Essay Competition
  • The Vegetation of South-East AsiaH. S. Hodges and G. R. Webb
  • The March Offensive, 1918John Terraine

Number 233, October 1968 (pdf, 16.1MB)

  • Mobility and Transportation Reorganization in the AMFMajor J. F. Hughes
  • Target Acquisition: Vietnam StyleLieutenant-Colonel David H. Hackworth
  • The Staff System - A Case For ChangeMajor I. D. McFarlane
  • Foam-in-place: a Logistics ToolMajor R. T. Willing
  • Madmen in the MessLieutenant-Colonel Kenneth E. Kay

Number 232, September 1968 (pdf, 15.0MB)

  • Standardization - the double-edged SwordMajor C. V. L. Palmer
  • Suoi Nghe - A Refugee Hamlet in VietnamLieutenant-Colonel J. F. McDonagh
  • The Junior Officer on the Senior StaffMajor Richard B. Fisher
  • Operational Mapping and Surveys, South Vietnam 1966/67Captain R. F. Skitch
  • Let us not forget the little OwlCaptain W. H. Clements
  • Book Reviews: Armistice 1918, Vietnam: A Pictorial, History of the Sixth Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment 1966-67
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 231, August 1968 (pdf, 15.5MB)

  • Civil Affairs in Phuoc Tuy Province, South Vietnam 1967Lieutenant-Colonel J. F. McDonagh
  • So you want to be a Linguist?Lieutenant-Colonel G. J. Leary
  • The Royal Defence AcademyMajor-General E. J. H. Bates
  • An Analysis of the French Military Failure in Indo-ChinaLieutenant M. J. Keating
  • The Australian Parachutist CourseStaff Sergeant B. R. Wear
  • Recommended Reading

Number 230, July 1968 (pdf, 38.1MB)

  • Stiffening the Army's BackboneMajor A. R. Roberts
  • Cyclopean ViewpointA. R. G. Morrison
  • Computers in Field ArtilleryLieutenant-Colonel D. R. O. Cowey
  • An Introduction to Operations ResearchMajor M. M. van Gelder
  • Adventure TrainingMajor H. L. Stewart
  • Book Review: The Quicksand War: Prelude to Vietnam

Number 229, June 1968 (pdf, 5.6MB)

  • Military Uses of Terrain EvaluationMajor W. W. Lennon
  • Equipment Development for a Mobile ArmyMajor D. J. Binney
  • Have Fronts and Flanks met their Waterloo?Warrant Officer L. Nicholson
  • Guerilla begets GuerillaBrigadier R. C. Foot
  • On Public Speaking and the Army's Public ImageMajor G. A. Fry
  • Excellence in the Military ProfessionMajor D. H. Ralls
  • Oliver Cromwell - The GeneralLieutenant-Colonel A. E. Limburg

Number 228, May 1968 (pdf, 18.8MB)

  • The Army, its Men and its Flying MachinesLieutenant-Colonel A. Argent
  • On Understanding AsiaSquadron Leader R. G. Funnell
  • The Climates of South-East AsiaH. S. Hodges and G. R. Webb
  • Book Reviews: Defeat in the East, Best Army Stories
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 227, April 1968 (pdf, 18.0MB)

  • The 'Red Rats' and Phuoc TuyCaptain Ian Hutchison
  • Military Purpose and Human FactorsColonel D. G. Levis
  • Von Lettow-Vorbeck in East AfricaMajor C. H. Ducker
  • British Services Logistics Computers (Part III)Lieutenant-Colonel A. E. Limburg
  • Book Reviews

Number 226, March 1968 (pdf, 15.8MB)

  • Fire and Movement: Evolution and Present Status in South-East AsiaJac Weller
  • Foreign Aid as DefenceMajor J. M. Walker
  • Mortars for the GunnersLieutenant-Colonel E. M. Lock
  • British Services Logistics Computers (Part II)Lieutenant-Colonel A. E. Limburg
  • Hypothetical Report by the Soviet Minister for Defence to the Central Committee of the USSR, July 1967General Baron Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Some Observations on Memory AidsSergeant I. F. McKiggan
  • Interpreters on Operations with InfantryWarrant Officer A. H. D. McAulay

Number 225, February 1968 (pdf, 10.5MB)

  • Psychological Operations: A New FieldCaptain D. A. Dawe
  • British Services Logistics ComputersLieutenant-Colonel A. E. Limburg
  • War in the Middle East: An Israeli ViewLeo Heiman
  • Engineers in Counter-Insurgency: A Different ApproachMajor F. J. Cross
  • The Truth About BlivetsLieutenant-Colonel W. J. P. Tier
  • Concerning the Big StickMajor-General Sir John Gellibrand
  • Recommended Reading

Number 224, January 1968 (pdf, 9.7MB)

  • The Study of Military HistoryColonel E. G. Keogh
  • Simplifying Logistic Support in the Australian ArmyLieutenant-Colonel R. Vardanega
  • Tradition and RealityLieutenant-Colonel R. T. Jones
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Book Review: The Armed Forces of Canada 1867-1967

Number 223, December 1967 (pdf, 11.7MB)

  • Aspects of the Military Geography of South-East AsiaH. S. Hodges and G. R. Webb
  • Trends in Japanese NationalismE. D. Daw
  • A Photo and A StoryLieutenant-Colonel A. Argent
  • Richard B. Haldane: Was Minister ExtraordinaryErnest M. Teagarden
  • Western Australia: The Need for New Defence ThinkingBrigadier R. C. Foot
  • Index

Number 221, October 1967 (pdf, 12.3MB)

  • The 2/48th Battalion at El Alamein
  • Officers' DaysMajor G. F. B. Rickards
  • Some Thoughts on the Army in Papua-New GuineaMajor E. M. McCormick
  • Uncle Ho wants you!Lieutenant-Colonel G. E. Dexter
  • Canada and Imperial DefenceMajor-General L. E. Beavis

Number 220, September 1967 (pdf, 9.7MB)

  • Civic Action in Vietnam 1965-66Captain P. M. Arnison
  • Quality in Relation to Defence Requirements in AustraliaJ. Shilkin
  • AMF Gold Medal and ASCO Prize Essay Competition
  • The Indian ArmyMajor L. A. Wright
  • Sub-Machine GunsCaptain A. Parker
  • Visual Search by NightF. H. C. Marriott

Number 219, August 1967 (pdf, 11.3MB)

  • Engineers in Operations in VietnamCaptain A. H. MacGregor
  • A Plea for a Technical General StaffMajor P. D. F. Cleaver
  • Network Analysis in Planning: A Military Analytical ApproachMajor M. M. van Gelder
  • Strategic and Economic Importance of South-East AsiaWarrant Officer P. G. Gittins

Number 216, May 1967 (pdf, 16.4MB)

  • Air Drop SystemsCaptain T. A. Tabart
  • A Lesson from Recent HistoryBrigadier F. W. Speed
  • Papua-New Guinea Training DepotMajor E. M. McCormick
  • Aeromedical Evacuation: a Medical Officer's Point of ViewLieutenant-Colonel J. T. Dunn
  • The Fading BarrierSecond-Leiutenant R. L. Sayce
  • Instant Expertise: A Universal Need?Defence Digest
  • Book Review: The Military Intellectuals in Britain

Number 215, April 1967 (pdf, 23.7MB)

  • General Northcott: A Wartime Chief of StaffMajor-General L. E. Beavis
  • Aerial MinelayingMajor L. H. Shaw
  • With a Medium Troop in SabahMajor C. P. Masters
  • The Validity of the Domino TheoryWing Commander K. Tongue
  • The Regimental MarchLieutenant-Colonel R. A. Newman
  • The British 81-mm MortarMajor C. V. L. Palmer
  • Book Reviews: Tobruk and El Alamein, Australia's Pearl Harbour, Malaya: The Communist Insurgent War

Number 214, March 1967 (pdf, 10.1MB)

  • Drums across the KwabeCaptain M. C. McCallum
  • Living with Nuclear ProliferationSquadron Leader D. C. Mazlin
  • Civic ActionMajor I. D. McFarlane
  • Field Expedient Antennas for VHF RadioDirectorate of Signals
  • Power Politics in South-East Asia and Australia's DefenceLieutenant P. E. Jorm
  • Knock, KnockLieutenant-Colonel R. S. Garland
  • Book Reviews

Number 213, February 1967 (pdf, 5.5MB)

  • Viet Cong TacticsMajor I. D. McFarlane
  • Australian Army AnachronismsMajor M. R. Ramsay
  • Night Vision for Military PurposesA. W. Pybus
  • Maintenance of Morale and Other Principles of WarA Staff College Candidate'
  • A New Approach to Battle DrillsMajor P. R. Phillips
  • General Scratchley and the Australian EngineersStaff-Sergeant D. H. Eicke
  • Resupply in VietnamMajor R. G. Phillips

Number 212, January 1967 (pdf, 5.5MB)

  • Chinese Communist Revolutionary Warfare: Theory and ApplicationLieutenant-Colonel R. F. Morison
  • The Accelerating Role of Technology in WarfareLieutenant D. W. Roy
  • Strategic Choice: Formosa or the PhilippinesLieutenant-Colonel Charles M. Simpson
  • Recommended Reading

Number 211, December 1966 (pdf, 5.2MB)

  • Infantry Hollow-Charge Weapons and the TankCaptain M. A. Count
  • Extracts from an Air Support Officer's diaryMajor E. C. Beacroft
  • The disease pattern of South-East AsiaCaptain R. D. Spooner
  • A Light-weight Close-Support Weapon for Tropical WarfareCaptain C. V. L. Palmer
  • The Battle for AsiaWarrant Officer P. G. Gittins
  • Book Reviews
  • Index

Number 210, November 1966 (pdf, 5.6MB)

  • Battalion Resupply Vietnam StyleMajor P. G. Sharp
  • Australia's requirements for Joint Warfare TrainingMajor E. C. Beacroft
  • Tao at Staff CollegeMajor C. D. Wheeldon
  • Speed is the Essence of WarMajor W. M. Silverstone
  • EscapeCaptain B. W. Challans
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 209, October 1966 (pdf, 5.2MB)

  • A Message from your SponsorLieutenant-Colonel H. L. Sabin
  • How to Extend Communications with the 10 SetLieutenant G. A. Mayes
  • Surprise and Security in the Shenandoah Valley CampaignMajor J. S. Kendell
  • The Shangani Patrol: A Rhodesian AlamoLance-Corporal K. S. Deal
  • Book Review: Spotlight on Singapore
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 208, September 1966 (pdf, 5.2MB)

  • Platoon Organization, Rations and Equipment2nd-Lieutenant J. R. Bourke
  • Systems of Replenishment within South-East AsiaMajor R. L. Buntine
  • Search and Clear OperationsLieutenant-Colonel R. S. Garland
  • SPIW - Weapon of the future?Sergeant J. Shannon
  • Radar in a Tropical Combat ZoneCaptain M. J. Ryan

Number 207, August 1966 (pdf, 6.9MB)

  • General Sturdee and the Australian ArmyLieutenant-General Sir Sydney Rowell
  • The Natural Laws of War or the Study of CurvesLieutenant-Colonel R. S. Garland
  • WaterlooBrigadier R. C. Foot
  • MalariaMajor B. A. Smithurst
  • Book Reviews: Five Journeys from Djakarta, The Rats Remain, Kura!

Number 206, July 1966 (pdf, 25.1MB)

  • The Concept of the New InfantrymanLieutenant-Colonel R. S. Garland
  • Military Free-Fall ParachutingCaptain B. Wade
  • Border BedlamWarrant Officer P. G. Gittins
  • Waterloo (Part II)Brigadier R. C. Foot
  • Social and Behavioural Sciences in Counter-InsurgencyLieutenant-Colonel W. M. Hartness
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 205, June 1966 (pdf, 5.4MB)

  • The Spider and the FlyCaptain F. Fazekas
  • HelicoptersCaptain P. M. Robinson
  • Cambrai and AfterMajor J. P. F. Dixon
  • Tracking - A Must in Counter-InsurgencyLieutenant R. B. French
  • WaterlooBrigadier R. C. Foot
  • ProfessionalismLieutenant-Colonel W. J. Finlayson
  • A Simple Still for Arid CountryLieutenant T. P. A. Breukel

Number 204, May 1966 (pdf, 9.5MB)

  • Junior Leaders from SchyvilleCaptain D. Keith
  • Close Support Fire in Non-Nuclear WarCaptain D. J. Atkinson
  • Fighting Men and their EquipmentBrigadier C. N. Barclay
  • SEATO TodayLieutenant-Colonel L. B. Swifte
  • The Principles of InstructionColonel S. A. Embling
  • Recommended Reading

Number 203, April 1966 (pdf, 6.3MB)

  • Night Operations in Counter-InsurgencyMajor L. D. Johnson
  • Some Impressions of the Gallipoli CampaignMajor E. K. Baker
  • BambooMajor G. M. Plunkett
  • The Good LeaderWarrant-Officer R. Burns
  • A Career Plan for Arms and Service OfficersMajor K. L. MacPherson
  • Crack and Thump: Training for War under Peace-time ConditionsMajor J. A. Rymer-Jones

Number 202, March 1966 (pdf, 5.6MB)

  • Man-the-Weapon: Neglected Aspects of Leader TrainingLieutenant-Colonel J. O. Langtry
  • The Use of Foreign Languages in Australasian ForcesSergeant D. W. Roy
  • The Influence of Mobility on Military Operations in South-East AsiaMajor I. R. Way
  • Will China Intervene in Vietnam?Sergeant D. R. de Mamiel
  • Correspondence in the FieldAustralian War Memorial Archives
  • Book Reviews: MacDougal's Farm, China and the Bomb, The Theory and Practice of War

Number 201, February 1966 (pdf, 5.7MB)

  • Doctrine and Training in the German ArmyCaptain R. J. O'Neill
  • Protecting the Northern ApproachesLieutenant-Colonel R. Vardanega
  • AfricaEditorial Staff
  • The Evolution of the GunMajor D. K. Baker
  • Night Vision AidsMajor I. J. Meibusch

Number 200, January 1966 (pdf, 9.3MB)

  • Seskoad: A Unique ExperienceLieutenant-Colonel C. H. A. East
  • The Conduct of Counter-Insurgency WarfareLieutenant-Colonel R. S. Garland
  • United Nations Peace-keeping OperationsMajor-General Indar Jit Rikhye
  • Oil Analysis for Predictive Maintenance of Aircraft AssembliesCaptain P. M. Robinson
  • Book Review: Introduction to Strategy

Number 198, November 1965 (pdf, 19.8MB)

  • Praed Point BatteryMajor W. G. Botham
  • Administration as a function of CommandMajor J. I. Martyn
  • The Tumbling TerrorMajor D. K. Atkinson
  • InsuranceWarrant Officer P. J. Hutchison
  • Book Reviews

Number 197, October 1965 (pdf, 14.1MB)

  • El Alamein
  • Fustest with the MostestMajor B. H. Bradbrook
  • No. 1 Independent Company A.I.F.Major J. Edmonds-Wilson
  • The District AdviserCaptain J. F. Ray
  • Point Nepean - PortseaMajor J. H. Welch

Number 196, September 1965 (pdf, 21.3MB)

  • The Rushcutter CulverinBrigadier J. W. A. O'Brien
  • War in the Enemy's CampOtto Heilbrunn
  • The Swedish Type "S" TankCaptain M. J. Ryan
  • How Should the Army Fight?Lieutenant-General Dwight E. Beach
  • The Role of Ideology in USSR Foreign PolicyBrigadier A. T. J. Bell, O.B.E.
  • Book Reviews

Number 195, August 1965 (pdf, 5.3MB)

  • Ambush KnollLieutenant-Colonel R. S. Garland
  • Programmed InstructionLieutenant-Colonel S. J. Templeman
  • Some Attractions and Pitfalls of Military HistoryBrian Bond
  • Praed Point Battery, RabaulColonel F. N. Nurse
  • Book Review

Number 194, July 1965 (pdf, 14.6MB)

  • Outpost Nguy TruongWarrant-Officer J. Vezgoff
  • The Royal Military College, DuntroonMajor J. Brown and S. B. Clark
  • Operations in BorneoMajor C. M. A. R. Roberts
  • The Aboriginal and DefenceLieutenant-Colonels J. O. Langtry and C. H. A. East
  • Electrification of Fences for Military PurposesMajor A. A. Partridge
  • Recommended Reading

Number 193, June 1965 (pdf, 6.0MB)

  • Battlefield MobilityMajor E. C. Beacroft
  • Information DeskDirectorate of Military Training
  • British Counter-Insurgency ExperienceLieutenant-General Sir Kenneth Darling
  • The Qualities of a Good InstructorWarrant-Officer R. R. Burns
  • Book Review

Number 192, May 1965 (pdf, 5.3MB)

  • The ChallengeLieutenant-Colonel F. W. Cook
  • Planning and Supervision of CMF TrainingLieutnenant-Colonel R. S. Garland
  • The Queen's Medal CompetitionMajor G. F. B. Rickards
  • The French Canadian ProblemCaptain P. J. Mitchell
  • The War in South VietnamCaptain R. Clark
  • Communist China's Strategy in South East Asia TodayLieutenant-Colonel J. O. Langtry
  • GoatsMajor A. J. C. Newton
  • Book Reviews

Number 191, April 1965 (pdf, 15.9MB)

  • ANZACMajor H. V. Howe
  • Defence ReviewDirectorate of Military Training
  • Army Journal Tested by Reader Opinion
  • A Visit to GallipoliR. R. James
  • Australian Foreign Policy Since 1945Major P. S. Codde
  • Book Review

Number 190, March 1965 (pdf, 5.3MB)

  • The South West Pacific Campaign 1941-1945Colonel E. G> Keogh
  • An Integrated Defence Force?Colonel C. Stuart
  • The AASO and the Movement of Units by AirMajor W. G. R. Fleming
  • Nationalist Trend in CeylonMajor N. Amairthalingam
  • The Led LeaderSecond Lieutenant D. Levenespiel
  • Information PleaseMajor A. W. Smith
  • The Early Days of the Army Rugby Club in Southern CommandLieutenant Colonel S. R. Birch
  • Book Review

Number 189, February 1965 (pdf, 4.9MB)

  • The South West Pacific Campaign 1941-1945Colonel E. G. Keogh
  • Boldness or Rashness? Security or Timidity?Major H. L. Bell
  • Some Thoughts on ProfessionalismMartin Blumenson

Number 188, January 1965 (pdf, 5.2MB)

  • The Study of Military HistoryColonel E. G. Keogh
  • Officer Training in The U.S. ArmyMajor D. K. Lyon
  • Battlefield Surveillance and ReconnaissanceMajor D. J. Mannett
  • Are Air Mobile Forces VulnerableColonel Fred L. Walker Jr.
  • Philosophy, Psychology and The ArmyCaptain P. P. Manzie
  • Book Reviews

Number 187, December 1964 (pdf, 5.0MB)

  • The Pentropic Division - Another Point of ViewColonel C. M. I. Pearson and Colonel W. J. Morrow
  • Recruiting in the A.R.A.Major T. J. Gray
  • The Human Dimension of InsurgencyRalph Sanders
  • Artillery in VietnamCaptain R. Clark
  • Mutual Support in the JungleMajor J. W. Burns
  • To Eat Or Not To Eat?Major C. E. Smith
  • Book Review
  • Index

Number 186, November 1964 (pdf, 5.1MB)

  • Workable, Acceptable and SafeMajor P. J. Norton
  • The Case For Special ForcesMajor P. H. Bennett
  • The Badge With a HistoryE. R. A. Garret
  • LasersCaptain A. J. A. Cooper
  • Recommended Reading
  • Camp Training 1886Major A. W. Reynolds

Number 185, October 1964 (pdf, 5.4MB)

  • The CMF Rifle Company - Triumph or Tragedy?Major R. I. Harrison
  • Historical Procedures of Recruiting GuerillasFranklin Mark Osanka
  • Some Problems Confronting Military CounselFlight Lieutenant M. K. Bannister
  • Modern Military EnglishColonel F. W. Speed
  • British Infantry in South East AsiaBrigadier A. G. Patterson
  • Army Film ProductionMajor A. W. Millen
  • War and MoralityAnthony Harrigan
  • Radiological Survey by Light AircraftSquadron Leader J. A. Downie

Number 184, September 1964 (pdf, 4.9MB)

  • Military AppreciationsLieutenant Colonel R. S. Garland
  • Round the ClockCaptain J. D. S. Henderson
  • Canadian Defence IntegrationCaptain P. T. F. Gowans
  • The Alterative - Outward BoundCaptain M. Jeneid
  • The PartingWarrant Officer P. G. Gittins
  • The Paper War and Military IntelligenceLieutenant Colonel A. Treloar
  • Book Reviews

Number 183, August 1964 (pdf, 10.4MB)

  • The Paper TarzanBrigadier R. T. Eason
  • Keeping Limited War LimitedMajor A. R. Wheelock
  • Military Rocket Lift DevicesCaptain L. G. Halls
  • The Human Factor in WarfareCaptain J. K. Leggett
  • Mountain WarfareMajor E. H. Dar
  • Photography Within the ArmyCaptain R. S. Mackenzie

Number 182, July 1964 (pdf, 5.2MB)

  • Command and Control of Logistics in the DivisionMajor N. M. Turner
  • Battle PreliminariesMajor General M. P. Bogert
  • Delegation - Green Light to Command ControlColonel Richard K. Hutson
  • Industrialisation in Mainland China Since 1949Major W. A. Piper
  • Recruit Training at 1 RTBCaptain G. P. Marshall-Cormack
  • The Instrumentation of Guided MissilesMajor N. G. Johnson
  • Book Reviews

Number 181, June 1964 (pdf, 5.4MB)

  • Airborne Elements in the Field ForceMajor L. A. Eyles
  • Counter Insurgency - Some Antecedents for SuccessLieutenant Colonel William F. Long, Jr.
  • The New Defence Organisation of the Untied KingdomMajor H. E. D. Harris
  • The Vital Factor - MotivationMajor R. D. F. Lloyd
  • Military IntelligenceCaptain H. V. Dobinson
  • Engineers in Counter Insurgency OperationsLieutenant Colonel J. H. Templeman
  • Book Reviews

Number 180, May 1964 (pdf, 17.4MB)

  • Electronic Counter MeasuresCaptain K. P. Carey
  • After the CenturionMajor K. Dodson
  • The Battle of GettysburgLieutenant Colonel John Nocita
  • The Men at the BarricadesCaptain H. B. Chamberlain
  • An Exercise for Professional TrainingMajor D. G. Loomis
  • Borneo - Centre of CrisisAnthony Harrigan
  • Army Rank Badges"Concord"
  • Book Reviews

Number 179, April 1964 (pdf, 5.5MB)

  • King of the Jungle or Paper TigerDirectorate of Military Training
  • The Leader and the LedMajor W. F. Burnard
  • Suvla BayBrigadier General S. L. A. Marshall
  • Australia's Security and the Balance of PowerLieutenant J. Wood
  • Population Security - The Key to Counter InsurgencyLieutenant Colonel William J. Beck and Major Carl F. Bernard
  • Science and the OfficerMajor R. A. Clark
  • Dress Embellishments and Other ChangesWarrant Officer L. Thompson
  • Military Collecting in AustraliaN. R. Grinyer
  • Book Reviews

Number 178, March 1964 (pdf, 7.0MB)

  • Control at the TopColonel F. W. Speed
  • Serve to SurviveColonel D. A. Cormack
  • The Amphibious TractorCaptain A. A. Nolan
  • To Gain the RearWilliam Paul Haiber
  • Logistics, The Lost CauseMajor N. M. Turner
  • Social Studies - Necessity or Humbug?Captain O. H. J. Wieser
  • Service Dogs for the AMFTrooper K. Metius
  • Threeward On KangaMajor D. A. Chinn
  • Book Reviews

Number 177, February 1964 (pdf, 7.1MB)

  • Defeat in the East"Soixante"
  • AmphibiansCaptain A. A. Nolan
  • The American-British-Canadian-Australian Standardisation ProgrammeLieutenant Colonel K. G. Groom
  • A Nations Approach to WarCaptain E. D. M. Cape
  • Book Reviews

Number 176, January 1964 (pdf, 5.3MB)

  • The Production of CMF Officers in Eastern CommandMajor-General P. A. Cullen
  • Population Control Techniques of Communist InsurgentsFranklin Mark Osanka
  • Insignia of Rank - Some Suggested ChangesWarrant Officer L. Thompson
  • This Is New ZealandMajor K. E. Gallard
  • Aviation's Future Staff OfficersCaptain T. J. Shaughnessy and Captain Pierce Robertson
  • The AMF and Sports ParachutingLance Corporal M. M. Johnson
  • Public Relations in the Pentropic DivisionCaptain A Dunne
  • Book Reviews

Number 175, December 1963 (pdf, 5.3MB)

  • Column Support by Armed HelicopterCaptain William P. Griffin
  • Roman Tactics Against GuerillasLieutenant Colonel A. Treloar
  • The Value of Military HistoryBrigadier W. G. F. Jackson
  • On Armour and Self SufficiencyMajor J. R. M. Jentzema
  • Training Army DiversCaptain L. G. Halls
  • Book Reviews
  • Index

Number 174, November 1963 (pdf, 16.5MB)

  • The Influence of Revolutionary War on Modern Military ThoughtLieutenant Colonel R. S. Garland
  • Impressions of a Cadet Under OfficerCadet Under Officer V. J. Rae
  • Hints to General Staff OfficersLieutnenant Colonel C. H. A. East
  • The Doctrine of Peaceful Coexistence, Soviet Interpretation - Strategic Review
  • The Sino Indian Conflict 1962 - Some Military Lessons
  • A Visit to Berlin, Poland and the Soviet Union - Part IILieutenant Colonel D. S. Thompson
  • Book Reviews

Number 173, October 1963 (pdf, 9.4MB)

  • Battalion Concepts for Anti-Guerilla OperationsLieutenant Colonel R. S. Garland
  • The Master Plan for Conquest in VietnamColonel Edwin F. Black
  • Training in the CMF Unit CommanderMajor B. D. Clendinnen
  • The German Army 1963 - Strategic ReviewCaptain S. O. Tiomain
  • The Resupply of An Australian Force by AirCaptain W. G. R. Fleming
  • A Visit to Berlin, Poland and the Soviet UnionLieutenant Colonel D. S. Thomson
  • Book Reviews

Number 172, September 1963 (pdf, 8.6MB)

  • Australia AloneCaptain H. L. Bell
  • The Sino Soviet Quarrel - Strategic Review
  • Notes on the Practical Conduct of War GamesGeneral Frhr. Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Radio Relay During Exercise NutcrackerMajor G. J. Lawrence
  • Professional and Officer EducationLieutenant P. A. Webb
  • Have Gun - Will Free FallCaptain J. F. McMahon
  • Paradelay Combat TeamsFirst Lieutenant C. L. Mullins

Number 171, August 1963 (pdf, 33.3MB)

  • The Ethos of PatrollingColonel M. P. O'Hare
  • Protective Clothing in the TropicsMajor B. B. Wainer
  • A Middle East Summary - Strategic ReviewCaptain J. J. Kelly
  • The Case for Gas WarfareAnthony Harrigan
  • Background to Trouble in South East AsiaCorporal B. R. Hewitt
  • An AnalysisCaptain J. J. Donohoe
  • Book Review

Number 170, July 1963 (pdf, 4.9MB)

  • Air Support in Anti-Insurgency OperationsMajor L. G. Clark
  • The Last PostMajor R. A. Newman
  • Catalogue of Viet Cong ViolenceColonel Robert B. Rigg
  • Federation of Malaysia - Strategic Review
  • Communism Versus AustraliaWarrant Officer J. P. Sheddick
  • Notes on Some New Aids to IntelligenceLieutenant Colonel J. T. Quinn
  • Bundles of TenCaptain H. B. Chamberlain
  • Book Reviews

Number 169, June 1963 (pdf, 10.6MB)

  • A Proposed Reorganisation of Army HeadquartersMajor N. M. Turner
  • The Paddington BarracksMajor R. Vardanega
  • An Emerging Europe - Strategic Review
  • The Battle Group OrganisationColonel F. W. Speed
  • The Army's Air Defence RoleMajor B. R. Topfer
  • Repatriation Before FederationColonel, The Honourable R. W. Swartz
  • Book Reviews

Number 168, May 1963 (pdf, 15.5MB)

  • ARA-CMG IntegrationLieutenant Colonel C. J. Millar and Lieutenant Colonel A. E. G. Strong
  • The Nature and Effects of Waterborne DiseasesMajor J. G. Fairbrother
  • Above the BestCaptain J. G. Ross
  • Australia's Defence Treaties - Strategic Review
  • A Vietnamese Ranger PatrolMajor L. G. Clark
  • Study, Study, StudyCaptain J. J. Donohoe
  • Honour Titles for the Royal Regiment of Australian ArtilleryCaptain D. N. Brook
  • Book Reviews

Number 167, April 1963 (pdf, 9.4MB)

  • Kokoda Trail - Twenty Years AfterCaptain E. J. O'Donnell
  • AMF Gold Medal Essay: Wild Rice and Green StrangersColonel A. E. G. Strong
  • Sino-Soviet Relations - Strategic Review
  • Navigation in The Tropic ZoneCaptain L. G. Doyle

Number 166, March 1963 (pdf, 14.7MB)

  • Man The Key WeaponMajor E. M. McCormick
  • Understanding AsiaMajor S. S. Chakravarti
  • Britain and Europe - Strategic Review
  • The Unseen FoeCaptain J. J. Donohoe
  • Do You Know The Dracone?Lieutenant C. J. Akeroyd
  • Book Reviews

Number 165, February 1963 (pdf, 14.0MB)

  • How Much Can You Save?Captain J. J. Donohoe
  • On Active Service In MalayaLieutenant Colonel A. B. Stretton
  • The Soviet Army In The Sixties - Strategic ReviewCaptain M. D. Bates
  • Sappers In New GuineaMajor P. A. Stevens
  • Reorganisation The Australian Military Forces 1800-1962Sergeant G. R. Vazenry
  • More About QuarterblokeryAn Cosantoir

Number 164, January 1963 (pdf, 4.1MB)

  • Revolutionary WarfareColonel M. P. O'Hare
  • Vertical Counter AttackMajor Boyd T. Bashore
  • The Sino-Indian Clash - Strategic Review
  • Ceylon Under Mrs BandaranaikeStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • From The Outside Looking InCaptain D. R. Overstead
  • Military BandsCft. J. P. Brennock
  • Book Reviews

Number 163, December 1962 (pdf, 10.9MB)

  • Peacetime Soldiering in MalayaCaptain J. Fletcher
  • The Oldest Police ForceLieutenant P. R. Morgan
  • The Cuban Crisis - Strategic Review
  • Dora The Germans' Biggest GunCharles S. Burdick
  • A Catechism of CommunismStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Book Reviews
  • Index

Number 162, November 1962 (pdf, 4.8MB)

  • Sociological WarfareMajor E. M. McCormick
  • The Sino-Indian Border DisputeMajor R. W. Whitney
  • The 106 mm Rifle M40 A1 Anti-tank WeaponLieutenant Colonel A. E. G. Strong
  • Britain and Europe - Strategic Review
  • The Value of CW Transmission in Long Range PatrollingPacific Islands Regiment
  • An Academy of Military ArtMajor R. M. C. Cubis
  • Book Reviews

Number 161, October 1962 (pdf, 5.1MB)

  • The Reconnaissance TroopLieutenant M. A. Count
  • Long Range Patrolling in New GuineaPacific Islands Regiment
  • Vulnerability of Army AircraftBrigadier General F. vonn Kann
  • The Common Market Negotiations - Strategic Review
  • The Sino-Indian Border DisputeMajor R. W. Whitney
  • Air Supply in the AMFMajor D. White
  • Operation Movement by Inland WaterwayJungle Training Centre
  • Nuclear Thunder Out of ChinaStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Book Reviews

Number 160, September 1962 (pdf, 13.0MB)

  • Value for TimeBrigadier S. M. McDonald and Major A. D. Wells
  • The Case for UmbrellasCaptain H. B. Chamberlain
  • Revolutionary Guerilla WarfareMajor P. O. M. Woodhill
  • The Struggle in South East Asia - Strategic Review
  • Some Thoughts on AfricaBrigadier E. Logan
  • The Armed HelicopterCaptain B. H. Cooper
  • Tactical ExaminationsMajor K. E. Gallard
  • Book Reviews

Number 159, August 1962 (pdf, 21.0MB)

  • The Malayan Campaign 1941/42Lieutenant Colonel S. P. Weir
  • It's NewMajor H. L. Bell
  • La Guerra de Guerrillas"Che" Guevara
  • Caution or ElanDaidolos
  • Agreement in Laos - Strategic Review
  • Artillery in South Australia 1840-1960Lieutenant D. N. Brook
  • Book Reviews

Number 158, July 1962 (pdf, 6.0MB)

  • The Malayan Campaign 1941/42Lieutenant Colonel S. P. Weir
  • BuglingAn Cosantoir
  • SEATO in Action - Strategic Review
  • The Commander and the Civil PopulationLieutenant Colonel J. D. M. Moss
  • Book Reviews
  • La Guerra de Guerrillas"Che" Guevara

Number 157, June 1962 (pdf, 13.8MB)

  • Malayan Campaign 1941/42Major J. A. Clark
  • Experiences in Short Course TrainingGeneral Frhr Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Algeria - Strategic Review
  • Book Reviews
  • La Guerra de Guerrillas"Che" Guevara

Number 156, May 1962 (pdf, 16.1MB)

  • The Malayan Campaign 1941/42Lieutenant Colonel S. P. Weir
  • Tank Design Contest
  • Berlin and the West - Strategic Review
  • The Bloody Hands of the Viet CongArmy, USA
  • Book Reviews

Number 155, April 1962 (pdf, 4.6MB)

  • AMF Gold Medal EssayLieutenant Colonel C. L. Thompson
  • ROADLieutenant Colonel Carl P. Keiser
  • Guerrilla DeterrentFlight Lieutenant H. W. Parker
  • South Vietnam - Strategic Review
  • School Cadets 1962Directorate of Cadets
  • Book Reviews

Number 154, March 1962 (pdf, 4.9MB)

  • How Tough is ToughMajor Reginald Hargreaves
  • Moscow Turns to AsiaStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • The United Nations - Strategic Review
  • The United States Army Division
  • Countering the Spread of CommunismCaptain R. T. Jones
  • Anti Tank Weapons and Their Influence In BattleMajor N. A. Shackelton
  • Book Reviews

Number 153, February 1962 (pdf, 7.5MB)

  • Infantry Training at the Officer Cadet SchoolCaptain E. R. Philip
  • The West Irian IssueLieutenant Colonel M. NG. Soenarjo
  • Civilian Role in Anti Guerrilla WarfareMajor John B. Bellinger, Jnr.
  • It's In The BookCopihue
  • Finding Your WayLieutenant Colonel C. L. Thompson
  • Book Reviews

Number 152, January 1962 (pdf, 6.2MB)

  • About Instructions and ThingsColonel N. A. M. Nicholls
  • Military Free Fall - ParachutingMajor E. M. McCormick
  • The Struggle in Vietnam - Strategic Review
  • When Friends Fall OutStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • What It TakesMajor Thoung Htaik
  • Book Reviews

Number 151, December 1961 (pdf, 5.6MB)

  • Command and Control of the 81 mm Mortar SectionLieutenant Colonel I. B. Ferguson
  • Encirclement Methods in Guerrilla WarfareMajor Thoung Htaik
  • Berlin and the Bomb - Strategic Review
  • QuarterblokeryAn Cosantoir, Eire
  • The Instructor and His StudentsCaptain J. A. Shimeld
  • Inter Service Friction on Kanga"Yumbana"
  • Book Reviews
  • Index

Number 150, November 1961 (pdf, 5.7MB)

  • Training in the CMFMajor H. L. Bell
  • Communist Window on the Mediterranean - Strategic Review
  • The Real Meaning of Nuclear StalemateCommander John G. Dillon
  • South East Asia - World Focal PointStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • A Forgotten ArmyMajor R. J. Stanley
  • Book Reviews

Number 149, October 1961 (pdf, 5.6MB)

  • Thorn in the FleshMajor Reginald Hargreaves
  • European Economic IntegrationColonel R. W. Swartz
  • Sinkiang - Between Hammer and Tong - Strategic Review
  • Civil Defence in N.S.W.Major General I. N. Dougherty
  • The Employment of the Mortar SectionLieutenant K. H. Jackson
  • Book Reviews

Number 148, September 1961 (pdf, 5.4MB)

  • To Find a PathMajor C. P. Yacopetti
  • The Elements of PowerMajor N. R. Charlesworth
  • Re-appraisal in the West - Strategic Review
  • Endurance TrainingCaptain N. A. Robinson
  • Are You ADPS Wise?Major C. W. Wright
  • The Critical Area of CompatibilityJ.E.B.
  • Some Thoughts on the Principles of WarCaptain D. B. Gruzman
  • Book Reviews

Number 147, August 1961 (pdf, 6.4MB)

  • SAS Recondo TrainingMajor L. G. Clark
  • The Ubiquitous InfantryColonel M. Austin
  • The Common Market - Strategic Review
  • Comparative Fire PowerBrigadier M. F. Brogan
  • Slaters KnollCaptain H. B. Chamberlain
  • Australia's Defence EnigmaHenry S. Albinski
  • Book Reviews

Number 146, July 1961 (pdf, 5.9MB)

  • CMF RecruitingLieutenant-Colonel H. L. Sabin
  • Armoured Concepts and TrendsRichard M. Ogorkiewicz
  • Staff LeadershipMajor L. G. Clark
  • Asia in the Balance - Strategic ReviewStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • David and GoliathLieutenant K. Collins
  • Following the LeaderMajor J. C. F. Moloney
  • The Ubiquitous InfantryColonel M. Austin
  • Book Review

Number 145, June 1961 (pdf, 8.5MB)

  • Political Education in the ArmyCaptain E. M. McCormick
  • The Lesson of Laos - Strategic Review
  • Ground Effect MachinesMajor E. A. McCloskey
  • The Ubiquitous InfantryColonel M. Austin
  • United States Army Air DefenceCaptain B. L. Nyman
  • The Military Challenge TodayDr C. M. Mooney
  • T. E. Lawrence - The Problem of InterpretationJ. T. Laird

Number 144, May 1961 (pdf, 6.1MB)

  • Anti-Guerilla Operations
  • New Guinea - Strategic Review
  • Soldiering in the 'SixtiesJ.G.R.A.
  • The AMF Gold Medal and AACS Prize Essay
  • The Ubiquitous InfantryColonel M. Austin
  • The Queen's ShillingMajor J. C. F. Moloney
  • Organization for Guerilla WarfareMajor L. G. Clark
  • Australia, Asia and IgnoranceStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins

Number 143, April 1961 (pdf, 4.6MB)

  • InfiltrationMajor Gordon Sumner Jr.
  • Chaos in the Congo - Strategic Review
  • Action in New Britain 1944Lieutenant Colonel J. V. Mather
  • Cambodia - A Country RebornCaprain V. C. Hotchkiss
  • The Ubiquitous InfantryColonel M. Austin
  • Royal Institute of Public Administration Essay Competition 1961
  • Book Reviews

Number 142, March 1961 (pdf, 5.3MB)

  • Clear ThinkingDirectorate of Military Training
  • Shoot to KillLieutenant-Colonel C. L. Thompson
  • False Utopia - Strategic Review
  • The Armed Forces of JapanMajor Edgar O'Balance
  • The Development of Mineral Strategy in the U.S.S.R.Captain J. P. Morgan
  • CoursemanshipMajor L. G. Clark
  • Book Reviews

Number 141, February 1961 (pdf, 14.4MB)

  • Medical Research in the Armed ForcesMajor General A. J. Clyne
  • Men ApartCaptain E. M. McCormick
  • Reviving the Alliance - Strategic Review
  • Laos, Country of ConflictLieutenant V. C. Hotchkiss
  • The Pakistan ArmyBritish Army Review
  • Communist Subversive Activities in Asia and the PacificStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins

Number 140, January 1961 (pdf, 11.3MB)

  • Improved CommunicationsMajor A. R. Grant
  • Africa - Strategic Review
  • Training in Foreign LanguagesMajor J. M. da Costa
  • The Brigade of GurkhasMajor C. M. A. R. Roberts
  • Communist Subversive Activities in Asia and the PacificStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Soviet Attitudes on the Use of Military PowerArmy Information Digest, USA
  • Standing Orders for Battle

Number 139, December 1960 (pdf, 5.5MB)

  • Two-Way Thinking for a Dual-Capable ArmyCaptain Robert T. Fallon
  • The Peace WishWarrant-Officer C. M. D. Flinn
  • The Race for Development in AsiaStaff-Sergeant P. G. Gittens
  • Recruit Training in the Citizen Military ForcesLieutenant B. C. Major
  • Recommended Reading
  • A Win for the West - Strategic Review
  • Strategy of Protracted DefenceSlavko N. Bjelajac
  • Book Reviews
  • Index

Number 138, November 1960 (pdf, 19.6MB)

  • What Kind of an Army do We Want?Editorial
  • One Man's BattleCorporal T. Fitzpatrick
  • Australia and South-East Asia - Strategic ReviewLieutenant-Colonel R. W. Swartz
  • Leaders are ThinkersMajor C. W. Wright
  • Chairman Mao SaysColonel W. B. Maguire
  • Movement and Supply by Jungle RiverLieutenant- Colonel J. B. Roberts
  • The Russian Soldier and His LeadershipGeneral Frhr. Von Schweppenburg
  • Book Reviews

Number 137, October 1960 (pdf, 14.0MB)

  • Will the Tank SurviveCaptain B. H. Liddell Hart
  • The Central Treaty OrganizationLieutenant R. T. Smith
  • A Call For Integrity, Realism and Honest ThinkingBrigadier R. T. Eason
  • Red Crosses in the OutbackMajor J. T. Ashenhurst
  • New Guinea and PapuaStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • The Space Race - Strategic Review
  • An Operation on GuadalcanalLieutenant Colonel J. V. Mather
  • Early Towing Problems
  • Recondo, Patrol of OpportunityMajor Lewis L. Millett

Number 136, September 1960 (pdf, 5.2MB)

  • Mathematics - Thoughts on Pentropic LayoutsDirectorate, Royal Artillery
  • Weapons and Equipment - How Do We Get Them?Directorate of Staff Duties
  • Shipping and Strategy - Strategic Review
  • CMF Recruiting and ServiceMajor W. F. Sorsby
  • Book Reviews

Number 135, August 1960 (pdf, 7.1MB)

  • Command and Grouping for Battle in the Pentropic DivisionDirectorate of Military Training
  • The Real Goal of Army AviationBrigadier-General Clifton Von Kann
  • Descent from the Summit - Strategic Review
  • Some Minor Classics of the First World WarJ. T. Laird
  • The First Australian General Service VehicleMajor J. T. Ashenhurst
  • Be Attractive to be ActiveCaptain E. M. McCormick
  • Book Reviews

Number 134, July 1960 (pdf, 40.8MB)

  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Introduction
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - General
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Infantry
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Armour
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Artillery
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Engineers
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Signals
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Supply and Transport
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Medical
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Aviation

Number 133, June 1960 (pdf, 13.0MB)

  • The Pentropic Division: Armour in the Combat Support Group
  • The Pentropic Division: The Special Air Service Company
  • Prelude to the Pentropic DivisionMajor Saxon T. Smith
  • Recruiting for the CMFLieutenant-Colonel C. L. Thompson
  • The Situation in Laos - Strategic Review
  • Some Observations on the Second Industrial RevolutionJ. Shilkin
  • Planning for EfficiencyRoyal Bank of Canada Monthly Letter
  • Book Reviews

Number 132, May 1960 (pdf, 10.2MB)

  • The Red Dragon of ChinaStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Some Up-to-date ThinkingCaptain E. M. McCormick
  • Strategic Review
  • Duntroon Chapel Appeal
  • Battle Scenes at Yasnaya PolyanaGeneral Frhr Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Prophet Without HonourLieutenant-Colonel Robert M. Walker
  • The Conduct of Army ExaminationsMajor-General Sir Kingsley Norris
  • Book Reviews

Number 131, April 1960 (pdf, 5.5MB)

  • Submarine Menace in the PacificStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • The Academically Trained Engineer in the ArmyMajor J. R. M. Jentzema
  • Strategic Review
  • Officers Ranks in SEATOLieutenant G. M. Capper
  • Book Reviews
  • Operation GreifMajor Burton F. Hood
  • The Battle of Ulm SemurCaptain E. M. McCormick

Number 130, March 1960 (pdf, 13.7MB)

  • Tropical NavigationJungle Training Centre
  • An Australian Task ForceMajor D. M. Butler
  • How the Russians Put Lunik into OrbitMajor J. R. M. Jentzema
  • Recommended Reading
  • Strategic Review
  • Body ArmourCaptain Roger W. Little
  • Book Reviews

Number 129, February 1960 (pdf, 4.9MB)

  • The Pentropic Division - Introduction
  • The Pentropic Division - Infantry
  • The Pentropic Division - Armour
  • The Pentropic Division - Artillery
  • The Pentropic Division - Engineers
  • The Pentropic Division - Signals
  • The Pentropic Division - Intelligence
  • The Pentropic Division - Supply and Transport
  • The Pentropic Division - Medical
  • The Pentropic Division - Ordnance
  • The Pentropic Division - Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
  • The Pentropic Division - Provost
  • The Pentropic Division - Pay
  • The Pentropic Division - Postal
  • The Pentropic Division - Aviation
  • The Pentropic Division - Command and Control
  • The Pentropic Division - Equipment
  • The Pentropic Division - New Techniques
  • The Pentropic Division - Non-Divisional Troops

Number 128, January 1960 (pdf, 10.3MB)

  • United States Army, PacificMilitary Review, USA
  • Afghanistan, Dangerous NeutralStaff-Sergeant P. G. Gittens
  • About Trying ExperimentsRoyal Bank of Canada Monthly Letter
  • Man and MeasurementJ. Shilkin
  • Good Press RelationsMajor B. C. Smith
  • Strategic Review
  • Book Reviews
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