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2010 - 2019

Cover image of AAJ Spring edition 2019 Vol XV No 2
Editions from the 2010s

Volume 15, Number 2, Spring Edition, 2019

  • Editorial
  • From Cooperation to Conflict: How Australia Lost Control of its Northern Approaches, 1901–1941 Mr Tim Gellel
  • A Larger Australian Defence Force—More than Just Mass Lieutenant Colonel Duncan Foster
  • Contracting is Not the Enemy: The Readiness Impact of Policy, Money and Commercial Model Captain Nicholas Allen
  • A Second Soul? Language, Personality, and the Development of Cross-Cultural Expertise Major Marshall Lawrence
  • Army Capability Issues: As CLEAR as Daylight Mr Patrick McMillan
  • Considering Military Involvement in Australia’s Domestic Counter-Terrorism Apparatus Mr Nicolas Johnston
  • Zero Tolerance: Questioning the Ongoing Need for Strict Substance Abuse Policy in the ADF Major Dale Morley-Turnbull
  • Letters to the Editor

Book Reviews

  • Researching the Military​​​​​​​ Reviewed by Major Cate Carter
  • Myanmar’s ‘Rohingya’ Conflict​​​​​​​ Reviewed by Chaplain Darren Cronshaw
  • Blood and Concrete: 21st Century Conflict in Urban Centers and Megacities Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Dayton McCarthy
  • Criminologies of the Military: Militarism, National Security and Justice Reviewed by Dr David Mount
  • How to Defend Australia Reviewed by Dr Albert Palazzo
  • Fighting the People’s War: The British and Commonwealth Armies and the Second World War Reviewed by Dr William Westerman

Volume 15, Number 1, Autumn Edition, 2019

  • Editorial
  • Urban Warfare Capability: A Background to the Challenges and a Call for Professional Debate Dr Charles Knight
  • The Battle of Marawi: Lessons for Developing Urban Capabilities Captain James Lewis
  • The Challenges of Sustaining an Army in Motion Lieutenant Colonel Kane Wright
  • The Innovation Warfighter: Improving Capability and Embracing Industry Colonel Richard Barrett
  • Ethical Responses in the Aftermath of a Toxic Leader: An Australian Defence Context Dr Jason Mazanov
  • The Evolution of Australian Army Training Adversaries: 1948–2018 Lieutenant Colonel Jim Sinclair
  • In Their Steps: The ADF and Camels Captain James Barrett
  • Improved Methods for Transport and Preservation of DNA Samples for Victim Identification in a Military Environment Flight Lieutenant Kirsty Wright, Commander Mark Page, Jasmine Connell and Janet Chaseling

Book Reviews

  • Beyond Combat: Australian Military Activity Away from the Battlefield Reviewed by Major Lee Hayward
  • Command and Morale: The British Army on the Western Front 1914–1918 Reviewed by Brigadier Chris Roberts (Ret’d) AM, CSC
  • Leadership Secrets of the Australian Army: Learn from the Best and Inspire Your Team to Great Results Reviewed by Dr Stephen Mugford
  • The Last Battle: Endgame on the Western Front, 1918 Reviewed by Brigadier Chris Roberts (Ret’d) AM, CSC
  • Guarding the Periphery: The Australian Army in Papua New Guinea, 1951–75 Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Mark O’Neill
  • From the Somme to Victory: The British Army’s Experience on the Western Front 1916–1918 Reviewed by Brigadier Chris Roberts (Ret’d) AM, CSC

Volume 14, Number 3, Army in Motion Edition, 2018 (CALFS18)

  • Foreword Lieutenant General Rick Burr, Chief of Army, Australian Army
  • Building a Resilient and Rules-Based Security Community in the Indo-Pacific Region The Honourable Christopher Pyne, Member of Parliament, Minister for Defence
  • Opening Address: The Application of Land Power in the Indo-Pacific Lieutenant General Rick Burr, Chief of Army, Australian Army
  • The Indo-Pacific: The Region of Global Connection Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanyake, Commander - Sri Lanka Army
  • The Indo-Pacific: Opportunities, Risks and Interdependencies Mr Michael Shoebridge, Director of Defence and Strategy, Australian Strategic Policy Institute
  • Shoring Up Regional Partnerships Mr Tom Hamilton, Acting Deputy Secretary, Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group, Department of Defence
  • Special Forces, Counterterrorism and Partnership Major General Adam Findlay, Commander of Special Operations, Australian Army
  • Us as the Enemy: Jihadism and the Strategic Narrative of Anti-Westernism Ms Katja Theodorakis, Programme Manager for Foreign/Security Policy and Counterterrorism, Australian National University
  • Generating Land Power through Partnering Major General Greg Bilton, Deputy Chief Joint Operations, Australian Army
  • Trust and Respect in Regional Partnerships Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo, Chief of Defence Force, Papua New Guinea Defence Force
  • Soldiers and Diplomats Working Together Mr Richard Sadlier, First Assistant Secretary, International Security Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Inter-agency Cooperation and the Challenge of Culture Mr Glenn Dunbier, Deputy Executive Director, Australian Civil Military Centre
  • The Challenges and Opportunities of Emerging Technology Major General Kathyrn Toohey, Head Land Capability, Australian Army
  • The Nexus of Land and Sea: the Shaper of Future Indo-Pacific Land Forces with a Focus on China and India Professor Ji You, Head of Dept of Government, University of Macau
  • The Character of Future Indo-Pacific land forces Professor Genevieve Bell, Director Autonomy, Agency and Assurance, Australian National University
  • The Future of Land Forces: Trusted Teams of Professionals that Thrive in Complexity General Robert B Brown, Commanding General, US Army Pacific
  • Dinner Address to the Chief of Army Land Forces Seminar 2018: The Indo-Pacific Doesn’t Exist - Professor Allan Gyngel Professor Allan Gyngell, Australian Institute of International Affairs

Volume 14, Number 2, Cyber-warfare Edition, 2018

  • Foreword Major General Marcus Thompson, AM
  • The Utility of Offensive Cyber Operations in Conventional Military Engagements Captain Lachlan Abbott
  • Examining the Australian Army adaptation to Cyber-enabled Warfare - Organisational and Cultural Challenges Captain J
  • Transforming Army's Logistics Capabilities through Emerging Big Data Analytics Major Keyurkumar Patel
  • Cyber-resilient Supply Chains: Mission Assurance Dr Benjamin Turnbull
  • Australia's Readiness for a Complex Cyber Catastrophe Lieutenant Jonathon C Ladewig
  • Asymmetric Advantage in the Information Age: An Australian Concept for Cyber-Enabled 'Special Information Warfare' Captain Ben Johanson

Volume 14, Number 1, Autumn 2018 (pdf 3.9Mb)

  • Editorial Colonel Peter Connolly, DSC, CSC
  • Preparing for the Indo-Pacific Century: Challenges for the Australian Army Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, AO, DSC
  • The Network Model: Options for a Future Australian Army Major James Ellis-Smith
  • Strategy and Securitisation: Conflict or Complement in Australian Operations in Afghanistan Dr Albert Palazzo
  • The Middle Eastern Advisory Competition: The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Quds Force Major Andrew Maher
  • From Goodenough to Outstanding: Army’s Mastery of Amphibious operations between 1942-1945 Mr Tim Gellel
  • The Future of Reserves: In Search of a Social Research Agenda for Implementing the Total Workforce Model Dr Brad West
  • On Future Thinking and Innovation: How Military Concept Writing can unwittingly suppress Innovation Brigadier Chris Smith
  • Operational Contract Support (OCS): Conceptual and Doctrinal considerations for the Australian Army in Future Landward Operations Mr David Pfotenhauer
  • In Memoriam – Professor Jeffrey Grey Professor Peter Dennis and Dr Roger Lee

Book Reviews

  • The Centenary History of Australia and the Great War Series Edited by Jeffrey Grey Reviewed by Professor Michael Neiberg
  • Soldiers and Gentlemen: Australian Battalion Commanders in the Great War 1914-1918 By Dr William Westerman Reviewed by Colonel Michael Mumford
  • Courage without Glory: The British Army on the Western Front 1915 Edited by Spencer Jones Reviewed by Brigadier Chris Roberts AM, CSC (Rtd)
  • Get Tough, Stay Tough: Shaping the Canadian Corps 1914-1918 By Kenneth Radley Reviewed by Brigadier Chris Roberts AM, CSC (Rtd)
  • The Siege of Tsingtau: The German-Japanese War 1914 by Charles Stephenson Reviewed by Brigadier Chris Roberts AM, CSC (Rtd)

Volume 13, Number 2, Spring 2016 (pdf 2.6Mb)

  • Developing Strategic Thinking Major Leon Young
  • Strategy and adaptation in counterinsurgency: lessons for the Australian Defence Force from the defeat of the Tamil Tigers Major David Cave
  • What to do and how to think if you want to lead Nicholas Jans, PhD, OAM
  • Informational properties of extremist content: An evidence-based approach Dr Waseem Afzal and Dr Jake Wallis
  • USA Military Exemptions in International Treaty Law – Should Australia Follow Suit? Captain Michelle F. Rourke
  • Towards an Integrated System for Army Logistics Management Elizabeth Chang, Daniel D. Prior, and Florian Gottwalt
  • An essay on the Success of Air-Land Integration during the Burma Campaign in World War II–An illustration of the importance of leadership, adaptation, innovation, and integration Lieutenant Colonel Mark Mankowski


Volume 13, Number 1, Autumn 2016 (pdf, 3.58MB)

  • Soldier Enhancement: Ethical Risks and Opportunities Matthew Beard, Jai Galliott and Sandra Lynch
  • Autonomous weapon systems, international law and meaningful human control Captain Cindy Kua
  • ADF views on Islam: does cultural sensitivity training matter? Charles Miller
  • Learning the Hard Way: Developing Australian Infantry Battalion Commanders during the First World War William Westerman
  • Enabling Army Innovation Brigadier Chris Field
  • Strategic Planners: A response to operational complexity Major Andrew Maher
  • Preventing Catastrophic Terrorism Major Raymond Lindsay

Book Reviews

  • The French Army and the First World War by Elizabeth Greenhalgh Reviewed by Brigadier Chris Roberts (retd)
  • The Fall of the Ottomans: The Great War in the Middle East by Eugene Rogan Reviewed by Dr William Westerman
  • To Kokoda by Nicholas Anderson Reviewed by Wing Commander Mark Smith (RAAF Standby Reserve)
  • Australia and the Vietnam War by Peter Edwards Reviewed by Wing Commander Mark Smith (RAAF Standby Reserve)
  • Seeking Victory Against Hybrid Adversaries: The Changing Character of Twenty-first Century Threats and How to Fight Them Audrey Kurth Cronin, Distinguished Professor, George Mason University
  • Pure Manipulation: ISIL and the Exploitation of Social Media Captain Sean Childs
  • Logistics, Strategy and Tactics: Logistics in the Formation of the Medium-weight Army Lieutenant Colonel D.J. Beaumont
  • Regional Special Operations Force Capacity Building: An Asymmetric Australian Maritime Strategy Major Andrew Maher
  • The Capture of Unit 621: Lessons in Information Security Management from the North Africa Campaign Colonel Tim Gellel
  • Paid Volunteers: Experiencing Reserve Service and Resignation Major Jodie Lording
  • Enhancing the Army’s Urban Warfighting Capability Lieutenants Chris Hughes and William Leben
  • Force Protection’s Last Resort: Evaluating the Browning Hi-Power Mk III for the Australian Army of Tomorrow Deane-Peter Baker and Warrant Officer Class One W

Book Reviews

  • Defence Planning and Uncertainty: Preparing for the Next Asia–Pacific War by Stephan Frühling Reviewed by Lori Lucietto
  • Rebalancing U.S. Forces: Basing and Forward Basing Presence in the Asia–Pacific edited by Carnes Lord and Andrew S. Erickson Reviewed by Andrew Carr
  • Why We Lost: A General’s Inside Account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars by Daniel P. Bolger Reviewed by Brigadier Simon Stuart
  • The Backroom Boys: Alfred Conlon and Army’s Directorate of Research and Civil Affairs by Graeme Sligo Reviewed by John Donovan
  • Climax at Gallipoli: The Failure of the August Offensive by Rhys Crawley Reviewed by Brigadier Chris Roberts (Ret’d), AM, CSM

Volume 11, Number 2, Summer 2014 (pdf, 4.5MB)

  • Operational Security in the Digital Age: Who is Being Targeted? Lieutenant-Colonel Martin White
  • Adapt and Overcome: Promoting Tactical Adaptation in the Post-Afghanistan Army Lieutenant Nicholas Barber
  • The Use of Armoured Personnel Carrier Squadrons within Combat Brigades Major Mitchell Watson
  • Logistics, Strategy and Tactics: Balancing the Art of War Lieutenant Colonel David Beaumont
  • Sir Basil Liddell Hart's Influence on Australian Military Doctrine Captain Sam Baumgarten

Book Reviews

    • Canister! On! FIRE! Australian Tank Operations in Vietnam by Bruce Cameron Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Scott Winter
    • A Soldier's Soldier: A Biography of Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Daly by Jeffrey Grey Reviewed by Lieutenant Adam Chirgwin
    • Afghan Sun: Defence, Diplomacy, Development and the Taliban by Stuart Yeaman Reviewed by Colonel David Connery
    • Don't Mention the War: The Australian Defence Force, the Media and the Afghan Conflict by Kevin Foster Reviewed by Tom Hill
    • All the King's Men: The British Redcoat in the Era of Sword and Musket by Saul David Reviewed by Major Tim Inglis
    • Fromelles the Final Chapters: How the Buried Diggers were Identified and Their Lives Reclaimed by Tim Lycett and Sandra Playle Reviewed by Brian Manns
    • Australia 1943: The Liberation of New Guinea edited by Peter Dean Reviewed by Matt Miller

    Volume 11, Number 1, Winter 2014 (pdf, 2.8MB)

    • What Did We Learn from the War in Afghanistan? Captain Gareth Rice
    • Only the Strong Survive — CSS in the Disaggregated Battlespace Major Dean Clark
    • Raising a Female-centric Infantry Battalion: Do We Have the Nerve? Lieutenant Colonel Luke Carroll
    • The Increasing Need for Cyber Forensic Awareness and Specialisation in Army Captain Nathan Mark
    • Reinvigorating Education in the Australian Army Brigadier Chris Field

    Book Reviews

      • Journey to Peace: A True Story of Forgiveness and Reconciliation by Adam Joe Lawton Reviewed by Captain Andy Brayshaw
      • Total Destruction of the Tamil Tigers by Paul Moorcraft, Royal Canadian Air Force Reviewed by Major Chris Buckham
      • No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama Bin Laden by Matt Bissonnette (alias Mark Owen) Reviewed by Lieutenant Jacob Choi
      • Anthropologists in the SecurityScape: Ethics, Practice and Professional Identity by Robert Albro, George E. Marcus, Laura A. McNamara and Monica Schoch-Spana Reviewed by Scott Flower
      • Uncommon Soldier: The Story of the Making of Today’s Diggers by Chris Masters Reviewed by Iain Henry
      • Indian Foreign and Security Policy in South Asia: Regional Power Strategies by Sandra Destradi Reviewed by Ash Khan
      • The Australian Army from Whitlam to Howard by John Blaxland Reviewed by Bob Lowry
      • Every Nation For Itself: Winners and Losers in a G-Zero World by Ian Bremmer Reviewed by Ben Moles
      • The Valley’s Edge: A Year with the Pashtuns in the Heartland of the Taliban by Daniel R. Green Reviewed by Timothy Moore
      • Pacific 360°: Australia’s Battle for Survival in World War II by Roland Perry Reviewed by Wing Commander Mark Smith

      Volume 10, Number 4, Summer 2013 (pdf, 3.9MB)

      • The Futility of Capability Arguments and the Army Approach to the 2014 Force Structure Review Lieutenant Colonel Martin White
      • Resetting Land Forces for Contingency Colonel Tim Law (British Army)
      • Plan Beersheba: The Combined Arms Imperative Behind the Reorganisation of the Army Colonel Craig Bickell
      • Shaping the Future Battlespace: Offensive Cyber Warfare Tools for the Planner Major Nicholas Rose
      • The Value of Generic Cultural Training Major Matthew Carr

      Book Reviews

        • TIMOR TIMUR: The Untold Story by Lieutenant General Kiki Syahnakri (retd), Indonesian Armed Forces Reviewed by Bob Lowry
        • Climate Change and Displacement Reader by Scott Leckie, Ezekiel Simperingham and Jordan Bakker (eds) Reviewed by Chris Baker
        • The Changi Camera: A Unique Record of Changi and the Thai-Burma Railway by Tim Bowden Reviewed by Dr Janda Gooding
        • The Passion of Bradley Manning: The Story Behind the Wikileaks Whistleblower by Chase Madar Reviewed by Steven L. Jones
        • Underdogs: The Making of the Modern Marine Corps by Aaron B. O’Connell Reviewed by Tristan Moss
        • Bill the Bastard by Roland Perry Reviewed by Margaret Palazzo
        • Rebel Rulers: Insurgent Governance and Civilian Life During War by Zachariah Cherion Mampilly Reviewed by Lieutenant Alexander Ryrie
        • One False Move, Bravest of the Brave: The Australian Mine Defusers in World War Two by Robert Macklin Reviewed by Warrant Officer Class One Wayne Schoer
        • Architecture in Uniform: Designing and Building for the Second World War by Jean-Louis Cohen Reviewed by Professor Peter Stanley

        Volume 10, Number 3, 2013 "Culture Edition" (pdf, 3.5MB)

        • Chief of Army Foreword
        • Editorial
        • Serving Their Country: A Short History of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Service in the Australian Army Dr Noah Riseman
        • ‘A Homosexual Institution’: Same-sex Desire in the Army During World War II Dr Graham Willett and Dr Yorick Smaal
        • Steyrs and Sheilas: The Modern Role of Women in the Australian Army Lance Corporal Hannah Evans
        • Sexuality, Cohesion, Masculinity and Combat Motivation: Designing Personnel Policy to Sustain Capability Lieutenant Colonel Charles Knight
        • Religious Diversity in the Australian Army: The Next Diversity Frontier? Lieutenant Colonel Phillip Hoglin
        • Military Retirement: Reflections from Former Members of Special Operations Forces Kira Harris, Dr Eyal Gringart and Dr Deirdre Drake
        • Hazing in the ADF: A culture of denial? Dr Richard Evans
        • The Myths of Cultural Awareness: Culture Does Not Eat Strategy for Breakfast Captain David M. Bergman, Swedish Armed Forces
        • Securing Army’s Future: Enhancing Career Management Major General Angus Campbell, Dr Corinne Manning and Brigadier Paul Nothard
        • Learning to Add Value: Fostering Cultures of Effective Learning in the Australian Army Steven Talbot
        • Family Friendly Army — First Class Policy, Second Class Implementation Lieutenant Colonel Kirsty Skinner and Ms Chloe Diggins
        • From Institution to Occupation: Australian Army Culture in Transition Anthony John
        • Army’s Spirit Warrant Officer David Ashley
        • Brothers and Sisters in Arms: Experiences of Gay Soldiers in the Australian Army Captain Dominic Lopez
        • On the Culture of the Australian Army Richard Hughes
        • Fifty Shades of Grey: Officer Culture in the Australian Army Captain James Brown
        • Lost in Translation – Plight of the Embed Author known only as ‘Airman Skippy Zed’

        Volume 10, Number 1, Autumn 2013 (pdf, 4.4MB)

        • Editorial
        • Interview with Major General Ian Gordon, AO (Retd)
        • Interview with Warrant Officer Peter Rosemond, CSC, OAM (Retd)
        • Applied Strategy from the Australian Perspective Lieutenant General David Morrison, AO
        • Niche Threat? Organic Peroxides as Terrorist Explosives Mark Bali
        • F3EA — A Targeting Paradigm for Contemporary Warfare Mitch Ferry
        • Australian Artillery After Afghanistan Captains Mike Squire, James Groves and Chris O’Brien
        • Non-Linear Manoeuvre: A Paradigm Shift for the Dismounted Combat Platoon Lieutenant M.J. Tink

        Book Reviews

          • The China Choice: Why America Should Share Power by Hugh White Reviewed by Andrew O’Neil
          • The Artist and the Warrior: Military History through the Eyes of the Masters by Theodore K. Raab Reviewed by Dr Claire Baddeley
          • The Kokoda Campaign 1942: Myth and Reality by Peter Williams Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Gavin Keating
          • Exit Wounds: One Australian’s War on Terror by Major General John Cantwell (Retd) with Greg Bearup Reviewed by Dr John Blaxland
          • Hell’s Battlefield: The Australians in New Guinea in World War II by Phillip Bradley Reviewed by John Moremon
          • The Battle for Lone Pine: Four Days of Hell at the Heart of Gallipoli by David W. Cameron Reviewed by Dr Karl James
          • Defence Acquisition Reform 1960–2009: An Elusive Goal by J. Ronald Fox Reviewed by Scott Richardson
          • Anzacs in the Middle East: Australian soldiers, their allies and the local people in World War II by Mark Johnston Reviewed by Tristan Moss

          Volume 9, Number 3, Summer 2012 (pdf, 5.6MB)

          • Editorial
          • An Interview with Lieutenant General (Retired) Francis Hickling
          • An Interview with Warrant Officer Kevin Woods
          • Unarmed Combat in the ADF: The Next Evolution Warrant Officer Class Two Eddie Walsh
          • Is Parachute Capability Still Relevant to Modern Expeditionary Operations? Major Paul Scanlan
          • Train Better, Fight Best Major Ben McLennan
          • Knife, Can Opener or Screwdriver? Training Australia's Land Force to be the Swiss Army Knife of the Future Allison Casey
          • Decision-Making at the Tactical Level Captain Scott Holmes
          • Understanding and Defeating a Complex Adaptive System Lieutenant Colonel Ian Langford
          • Individual Decision-Making in Complex Environments Lieutenant Colonel Mick Say and Lieutenant Colonel Ben Pronk
          • On the Preposterousness of Population-Centricity Lieutenant Colonel Nick Floyd
          • Fighting China: Airsea Battle and Australia Justin Kelly

          Book Reviews

            • A Contest for Supremacy: China, America, and the Struggle for Mastery in Asia by Aaron L Friedberg Reviewed by Dr Michael Lankowski
            • The Ashgate Research Companion to War: Origins and Prevention by Hall Gardner and Oleg Kobteff (eds) Reviewed by Dr David Connery
            • Fighting to the Finish: the Australian Army and the Vietnam War, 1968-1975 by Ashley Ekins and Ian McNeill Reviewed by Thomas Richardson
            • Australia and Appeasement: Imperial Foreign Policy and the Origins of World War II by Christopher Waters Reviewed by Augustine Meaher PhD
            • Good Fences, Bad Neighbours: Border Fixity and International Conflict by Boaz Atzili Reviewed by Ryan D Griffiths
            • The Hard Slog: Australians in the Bougainville Campaign, 1944-45 by Karl James Reviewed by Charles D Melson
            • Conducting Counterinsurgency: Reconstruction Task Force 4 in Afghanistan by David Connery, David Cran and David Evered Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Chris Smith
            • The Chinese Army Today: Tradition and Transformation for the 21st Century by Dennis J Blasko Reviewed by Dr Jingdong Yuan
            • Then Came the Fire: Personal Accounts from the Pentagon, 11 September 2001 by Stephen J Lofgren (ed) Review by Colonel (Retd) Mike Lovell
            • Alan Bishop Stretton
            • Major General Cedric Maudsley Ingram ‘Sandy’ Pearson AO, DSO, OBE, MC

            Volume 9, Number 2, Winter 2012 (pdf, 2.8MB)

            • Editorial
            • Army After Afghanistan Lieutenant General David Morrison
            • Australia and the Neglect of Defence: Echoes of 1942 in the Formulation of Present Security Policy Dr Albert Palazzo
            • Army's All Corps Training into the Future Brigadier David Luhrs
            • The Military Needs More Disruptive Thinkers Benjamin Kohlmann
            • Disruptive Thinkers: Defining the Problem Peter Munson
            • Counter-IED Strategy in Modern War Captain David F Eisler
            • Remaining Timely and Relevant: Two Key Challenges for Army's Intelligence Capability Post-Afghanistan Lieutenant Colonel Scott Gills
            • Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) within the Australian Intelligence Corps: Should it Stay or Should it Go?Warrant Officer Class Two Dallas Sharp
            • ANZAC Day Address: Kandahar Airfield, Southern Afghanistan, 25 April 2012 Brigadier Chris Field
            • Combat Focus: A Commanders Responsibility in the Formation, Development and Training of Todays Combat Team Captain Scott Klima
            • A Simple Operation: The Japanese Invasion of Christmas Island Colonel Tim Gellel

            Book Reviews

              • Transforming Command and Six Essential Elements of Leadership Reviewed by Brigadier Chris Field
              • Anzacs Dirty Dozen: 12 Myths of Australian Military History by Craig Stockings (ed) Reviewed by Major Dayton McCarthy
              • Bully Beef and Balderdash; Some myths of the AIF Examined and Debunked by Graham Wilson Reviewed by Justin Kelly
              • Sir William Glasgow: soldier, senator and diplomat by Peter Edgar Reviewed by Dr Robert Stevenson
              • Boredom is the Enemy: The Intellectual and Imaginative Lives of Australian Soldiers in the Great War and Beyond by Amanda Laugesen Reviewed by Dr Craig Wilcox
              • Operation Anaconda: Americas First Major Battle in Afghanistan by Lester W Grau and Dodge Billingsley Reviewed by WO2 Ian Kuring
              • The Sixth Wave: How to Succeed in a Resource Limited World by James Bradfield Moody & Bianca Nogrady Reviewed by Major Cameron Leckie
              • Warrant Officer Class One Wally Thompson, OAM

              Volume 9, Number 1, Autumn 2012 (pdf, 3.0MB)

              • Editorial
              • Developing Joint Amphibious Capability: Chief of Army's Address at the Royal Australian Navy Sea Power Conference Lieutenant General David Morrison, AO
              • Reclaiming Volunteerism: How a Reconception Can Build a More Professional Army Reserve Lieutenant Alex Douglas
              • Improving Training Yield: In-Unit Collective Training to Win the Land Battle Major Grant Chambers, CSM
              • Visualising Adaptive Campaigning: Influence Diagrams in Support of Concept Development Daniel Bilusich, Fred D J Bowden, Svetoslav Gaidow
              • Exploitation Intelligence: A New Intelligence Discipline?Lieutenant Colonel Charles Faint
              • Ambition and Adversity: Developing an Australian Military Force, 1901-1914 Jean Bou
              • The Birth, Life and Death of the 1st Australian Armoured Division Lieutenant Zach Lambert
              • Up Front Thinking Lieutenant Colonel Scott Winter
              • Amphibian Deployment and Sustainment: Further Investments Essential to Realise the Dream Captain Anthony Bamford
              • The Agile Commander: In the Adaptive Army Captain Matthew Jefferies
              • The Distributed Manoeuvre Battle: Preparing Combat Service Support Elements Captain Geoffrey Orton

              Book Reviews

                • The Viet Cong D445 Battalion: Their Story by Ernest Chamberlain Reviewed by Dr Bob Hall
                • Elite Fighting Forces by Jeremy Black (ed)Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Ben Pronk
                • Soldiers: Army Lives and Loyalties from Redcoats to Dusty Warriors by Richard Holmes Reviewed by Major Tim Inglis
                • Middle Power Dreaming by John Cotton and John Ravenhill (eds) Reviewed by Andrew Carr
                • Charting Chinas Future by David Shambaugh (ed) Reviewed by Dr Jingdong Yuan
                • Maritime Power and the Law of the Sea by James Kraska Reviewed by Allison Casey
                • The Future of Power by Joseph S Nye Jr Reviewed by David Goyne
                • New Wars and New Soldiers: Military Ethics in the Contemporary World by Paolo Tripodi and Jessica Wolfendale (eds) Reviewed by Dr Lacy Pejcinovic

                Volume 8, Number 3, Summer 2011 (pdf, 2.1MB)

                • Editorial
                • Living in the Twilight Zone: Advising the Afghan National Army at the Corps Level Lieutenant Colonel Gavin Keating
                • Ten Tips for Tactical Commanders Major Mark Popov
                • Engineering from the Sea: Establishing How Australian Army Engineers Fit Into Australia's Amphibious Concept Major Michael Scott
                • Preliminary Moves: The Royal Military College and the Professionalisation of the Officer Corps, 1910-1947 Major Dayton McCarthy
                • How Whole is Whole of Government? The Reality of Australian Responses to Offshore Contingencies Rodger Shanahan
                • The Reserve Response Force and Public Safety Lieutenant Colonel Peter Woodward
                • Operation QUEENSLANDER: Ten Ideas for Australian Defence Force Support to Disaster Relief Operations Brigadier Chris Field
                • The Battle of Pinios Gorge: A Study of a Broken ANZAC Brigade Craig Stockings

                Book Reviews

                  • The ANZAC Man Reviewed by Michael Easson
                  • In the Face of the Enemy: One Battalions Story Reviewed by Brigadier Richard Iron, British Army
                  • The Korean War: Australia in the Giants Playground by Cameron Forbes Reviewed by Allan R Millet
                  • Do Unto Others: Counter Bombardment in Australia's Military Campaigns by Alan H Smith Reviewed by Major General Tim Ford
                  • Non-Governmental Organizations in World Politics: The Construction of Global Governments by Peter Willetts Reviewed by Sue Thompson
                  • Fallen Sentinel: Australian Tanks in World War II by Peter Beale Reviewed by Colonel Jason Thomas
                  • Lieutenant General Sir Donald Beaumont Dunstan, AC, KBE, CB

                  Volume 8, Number 2, Winter 2011 (pdf, 4.3MB)

                  • Editorial
                  • Counterinsurgency in Uruzgan 2009 Colonel P J Connolly
                  • The Implications of Cultural Entrenchment for Counterinsurgency Operations Nathan Coultis
                  • COINs in the Dust: Battlespace Commanding and Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan Major Mark Popov
                  • Refining the Military Appreciation Process for Adaptive Campaigning Captain David L Walker
                  • Army Aviation 2030: Aligning the Army Aviation Capability with the Army Objective Force 2030 Major Keith Wylie
                  • Cause for Engagement: Examining the Case for Foreign Area Officers in Army Major Cate Carter
                  • Combat Fitness: Adapt or Die Major James Davis
                  • An Opportunity Not To Be Wasted: What Army Should Require of the Australian Defence Force Academy Major Ross Cable
                  • Why AB Initio? The Importance of AB Initio Recruiting in the Australian Regular Army Lieutenant Colonel Phillip Hoglin
                  • Reflections on Command Colonel Rupert Hoskin
                  • Linking Strategy and Tactics Jim Molan

                  Book Reviews

                    • Two Paeans to Professionalism Reviewed by Captain Dayton McCarthy
                    • Triple Success from Army History Unit Reviewed by Ian van der Waag
                    • The Last Knight: A biography of General Sir Phillip Bennett AC, KBE, DSO by Robert Lowry Reviewed by Nick Jans
                    • Australia and the New World Order: From peacekeeping to peace-enforcement, 1988-1991 by David Horner Reviewed by Kim Beazley
                    • The Strategy Bridge: Theory for Practice by Colin S Gray Reviewed by Antulio J Echevarria II
                    • Afgantsy: the Russians in Afghanistan 1979-89 by Rodric Braithwaite Reviewed by Brigadier Richard Iron
                    • When God Made Hell: The British Invasion of Mesopotamia and the Creation of Iraq 1914-1921 by Charles Townshend Reviewed by David Goyne
                    • The Media at War by Susan L Carruthers Reviewed by Cynthia Banham
                    • The Road to Singapore: The Myth of British Betrayal by Augustine Meaher IV Reviewed by John Connor
                    • Anzac Fury: The Bloody Battle of Crete 1941 by Peter Thompson Reviewed by Eleanor Hancock
                    • Crumps and Camouflets: Australian Tunnelling Companies on the Western Front by Damien Finlayson Reviewed by Michael Molkentin
                    • Brigadier Phillip Jamieson Greville, CBE

                    Volume 8, Number 1, Autumn 2011 (pdf, 1.1MB)

                    • Editorial
                    • Defeating the Taliban's Shadow Government: Winning the Population through Synchronised Governance, Development and Security Efforts Lieutenant Daniel R Green
                    • The Coin Environment: The Integration and Execution of Lethal and Non-Lethal Effects at the Tactical Level Platoon Team Lessons from MRTF-2 in Afghanistan Captain Matt Proud
                    • Getting the Balance Right: The Australian Command and Staff College and the Part-Time Option Lieutenant Colonel Sean L Estrange
                    • Matching Supply and Demand in ADF Specialist Health Support: A Proposal Major Michael C Reade
                    • Not Hearts and Minds: Civil-Military Cooperation in OBG(W)3 Lieutenant Colonel Mark Armstrong
                    • RASIGS Integration into the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team Signalman R D Larner
                    • Australia's Amphibious Ambition Captain Dean Clark
                    • Wool Gathering in the CO's Office Lieutenant Colonel Rupert Hoskin

                    Book Reviews

                      • Zombie Myths of Australian Military History: The Ten Myths That Will Not Die by Craig Stockings (ed) Reviewed by Captain Dayton McCarthy
                      • The Soldier: A History of Courage, Sacrifice and Brotherhood by Darren Moore Reviewed by David Goyne
                      • The Ashgate Research Companion to Modern Warfare by George Kassimeris and John Buckley (eds) Reviewed by Gary Sheffield
                      • To Salamaua by Phillip Bradley Reviewed by John Moremon
                      • How to Win on the Battlefield: The 25 Key Tactics of All Time by Rob Johnson and Michael Whitby Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Jason Thomas
                      • The New Global Insecurity: How Terrorism, Environmental Collapse, Economic Inequalities, and Resource Shortages are Changing Our World by Fathali M Moghaddam Reviewed by Michael Lankowski
                      • Vietnam on Canvas Ken McFadyen, an Artist at War by Sandra Finger Lee Reviewed by Brigadier David Webster
                      • War by Sebastian Junger Reviewed by Major Andrew Shum

                      Volume 7, Number 3, Summer 2010 (pdf, 2.7MB)

                      • Editorial
                      • Boldness Be My Friend: Why the High Risk Plan is Often the Safest (and the Most Successful) Lieutenant Colonel Richard Barrett
                      • Combatants in Afghanistan: What's in a Name? Dominic Bowen
                      • Size Matters: Turning to Small Teams to Succeed at Counterinsurgency Sergeant P A Dehnert
                      • Winning the COIN Toss: Combined Arms and Tanks in Afghanistan Captain Tim Tiller
                      • Counterinsurgency 3.0 Peter Charles Choharis and James A Gavrilis
                      • Big Books on Small Wars: Milestones or Millstones in Counterinsurgency Thinking? Captain Dayton McCarthy
                      • Abandoning the Temple: John Boyd and Contemporary Strategy Lieutenant Colonel Jason Thomas
                      • Risk Management in Theatre Strategic and Operational Planning Commander Stephen P Ferris
                      • The Enterprising Soldier Colonel Chris Field
                      • Stabilising Complex Adaptive Systems: Using Complexity Theory in Operational Design for Stabilisation and Support Operations Major Robert K Calhoun and Captain Brendan F Hayward
                      • The Universal Infantry William F Owen
                      • Rethinking Information Dominance and Influence Battlespace Effects Major Jason Logue
                      • Offensive Information Operations: A Key Enabler for the Land Force Lieutenant Colonel James Roche

                      Book Reviews

                        • The Broken Years: Australian Soldiers in the Great War by Bill Gammage Reviewed by Peter Stanley
                        • Counterinsurgency by David Kilcullen Reviewed by Peter Leahy
                        • Diggers and Greeks by Maria Hill Reviewed by Karl James
                        • The Science of War by Michael E O'Hanlon Reviewed by Mark Thomson
                        • The Thin Blue Line by Conor Foley Reviewed by Tristan Moss
                        • Wired for War by Peter Singer Reviewed by Richard S Bowyer
                        • Bloody Victory by William Philpott Reviewed by Albert Palazzo
                        • Embedded by Wesley R Gray Reviewed by Graeme Sligo
                        • Mud & Dust by Michael K Cecil Reviewed by Ian Kuring

                        Volume 7, Number 2, Winter 2010 (pdf, 3.2MB)

                        • Editorial
                        • Of Fuzzy Writing and Fatalities Ross Buckley
                        • Contemporary Warfare, the Utility of Infantry, and Implications for the Project Land 400 Combined Arms Fighting System Chris Smith, Tony Duus and Simeon Ward
                        • Who Should Drive in the Motorised Battalion? Warrant Officer Class Two Kent Davies
                        • The Blind Spot in Robot-Enabled Warfare: Deeper Implications of the IED Challenge Dr Patrick Hew
                        • Rat Pack Chat Private Cameron Robison
                        • The History of the Soldiers Load Lieutenant Rob Orr
                        • Operation Lavarack: Phuoc Tuy Province, Vietnam, 1969 Len Johnson
                        • Slaughter of the Innocents: The Destruction of the 18th Battalion at Gallipoli, August 1915 Tony Cunneen
                        • Bardia: Myth, Reality and the Heirs of ANZAC Colonel Darren Kerr
                        • Calling Out the Troops Dr Hugh Smith

                        Book Reviews

                          • Malaya by Brian Farrell and Garth Pratten Reviewed by Mark Johnston
                          • Prisoners of the Japanese: POWs of World War II in the Pacific by Gavan Daws Reviewed by John McCarthy
                          • Managing Civil-Military Cooperation by Sebastiaan J H Rietjens and Myriame T I B Bollen (eds) Reviewed by Major Richard Peace

                          Volume 7, Number 1, Autumn 2010 (pdf, 4.4MB)

                          • Editorial
                          • Assessing Afghanistan against Aden and Oman: A Euphemism for Capitulation or the Seeds of Success? Lieutenant Colonel Jon Hawkins
                          • Australian Special Forces in Afghanistan: Supporting Australia in the Long War Major Ian Langford
                          • Five Challenges for Future Infantry: Thinking about Adaptation and Change Colonel Chris Field
                          • Looking for the Hedgehog Idea Justin Kelly and Mike Brennan
                          • Autonomic and Sense and Respond Logistics: The Foxhole to Factory to Foxhole Continuum of Combat Service Support Major Ray Hingst and Greg Gunter
                          • Hybrid, Complex, Conventional, Fourth-Generation Counterinsurgency: Its Decision that Still Matters Most Albert Palazzo and Antony Trentini
                          • Adaptive Campaigning: Is it Adaptive Enough? Lieutenant Colonel Jason Thomas
                          • Citizen Soldier Major Cate Carter
                          • Notes on Command for Commanding Officers: From a Brigade Commander Major General Stephen Day
                          • Applying Nagl: Military Organisational Change and American Counterinsurgency in Iraq David Kuehn
                          • Practice Makes Perfect: Army Simulation Wing and Mission-Specific Training Major Stan Carnes and Steven Holloway
                          • Close Combat: Army's Fundamental Skill Major James Davis
                          • War and the Strategist of the Twenty-First Century Brigadier David Coghlan
                          • Vietnam War Memoir Brigadier Nick Jans

                          Book Reviews

                            • The Strategy of Terrorism How it Works and Why it Fails by Peter R Neumann and Michael L R Smith Reviewed by Major Jason Harley
                            • Sorry, lads, but the order is to go The August Offensive, Gallipoli: 1915 by David W Cameron Reviewed by Rhys Crawley
                            • Light Horse: A History of Australia's Mounted Arm by Jean Bou Reviewed by John Donovan
                            • Captain Bullens War: The Vietnam War diary of Captain John Bullen by Paul Ham (ed) Reviewed by Bob Hall
                            • The Human Face of War by Jim Storr Reviewed by Justin Kelly
                            • The Good Soldiers by David Finkel Reviewed by Major Andrew Shum
                            • Australian Battalion Commanders in the Second World War by Garth Pratten Reviewed by Craig Stockings
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