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1950 - 1959

Editions from the 1950s
21 December 2016

Number 127, December 1959 (pdf, 6.7MB)

  • US Army Pentomic DivisionArmy Information Digest, USA
  • Strategic Review
  • The Two TigersCaptain J. O. Furner
  • The Army Design EstablishmentMajor J. T. Ashenhurst
  • On the Issue of OrdersCaptain H. B. Chamberlain
  • The Study of Military HistoryLieutenant-Colonel E. G. Williams
  • Book Reviews
  • Index

Number 126, November 1959 (pdf, 5.0MB)

  • Military AutarkyLieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Working PartiesLieutenant-Colonel J. J. Ballard
  • Problems of Future WarMajor W. H. Pope
  • Strategic Review
  • Wanted, a Military Coaching Academy for the CMFLieutenant-Colonel C. L. Thompson
  • Public Speaking and ChairmanshipMajor L. Franklin

Number 125, October 1959 (pdf, 8.4MB)

  • Communist POW Treatment in Indo-ChinaBernard B. Fall
  • Guided Missile Development in AustraliaLieutenant-Colonel R. W. Swartz
  • Exercise Grand SlamGeneral Staff AHQ
  • Strategic Review - The Aggression in LaosEditorial Staff
  • Under the Sea in ShipsJames Wilson
  • Chinese Secret SocietiesStaff-Sergeant P. G. Gittens
  • Book Reviews
  • Why Don't TheyCaptain G. S. Bolitho

Number 124, September 1959 (pdf, 8.5MB)

  • The Pattern of War in South-East AsiaLieutenant-Colonel M. P. O'Hare
  • From Our Own Point of ViewLieutenant-Colonel J. B. Roberts
  • Strategic Review - China Opens a New ChapterAn Consantoir
  • Strategic Review - The Penetrable ShieldAn Consantoir
  • The Maxim Machine GunLieutenant-Colonel J. J. Ballard
  • Australia and Nuclear DefenceStaff-Sergeant P. G. Gittens
  • Finance and CMF TrainingLieutnenant-Colonel E. G. Williams
  • A United States Counter-Aggression ForceLieutenant-Colonel A. P. Rand
  • FutilitarianismAnon

Number 123, August 1959 (pdf, 6.8MB)

  • Airmobile OperationsColonel Robert E. McMahon
  • Crisis in Kerala
  • Individual StudyLieutenant-General A. R. Garrett
  • Recommended Reading
  • Battle PreliminariesMajor-General M. P. Bogert
  • Military History in the Years BetweenMajor R. Vardanega
  • The AMF Gold Medal and AACS Prize Essay
  • The Army Inspection ServiceJ. Shilkin
  • The Convulsions in South-East AsiaMajor Wasiuddin Ahmad
  • Book Reviews

Number 122, July 1959 (pdf, 4.6MB)

  • Defeating Tanks in the JungleMajor P. D. Younge
  • Thoughts on the Build-up of the German ArmyGeneral Leo Frhr Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Improved ReadingCaptain N. F. Clarke
  • Weapons and TacticsLieutenant-Colonel J. C. Dean
  • The Nature of the ThreatMajor-General R. A. Schow
  • The Formation and Development of Communes in Communist ChinaStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Some Problems of Industrial MobilizationMajor A. G. Gibbs
  • Book Reviews
  • Can We Limit Nuclear War?Dr R. N. Rosecrance

Number 121, June 1959 (pdf, 6.9MB)

  • Are You Sitting for Written Promotion Examinations?Lieutenant-Colonel E. G. Williams
  • The Population Problems of ChinaStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Fuels for Guided Missiles and Space VehiclesLieutenant-Colonel A. J. Jacoby
  • Bacterial Food PoisoningCaptain J. G. Fairbrother
  • The History of GrenadesCaptain R. S. J. Thirlwell
  • About Planning A ConferenceRoyal Bank of Canada Monthly Letter
  • Point NepeanMajor P. J. Cook

Number 120, May 1959 (pdf, 4.2MB)

  • Into the BreachEditorial Staff
  • Some Thoughts on the Local Counter-AttackMajor H. P. Boland
  • Fallout and the Company CommanderLieutenant-Colonel John C. Hinchie
  • Japan TodayStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Sauce for the GanderMajor Reginald Hargreaves
  • SEATO - From the Philippines Point of ViewHonourable Jesus Vargas
  • Articles Published Overseas
  • Australian Tariff PolicyLieutenant-Colonel R. W. Swartz
  • Book Reviews

Number 119, April 1959 (pdf, 4.2MB)

  • Atomic Punch for the Ground GainersColonel George C. Dalia
  • DiggerMajor G. M. F. Wood
  • Strategic Review - Stalemate on 38th ParallelAn Consantoir, Eire
  • Operations in MalayaMajor R. S. Garland, MC
  • The Importance of Military GeographyStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Fit to FightMajor D. J. Curtis
  • Limited WarArmy Information Digest

Number 118, March 1959 (pdf, 5.5MB)

  • The Marches of PeaceLieutenant-Colonel M. P. O'Hare
  • Officer AppointmentsBranch of the Adjutant-General
  • "Goers", Cranes and CratesMajor T. L. Barker
  • Strategic Review - The Chain of DefenceMajor Reginald Hargreaves
  • Unconditional SurrenderLieutenant-Colonel Stephan E. Gordy
  • Is The Defence the Solution?Lieutenant-Colonel Stephan E. Gordy
  • Brief History of Army Small ShipsMajor J. C. Laughlin
  • Book ReviewsEditorial Staff
  • Focus on FormosaStaff-Sergeant P. G. Gittens
  • We Do Not Live in EuropeCaptain K. Wells

Number 117, February 1959 (pdf, 5.0MB)

  • Thoughts on Nuclear WarMajor C. E. Ginn
  • Railway Transportation and the Principles of WarColonel R. M. Wright
  • Tactics as She is Spoke Variation On An Old ThemeLieutenant-Colonel J. J. Ballard
  • Strategic Review - The US Dilemmafrom An Consantoir
  • Israel from A Military Point of ViewShimeon Kotler
  • From The Enemy's Point of ViewMajor J. C. F. Moloney
  • A Study of Commonwealth-State Co-operationMajor A. B. Stretton
  • Service Memoirs of a Veteran - One Point DispersionAnon
  • Book ReviewsEditorial Staff

Number 116, January 1959 (pdf, 8.1MB)

  • Population and Our DefenceLieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • A Tin of Sweet PotatoesMajor R. S. Garland
  • New Dress for The ArmyAHQ Dress Committee
  • Strategic Review - Industrial and Trade Developments in Communist ChinaStaff-Sergeant P. G. Gittens
  • Through a Glass DarklyLieutenant-Colonel M. P. O'Hare
  • A Philosophy of LeadershipColonel M. Austin
  • Some Thoughts on The Tasks of Field Engineers in Nuclear WarfareMajor B. H. Johnston

Number 115, December 1958 (pdf, 9.5MB)

  • More About ReservesLieutenant-Colonel M. P. O'Hare and Major J. A. Munro
  • Armoured ThinkingMajor J. C. Gorman
  • Strategic Review - Indo Chinafrom An Consantoir
  • All Those Cowboys and So Few IndiansColonel M. Austin
  • Food For An ArmyLieutenant-Colonel A. L. Blake
  • Index of Australian Army Journal for 1958

Number 114, November 1958 (pdf, 5.3MB)

  • Unification by EvolutionLieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Strategic Review - Indonesian Problems"An Cosantoir, Eire"
  • How to Soldier from 9 to 5Captain H. B. Chamberlain
  • Brainwashing - Some Notes on PsychopoliticsCaptain G. R. Finlay
  • Soviet Rocketsfrom "Military Review"
  • In Search of Physical FitnessRoyal Bank of Canada
  • Book ReviewEditorial Staff
  • The Business of ReservesMajor J. A. Munro
  • The Royal Danish Lifeguard at FootCaptain E. Ehnhuus

Number 113, October 1958 (pdf, 4.1MB)

  • Trainfire and the AMFMajor B. S. O'Dowd
  • "Paulatim"Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Kaye
  • Wanted A Perpetual Army Housing Co-operativeLieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Strategic Review - Progress of SEATOEditorial Staff
  • Australian Army Administration in an Allied Theatre of WarColonel F. W. Speed
  • The Stifling Embrace of Administrative StaffsColonel Frank Kowalski

Number 112, September 1958 (pdf, 12.0MB)

  • Staff Corps at the Crossroads?Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Loaves and FishesLieutenant-Colonel J. E. T. Stubbs
  • Retreat from KokodaEditorial Staff
  • The Infantryman in the Atomic AgeMajor-General Herbert B. Powell
  • Communist ChinaStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Strategic Review - Middle East CrisisEditorial Staff
  • The UN Truce Organization in PalestineMajor J. D. Connell
  • Some Principles of Supply ManagementMajor-General A. T. McNamara

Number 111, August 1958 (pdf, 6.0MB)

  • Improvements in Conditions of ServiceMajor-General R. E. Wade
  • Cave Canem MilitisBy "Old Firm"
  • TalaveraLieutenant-Colonel M. P. O'Hare
  • Practically PhrenologyLieutenant-Colonel G. D. Solomon
  • Strategic Review - The USSR's Economic OffensiveEditorial Staff
  • A Firm Base - Military TrainingLieutenant-Colonel A. R. Long
  • Modern Radio for the Modern ArmyFrom British Army Review

Number 110, July 1958 (pdf, 6.3MB)

  • Man Management in Hot, Humid ClimatesMajor E. M. Griff and Major J. O. Langtry
  • The Army's Role in the FutureGeneral Maxwell D. Taylor
  • Army MissilesArmy Information Digest USA
  • The Nuclear OrganizationMajor J. W. Norrie
  • Some Practical Aspects of Earth SatellitesLieutenant-Colonel A. Jacoby
  • Strategic Review - The Middle EastEditorial Staff
  • Chinese Emigration in the PacificStaff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • A Military Approach to Child DelinquencyLieutnenant-Colonel H. Fairclough
  • Operation of the Australian Tariff BoardMajor R. W. Swartz
  • Book ReviewEditorial Staff

Number 109, June 1958 (pdf, 4.6MB)

  • Some thoughts on Ambushes in Tropical WarfareColonel M. Austin
  • Some Sound AdviceMajor C. W. Wright
  • Strategic Review - The Nature of the ChallengeEditorial Staff
  • Defence in the DeltaLieutenant-Colonel E. F. Aitken
  • Can We Use Electronic Data Processing?Major B. P. Sloan
  • Future LogisticsMajor H. W. S. Jackson

Number 108, May 1958 (pdf, 7.9MB)

  • Ambush!Jungle Training Centre
  • Logistics are LogicalMajor H. W. S. Jackson, MBE, ED
  • New Soviet WeaponsArmy Information Digest USA
  • Nuclear Warfare and Signal CommunicationsMajor W. H. Walters
  • Strategic Review - The Post Sputnik EraEditorial Staff
  • The Hinge of Fate or Service Memoirs of a Veteran
  • The Proof of the PuddingCaptain W. G. Hoffman, RHI
  • The Pied Piper of Modern Military ThoughtMaster Sergeant Forrest K. Kleinman

Number 107, April 1958 (pdf, 4.6MB)

  • Tactical Implications of the Human Factors in WarfareMajor J. O. Langtry
  • What is the True Position of the Red Army Today?General Freiherr Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Good and Bad AdministrationMajor G. R. Woods
  • The AMF Gold Medal and AACS Prize Essay
  • Jungle Training School for CMFWarrant-Officer J. G. Littlewood
  • Communist China - A New Military PowerStaff-Sergeant P. G. Gittens
  • Book Reviews
  • Articles Published Overseas

Number 106, March 1958 (pdf, 14.4MB)

  • Establishments - The Need for ReappraisementSergeant R. W. Valdan
  • Defence Problems of IraqMajor Ali Husain Jasim
  • Manchuria - Communist KeystoneO. Edmund Clubb
  • The Supply System for the Nuclear AgeMajor D. J. P. Tier
  • Special Warfare - A New AppraisalMajor-General Orlando C. Troxel, Jr.

Number 105, February 1958 (pdf, 4.7MB)

  • Should Army Equipment be made in AustraliaLieutenant-Colonel D. R. O. Cowey
  • FilesmanshipLieutenant-Colonel G. D. Solomon
  • The Army and Strategic MobilityGeorge Fielding Eliot
  • European Economic Community and Free Trade AreaMajor R. W. Swartz
  • Change and No Change in Russian Foreign PolicyWilly Bretscher
  • The Army Apprentice's SchoolLieutenant R. T. Jones
  • Logistic Problems in an Era of Wholesale MotorizationMajor-General G. J. Le Fevre de Montigny
  • Book Reviews

Number 104, January 1958 (pdf, 14.8MB)

  • Should the Supply and Transport Service be Reorganized?Lieutenant-Colonel H. R. Orton
  • Chowder Bay - Home of Transportation Training CentreMajor J. C. Laughlin
  • The Rocket and Military StrategyLieutenant-Colonel K. Jorgensen
  • An Air Op/Liaison Squadron in MalayaLieutenant W. R. G. Fleming
  • Army Surveyors Spearhead - North-Western DevelopmentCaptain L. B. Swifte
  • The School of Land/Air WarfareLieutenant-Colonel E. G. McNamara


Number 103, December 1957 (pdf, 9.3MB)

  • Australian-Japanese Relations, 1918-1941Major A. W. John
  • Psychological Factors in the Atomic EraMajor Hans-Joachim Hupfgarten
  • Operation Kadesh - The Palestine Campaign of March, 1957Editorial Staff
  • The Employment of Transport in Atomic WarfareLieutenant-Colonel S. Kamath
  • Index of Australian Army Journal for 1957

Number 102, November 1957 (pdf, 12.2MB)

  • Leadership in ManagementField-Marshal Sir William Slim
  • Choicer TailsLieutenant-Colonel S. J. Hill
  • What's New in Fire PowerBrigadier-General T. A. Weyher and B. K. Zobrist
  • Guerilla WarfareMajor R. E. Rodgers
  • Changing the Chinese MindSergeant N. G. Truman
  • Personnel Administration as seen by a CMF OfficerCaptain P. F. Baxter

Number 101, October 1957 (pdf, 4.8MB)

  • Australia's Foreign Policy Since the Second World WarMajor Arthur W. John
  • Nuclear Plenty and Limited WarJames E. King, Jr.
  • Strength Through Air TransportLieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Britain's New Air Strategy from Manned Aircraft to Guided MissilesAir Chief Marshal Sir Philip Joubert
  • Safety Lies ForwardGeneral Maxwell D. Taylor
  • Book Reviews

Number 100, September 1957 (pdf, 6.0MB)

  • Australia and New Guinea in Japanese Post Mortems of the Pacific WarCaptain D. C. S. Sissons
  • Britain's New Pattern of DefenceCyril Falls
  • As It Was in the BeginningMajor H. W. Piper
  • Changes in the Soviet HierarchyMajor S. G. Kingwell
  • Training the Jungle ShotSergeant J. Vezgoff
  • Britain's Streamlined ArmyMajor-General L. O. Lyne
  • Guided Missile ImplicationsEilene Galloway

Number 99, August 1957 (pdf, 8.2MB)

  • The Philippines - Australia's Northern FriendAlejandro C. Sicat
  • Training the Military ShotLieutenant-Colonel MacN. C. Rose
  • The A.M.F. Gold Medal and A.A.C.S. Prize EssayEditorial Staff
  • The Most Potent ForceBrigadier-General Charles E. Hoy, US Army
  • Air Supply in Nuclear WarCaptain J. W. Humphreys
  • Science for Army OfficersReprinted with permission of the "New Scientist"

Number 98, July 1957 (pdf, 7.4MB)

  • LogisticsMajor J. A. Munro
  • Hat, Felt, KhakiEditorial Staff
  • India - 1956: Agriculture and CommerceMajor Austin Chapman
  • Ground Forces In Amphibious OperationsCondensed by the "Military Review"
  • SCEFF or Peace AdministrationMajor T. L. Barker
  • A New Nature of WarMajor R. Vardanega
  • The Soviet Thrust Into the AntarcticCondensed by the "Military Review"

Number 97, June 1957 (pdf, 11.7MB)

  • Logistics are LogisticLieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Some Observations on Nuclear WarfareCaptain K. E. Gallard
  • India, 1956 - People and CultureMajor Austin Chapman
  • Habeas CorpusLieutenant-Colonel H. Fairclough
  • RAASC. The British Predecessors and Formation in AustraliaCorporal R. T. Willing
  • Massive Retaliation, Deterrence, Brushfires and all thatColonel G. M. C. Sprung

Number 96, May 1957 (pdf, 13.2MB)

  • Let the Trumpets SoundMajor-General A. G. Wilson
  • Good InstructionLieutenant R. T. Jones
  • India - 1956Major Austin Chapman
  • Military Air Transport - Everybody's Darling: Nobody's BabyLieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Unit AdministrationLieutenant-Colonel H. Fairclough
  • R.A.P.'s and OlympicsCaptain H. Longden

Number 95, April 1957 (pdf, 5.3MB)

  • The Graduated DeterrentColonel K. Mackay
  • That Point PlatoonSimon Daedalus
  • The Position Will Be Held
  • Man ManagementLieutenant-Colonel H. Fairclough
  • A New Look for an Infantry DivisionMajor A. L. Blake
  • Training the Military Shot - The American Trainfire ExperimentReprinted from the August 1956 issue of "The Infantry"
  • Indo-China - The Last Year of the War - The Navarre PlanBernard B. Fall

Number 94, March 1957 (pdf, 8.6MB)

  • Contre L'Armee de Metier or Against an Army of MercenariesLieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Hail and FarewellLieutenant-Colonel H. Fairclough
  • Proposals for ReorganizationExtracted from Military Review
  • The Namamugi Affair - The Murder of Charles Lennox RichardsonCaptain K. E. Gallard
  • Indo-China - The Last Year of the War - Communist Organization and TacticsReprinted from the October 1956 issue of Military Review
  • Reprints in Overseas Journals
  • Field Service Regulations - The Key to Staff Service RelationsLieutenant-Colonel G. F. T. Richardson
  • Soviet Eastern PolicyExtracted from Military Review

Number 93, February 1957 (pdf, 28.1MB)

  • Water Supply in Nuclear, Bacterial and Chemical WarfareLieutenant J. B. K. Ley
  • The Army Great Britain Needs
  • Order of Anarchy Under the Atomic UmbrellaLieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Homing a Guided MissileCondensed from an article in "KOMMANDO," South Africa
  • CommandosMajor J. M. Hutcheson
  • Tri-Service CollegesMajor Austin Chapman
  • On Writing BrieflyCondensed from the Royal Bank of Canada Monthly Letter

Number 92, January 1957 (pdf, 29.7MB)

  • The School of ArtilleryLieutenant-Colonel A. D. Watt
  • Regimental Nomenclature and Battle Honours of the Royal Australian Infantry CorpsCaptain J. G. Ryan
  • The Season for Change is HereLieutenant-Colonel Clarence C. DeReus
  • Tito - Keystone or Stumbling Block?Staff Cadet R. J. O'Neill
  • Book ReviewsEditorial Staff
  • Quick Fire PlanCaptain P. J. Norton
  • Tibet, Past and PresentMajor G. M. F. Wood
  • The Organisation of P and RT in the ArmyCaptain J. H. Martin
  • Japan's RearmamentCondensed from An Cosantoir, Eire
  • Book Reviews
  • Index to Australian Army Journal for 1956

Number 90, November 1956 (pdf, 27.0MB)

  • Old Strategic Lamps for New?Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • A CMF OCTU - Another ViewMajor J. C. Gorman
  • Planning Atomic SupportMajor E. U. Gooch
  • Rumour Hath CharmLieutenant-Colonel J. J. S. Hobbs
  • Ground Forces - Key to SurvivalLieutenant-Colonel Carl A. Peterson
  • The Party System of PoliticsLieutenant R. Kerr
  • Hold the Power and Bear the ResponsibilityCaptain Theodore J. Lepski

Number 89, October 1956 (pdf, 32.3MB)

  • Infiltration by Sea - PerhapsCaptain E. M. McCormick
  • Small Things Have Big ApplicationsCaptain K. M. Esau
  • Physical Training for Tropical WarfareLieutenant-Colonel N. P. Maddern
  • The Military MindAustralian Army Education Corps Newsletter
  • The Motor Cycle and Military TrainingLieutenant A. R. Runge
  • To Shoot or Not to ShootLieutenant-Colonel Allan W. Mitchell

Number 88, September 1956 (pdf, 5.4MB)

  • British Commonwealth Integration - An Australian ViewpointBrigadier M. F. Brogan
  • Maintenance of the Aim: Training for WarCaptain A. H. Lofts
  • Army Officer - Mercenary or MissionaryLieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Training the National Serviceman as a DriverMajor D. W. L. Lloyd-Thomas
  • Gadgets - and the Man on the GroundMajor Reginald Hargreaves
  • Gadgets - and the Man on the GroundMajor Reginald Hargreaves

Number 86, July 1956 (pdf, 8.4MB)

  • The Purple TestamentMajor-General A. G. Wilson
  • The Base for Airborne PenetrationCommander R. A. H. Millar
  • Honours and AwardsLieutenant-Colonel A. R. Etheredge
  • Some Thoughts on the Future of Anti-Aircraft ArtilleryMajor J. R. Salmon
  • Submarine SappersCaptain J. D. B. Young
  • The Uses of StatisticsCondensed from the Monthly Letter of the Royal Bank of Canada
  • Pakistan-Afghan FrictionLieutenant D. R. Little
  • Book ReviewsEditorial Staff
  • Threat to Strategic Air Command BasesIrish Defence Journal

Number 85, June 1956 (pdf, 33.7MB)

  • The Jungle Belongs to UsEditorial Staff
  • When to Wake a Senior OfficerCaptain K. M. Esua
  • For ValourEditorial Staff
  • Reflections on the Training of a Signal UnitColonel J. H. Thyer
  • Best Damn Outfit in These PartsBrigadier-General Jeremiah P. Holland
  • A Comparison of Two FailuresMajor J. A. Munro
  • That Appreciation! Try Teaching It This WayMajor J. T. Quinn
  • Road TollCaptain W. Copp

Number 84, May 1956 (pdf, 4.6MB)

  • Atomic Weapons and ArmourGeneral Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Married Soldier - Bedouin or Troglodyte?Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Peripheral WarsBrigadier-General Paul W. A. Robinett
  • Infantry Aspects of Artillery Fire PlanningMajor W. A. Whyte
  • The Right WordMonthly Letter of the Royal Bank of Canada
  • Information RequiredMajor R. H. Mathams
  • Book ReviewsEditorial Staff
  • Economy of PrinciplesCaptain P. Oakley

Number 81, February 1956 (pdf, 4.3MB)

  • The Role of Command in a Technical ServiceColonel S. A. F. Pond
  • Book Reviews
  • The British Commonwealth Occupation ForceMajor J. W. Willis
  • Atomic Weapons (10 to 500 KT Airburst)Major E. U. Gooch

Number 80, January 1956 (pdf, 3.4MB)

  • Canungra - Jungle Warfare Training Centre
  • Atomic Training - NowCaptain E. McCormick
  • Gasoline or DieselMajor P. V. Stanton
  • The Palestine Campaign 1914-18Colonel S. A. F. Pond
  • The Small Airborne Unit in a Long-Range Penetration RoleCaptain E. McCormick
  • Know Your EnemyCaptain R. H. Mathams
  • The Case for Social StudiesLieutenant P. Shekleton
  • So You Can't Get On With the People Under YouMajor-General the Rev C. A. Osborne
  • The Role of Command in a Technical ServiceMajor Edwin B. Owen

Number 79, December 1955 (pdf, 5.7MB)

  • The Rise to Power of Communist ChinaCaptain D. H. Morgan
  • Are You in a Training Rut?Lieutenant-Colonel I. B. Ferguson
  • Man - The Vital WeaponGeneral Matthew B. Ridgway
  • Like to Learn Tactics?Colonel K. Mackay
  • Atomic DefenceLieutenant-Colonel F. O. Miksche
  • Air OP in a Counter Bombardment RoleCaptain R. S. Deacon
  • Index to Australian Army Journal, 1955

Number 78, November 1955 (pdf, 67.3MB)

  • IntroductionDirector of Military Training
  • Tactics and AtomicsColonel M. F. Brogan
  • Properties of Nuclear ExplosionsProfessor M. L. E. Oliphant
  • The Physical Effects of Atomic WeaponsW. R. Blunden
  • The Effects of Atomic Weapons on Military OperationsLieutenant-Colonel Caplehorn
  • Simple Calculations for Tacticians in Nuclear WarW. R. Blunden
  • Medical Effects of Radiological WarfareMajor J. G. Sloman & Captain C. W. Baird
  • Appendix A

Number 76, September 1955 (pdf, 4.5MB)

  • Some More Thoughts on Tactics and "A" WeaponsLieutenant-Colonel H. L. Sabin
  • "A" and the RegularLieutenant-Colonel I. B. Ferguson
  • Medical Effects of Radiological WarfareMajor J. G. Sloman & Captain C. W. Baird
  • Examination TechniqueColonel K. Mackay
  • Command and Control of ArtilleryMajor I. A. Geddes
  • The Tank Battle of Targul FrumosLieutenant-General Von Manteuffel
  • Soldier Management from the Viewpoint of the Company OfficerLieutenant-General Bruce C. Clarke
  • Book Reviews

Number 75, August 1955 (pdf, 16.4MB)

  • The Dorset Regiment in AustraliaLieutenant-Colonel O. G. W. White
  • "Q" and the RegularLieutenant-Colonel I. B. Ferguson
  • New Era in JapanFrom Irish Defence Journal
  • War DogsMajor J. M. Hutcheson
  • National Service and the RegularsLieutenant-Colonel I. B. Ferguson
  • The Army's Preparation for Atomic WarfareLieutenant-Colonel Jack J. Wagstaff
  • The Citizen - The SoldierLieutenant-Colonel S. M. McDonald
  • Strategic Assault TroopsLieutenant-Colonel F. W. Speed
  • DefaultersC. C. Soden
  • Soviet Asia - A Military and Political ReviewU.S.A. Military Review

Number 74, July 1955 (pdf, 5.4MB)

  • Look to the FutureMajor P. Falkland
  • The Soldier's Place in Modern SocietyWarrant Officer L. Hanrahan
  • The Gunpowder PlotMajor J. T. Ashenhurst
  • The Training of the Officer in the BattalionMajor-General W. D. A. Lentaigne
  • Command and Control of ArtilleryLieutenant-Colonel A. D. Watt
  • Administrative Progress in the Atomic AgeLieutenant-Colonel Robert B. Rigg
  • Empires of LanguageWarrant Officer C. M. D. Flinn
  • The World Parachute Jumping ChampionshipsMajor M. B. Simkin
  • Battle - Old StyleC. C. Soden

Number 73, June 1955 (pdf, 31.8MB)

  • Tanks Against JapanLieutenant-Colonel S. C. Graham, M.C.
  • How It BeganC. C. Soden
  • Wanted - A New ArmyWarrant Officer K. L. Hanrahan
  • The Corps of Army SchoolmastersWarrant Officer G. M. D. Finn

Number 72, May 1955 (pdf, 4.1MB)

  • Heads or TailsLieutenant-Colonel W. Stafford-Gaffney
  • The Thoughts of a Lieutenant-Colonel About to go on LeaveLieutenant-Colonel J. C. Miles
  • Tactics and Atomic WeaponsColonel K. Mackay
  • How It BeganC. C. Soden
  • Artillery Command and Control, Another ViewMajor I. A. Geddes
  • Changing Nature of WarColonel Frank J. Sackton

Number 71, April 1955 (pdf, 4.2MB)

  • A Look through a Window at World War IIIField Marshal Montgomery
  • Counter-Bombardment - Another AngleLieutenant-Colonel F. P. Serong
  • The Effects of Atomic Weapons on Military OperationsLieutenant-Colonel W. F. Caplehorn
  • How It BeganC. C. Soden
  • Decorations and MedalsSergeant R. H. McGaw
  • Chinese Weapons of WarCaptain J. H. A. Young

Number 70, March 1955 (pdf, 5.8MB)

  • The Challenge to the ArmyLieutenant-General H. Wells
  • The Physical Effects of Atomic WeaponsW. R. Blunden
  • Why I am an Army OfficerAnonymous
  • The South-East Asian Collective Defence TreatyLieutenant D. R. Little
  • Unification - Love Match or Marriage of ConvenienceLieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Book Reviews

Number 69, February 1955 (pdf, 4.6MB)

  • The Bailey Bridge and its DerivativesMajor P. J. Greville
  • Counter BombardmentLieutenant-Colonel A. W. Watt
  • PalestineCaptain J. W. Leigh-Cooper
  • Book Reviews
  • Success and Failure in WarProfessor R. A. Preston
  • Non-Material StandardizationMajor A. E. Younger

Number 68, January 1955 (pdf, 31.9MB)

  • AMF Gold Medal Essay, 1954Lieutenant-Colonel F. W. Speed
  • Command and Control of Artillery in a NutshellLieutenant-Colonel A. D. Watt
  • Balcombe Memorial Gates to the US MarinesEditorial Staff
  • The Tables are TurnedThe Cameronians
  • The Soldier and SocietyLieutenant-Colonel G. H. Rowden
  • Human Endurance and Physical FitnessMajor A. W. John
  • Book Reviews

Number 67, December 1954 (pdf, 3.6MB)

  • General Rowell Says "Goodbye"Lieutenant-General Sir Sydney Rowell
  • The Problem of the WestSyndicate of Staff College Students
  • Infantry and Air Power in MalayaBrigadier F. H. Brooke
  • AMF Gold Medal Essay, Subject for 1955
  • The Army EstimatesEditorial Staff
  • Dien Bien Phu - Part IICaptain M. Harrison
  • What Education Does a Soldier Need, Anyway?Warrant Officer C. M. D. Flinn
  • Two Shillings' WorthCaptain J. H. A. Young
  • Book Reviews
  • Index to Australian Army Journal, 1954

Number 66, November 1954 (pdf, 4.8MB)

  • Tactics and AtomicsColonel M. F. Brogan
  • What Does It Cost?Editorial Staff
  • Armour en MasseCaptain J. C. Gorman
  • Dien Bien Phu - Part ICaptain M. Harrison
  • Bomb DisposalLieutenant H. B. Herron
  • Mess Etiquette - Part IIMajor-General R. G. Pollard
  • The Army Officer as a Social AnimalLieutenant-Colonel L. J. Loughran
  • The Pattern of Soviet SuccessionMajor G. M. F. Wood

Number 65, October 1954 (pdf, 11.4MB)

  • Soldier, Scientist or SocialiteMajor-General S. F. Legge
  • The Soviet Soldier and His LoyaltiesMilitary Review, U.S.A.
  • The West Versus The RestMajor G. M. F. Wood
  • Book ReviewsEditorial Staff
  • The Snowy Mountains Scheme - Part IISnow Mountains Authority
  • Mess EtiquetteMajor-General R. G. Pollard
  • Give and TakeCaptain J. H. A. Young
  • Red Air PowerIrish Defence Journal

Number 64, September 1954 (pdf, 31.5MB)

  • Atomic Warfare - Post Explosion Protection and DecontaminationLieutenant G. L. Jenkinson
  • Intelligence in the FieldMajor J. J. S. Hobbs
  • Guerilla WarfareMajor J. G. Sloman
  • National Service and the StudentSergeant G. L. Perkins
  • The Snowy Mountains Scheme - Part ISnow Mountains Authority
  • Bridging the GapLieutenant P. J. Coakley

Number 63, August 1954 (pdf, 12.0MB)

  • Gaining Contact in JungleMajor-General S. H. W. C. Porter
  • Soviet Strategic ConceptsThomas B. Dunne
  • RecoveryLieutenant-Colonel W. Stafford-Gaffney
  • Battle CunningMajor D. R. Dalglish
  • Marxism-Communism Relationships - 3, Recent USSR AspectsLieutenant N. G. Maloy
  • The Women's Royal Australian Army CorpsEditorial Staff
  • History and the Military ProfessionBrigadier-General Paul M. Robinett

Number 62, July 1954 (pdf, 31.8MB)

  • Jungle T.E.W.TMajor-General S. H. W. C. Porter
  • Estimating the Speech SituationCaptain A. R. Clark
  • Panic in CombatCaptain L. I. Gunabe
  • Military MagnanimityMajor A. W. John
  • Marxism-Communism Relationships - 2, Proletarian DictatorshipLieutenant N. G. Maloy
  • Airborne Assault by an Infantry DivisionLieutenant-Colonel J. M. Kinzer

Number 61, June 1954 (pdf, 5.4MB)

  • Revolution in the Military ProfessionLieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • The Imponderables in WarAnonymous
  • The Atomic WeaponBrigadier F. S. Reid
  • Marxism-Communism Relationships - 1, Marx.Lieutenant N. G. Maloy
  • The Weapons of the West versus the Manpower of the EastLieutenant-Colonel F. O. Miksche
  • Physical Fitness in the ArmyLieutenant J. H. Martin

Number 60, May 1954 (pdf, 29.6MB)

  • Australian Railways in World War IIBrigadier L. G. Binns
  • Book ReviewsEditorial Staff
  • Australia in the PacificMajor M. B. Simkin
  • Significance of Political Parties in a DemocracyLieutenant N. G. Maloy
  • In the ShadowLieutenant-Colonel C. L. Thompson
  • Spain - Base or DedoubtProfessor von der Heydte

Number 59, April 1954 (pdf, 10.9MB)

  • Can We Satisfy Our Clients?Major R. K. Fullford
  • Discussion and the ServicemanBureau of Current Affairs, Canada
  • The Battle of KapyongEditorial Staff
  • Spain and Western DefenceCaptain D. N. Brunicardi
  • Striking AttitudesMajor A. W. John
  • Indo-China - The Seven-Year DilemmaBernard B. Fall

Number 58, March 1954 (pdf, 14.7MB)

  • The British CrownThe Right Honourable R. G. Menzies
  • The United Nations AgenciesMajor J. G. Sloman
  • Tank Battle for NikopolCaptain F. M. v Senger u Etterlin
  • Reprints in Overseas Journals
  • Indo-China - An Historical ReviewCaptain J. W. Leigh- Cooper
  • Korea - Proposed Service Annual
  • The Soviet ArmyMajor B. E. M. de Pue

Number 57, February 1954 (pdf, 5.6MB)

  • Why Do It, Colonel?Major-General S. H. W. C. Porter
  • Commanders Must Know LogisticsLieutenant-General W. B. Palmer
  • The Employment of Air Power in the Korean WarMajor M. B. Simkin
  • What Situation?Colonel John W. Romlein
  • Co-operation of the British Commonwealth Forces in WarLieutenant-Colonel T. F. Cape
  • Red Tape and Rat TrapsMajor-General A. Forbes
  • Operations in Manipur and Assam: 1944Colonel Qurban Ali Khan
  • The Royal Australian Army Nursing CorpsEditorial Staff
  • Alarm UnitsHans C. Treutzsch

Number 55, December 1953 (pdf, 5.4MB)

  • The Ideal of ServiceField Marshal Sir John Harding
  • Bridge DemolitionsMajor Allan E. Younger
  • The Operating Principles of Automatic WeaponsSergant K. L. Hanrahan
  • The German Armed Forces and DemocracyMajor-General Erich Dethlieffsen
  • Successful Methods of StudyAHQ Methods of Instruction Team
  • Strategic WithdrawalsGeneral Gunther Blumentritt
  • Index to Australian Army Journal, 1953

Number 54, November 1953 (pdf, 29.0MB)

  • Economic Aid in South East Asia - Its Political AspectsCaptain J. L. Morris
  • South Korea's ArmyIrish Defence Journal
  • Internal BallisticsRAAF Training Bulletin
  • AMF Gold Medal Essay - Subject for 1954Editorial Staff
  • The Morale of the Individual SoldierCaptain Paul B. Nelson
  • Counter Bombardment in the Fire PlanLieutenant-Colonel F. R. Evans
  • Book ReviewsEditorial Staff
  • American Military Status in JapanMajor R. B. Kreutzer

Number 53, October 1953 (pdf, 5.5MB)

  • The War in Korea, May, 1951, to July, 1953Captain E. J. Mullholland
  • BallisticsRAAF Training Bulletin
  • SyntaxWarrant Officer N. F. Clarke
  • The HeartlandMajor G. M. F. Wood
  • The Militant Character of BolshevismEberhard von Pfister
  • Operations in Darkness and FogGeneral Gunther Blumentritt

Number 52, September 1953 (pdf, 29.1MB)

  • Lessons from KoreaLieutenant-General Sir Sydney Rowell
  • Command and Control in Battle of Field Branch ArtilleryCaptain J. G. Hooton
  • The Rearmament of JapanMajor A. W. John
  • The War in KoreaGeorge L. Walker
  • Phonetics at WorkWarrant Officer N. F. Clarke
  • S.E. Asia Series - The Task AheadCaptain A. M. N. Rodulfo
  • German Strategy in World War IIColonel Pietro Mellano

Number 51, August 1953 (pdf, 30.8MB)

  • Collective Security in Theory and PracticeMajor A. W. John
  • The Army of the French Union in Indo-ChinaFrom "La Revue Francaise"
  • SE Asia Series - British BorneoCaptain J. W. Leigh- Cooper
  • Tanks and Anti-Tank DefenceKurt Gilbert
  • History of the Military Forces in South AustraliaHQ Central Command
  • Army Bands and BandmastersCaptain R. A. Newman
  • Mobility and FirepowerMajor P. Martel

Number 50, July 1953 (pdf, 29.0MB)

  • "Rice-Ism"Major A. W. John
  • Korea - Decisive Battle of the WorldLieutenant Colonel L. B. Cheek
  • Spoken EnglishWarrant Officer N. F. Clarke
  • The Problems of IndonesiaCaptain A. M. N. Rodulfo
  • The Battle of Milne BayEditorial Staff
  • All Men Are Brothers - Even in WarCaptain J. G. Sloman
  • Peoples' WarLieutenant Colonel E. A. Raymond

Number 49, June 1953 (pdf, 31.4MB)

  • Sherlock of the SixthEditorial Staff
  • Psychological WarfareR. H. S. Crossman, Esq.
  • S E Asia Series - MalayaMajor G. T. Sadlier
  • Guided Missiles - What Guides ThemCaptain R. W. Fye
  • Irregular WarfareLieutenant K. S. Sheard
  • The Strategic Function of S E EuropeGaetano La Rosa

Number 48, May 1953 (pdf, 32.2MB)

  • The Coronation of Our QueenEditorial Staff
  • Completed Staff Work - The Commander's PartH. A. Damninger
  • India's Influence in South East AsiaLieutenant R. W. R. Ardley
  • The Soviet Attack in DepthBrigadier-General G. Ferrari
  • Britain's Foreign Policy in a World of Changing "Isms"Major A. W. John
  • Guided Missiles - What Makes Them GoCaptain P. W. Powers
  • Book ReviewsEditorial Staff
  • The Humanities in Cadet CollegesProfessor R. A. Preston

Number 47, April 1953 (pdf, 25.6MB)

  • The Chinese Communist Forces in KoreaMajor R. C. W. Thomas
  • Stars and the Night Sky - Part 3Brigadier C. M. L. Elliott
  • Road DenialMajor M. L. Crosthwait
  • Nationalism and Communism in Indo-ChinaGeorge L. Walker
  • Guided Missiles - What Makes Them FlyCaptain Patrick W. Powers
  • The Dynamic of Education in the ArmyWarrant Officer N. F. Clarke
  • Thinking and WritingColonel John A. Gavin

Number 46, March 1953 (pdf, 4.7MB)

  • Korean AmbushCpatain T. J. Crawford
  • The Burmese Civil WarCaptain D. N. P. Brunicardi
  • Stars and the Night Sky - 2Brigadier C. M. L. Elliott
  • The Tactical Employment of Atomic WeaponsColonel G. C. Reinhardt
  • The Functions of Military SecurityGeneral Staff, AHQ
  • The Training of a Functional RiflemanCaptain W. R. Chamberlain
  • Book ReviewsEditorial Staff

Number 45, February 1953 (pdf, 26.9MB)

  • Airborne Tactical Air ControlCaptain J. M. Crofts
  • Stars and the Night SkyBrigadier C. M. L. Elliott
  • Zonal DefenceLieut.-General B. Zimmermann
  • Security - Is It Worth the Bother?General Staff, AHQ
  • The Japanese War in South East AsiaEditorial Staff
  • The Tank in Ground WarfareGeneral Heinz Guderian

Number 44, January 1953 (pdf, 8.0MB)

  • The Battery Commander in DefenceMajor A. D. Watt
  • Arms and FightingLieutenant-Colonel D. A. G. Waldock
  • The Dilemma of the WestCaptain A. M. N. Rodulfo
  • The Army Yesterday and TodayThe Honourable Jos. Francis
  • Communism and the AMFGeneral Staff, AHQ
  • Anti-Fighter or Anti-BomberCaptain M. Harrison
  • AMF Gold Medal Essay - Subject for 1953
  • Book ReviewsEditorial Staff

Number 43, December 1952 (pdf, 6.4MB)

  • AMF Gold Medal Essay, 1952Major C. L. Thompson
  • Mobile Defence
  • The Place of Drill in TrainingGeneral Gunther Blumentritt
  • Parachutists Are Ordinary MenMajor M. B. Simkin
  • Yugoslavia - Its Future Under TitoColonel Sam J. Rasor
  • Australian Army Journal - Index to Articles, 1952

Number 42, November 1952 (pdf, 15.4MB)

  • The North Atlantic TreatyDirectorate of Military Operations and Plans
  • Behind Red China's Human Sea TacticsHsu Kai-yu
  • A Fighting Patrol in KoreaMajor R. C. W. Thomas
  • Employment of Commonwealth and US Field ArtilleryCaptain G. A. Wood
  • Army Education - Its Value to Soldier and NationMajor A. W. John
  • The Impact of Guided Missiles on Ground WarfareMajor Nels A. Parson
  • The Place of Military HistoryCyril Falls

Number 41, October 1952 (pdf, 27.2MB)

  • The Citizen Military ForcesThe Honourable Jos. Francis
  • Writing a ReportFrom Canadian Army Journal
  • The Campaign of Ulm and Austerlitz - Part 5Editorial Staff
  • On Army Education - Making It WorkMajor A. W. John
  • Air Supply of Encircled UnitsDr. Theodore Weber

Number 40, September 1952 (pdf, 6.7MB)

  • Trends in ArmourArmoured School, U.S.A.
  • On Army Education - 1Major A. W. John
  • Offensive Partisan WarfareLieutenant-Colonel G. T. Metcalf
  • The Campaign of Ulm and Austerlitz - Part 4Editorial Staff
  • Street FightingLieutenant D. Donocan
  • Night OperationsMajor-General E. Wanty

Number 39, August 1952 (pdf, 32.0MB)

  • Army Aviation and the FutureMajor K. J. Oram
  • The Qualities of a Good OfficerField Marshal Sir William Slim
  • The Principles of WarCaptain K. C. Kennedy
  • The Moon in War and TrainingBrigadier C. M. L. Elliott
  • The Campaign of Ulm and Austerlitz - Part 3Editorial Staff
  • European Opinions on the Trends of WarMajor-General B. T. Wilson

Number 38, July 1952 (pdf, 30.4MB)

  • The Company Officer and His MenOfficers' Call, USA
  • Field Censorship, 1939-1945Captain H. B. Anderson
  • Home-Made AmmunitionDirectorate of Infantry
  • Japan TodayRAAF Reserve Journal
  • It's the Principle That MattersLieutenant-Colonel Philip Masel
  • The Campaign of Ulm and Austerlitz - Part 2Editorial Staff
  • The Psychology of the Russian SoldierDr. W. Kretschmer

Number 37, June 1952 (pdf, 29.4MB)

  • How Effective is Our Artillery?Lieutenant-Colonel F. R. Evans
  • Armour in PursuitColonel John K. Boles
  • The Campaign of Ulm and AusterlitzEditorial Staff
  • The Social Group, Infiltration, and WarMajor Amund Bjerke
  • The Army in Western AustraliaMajor-General J. S. Whitelaw

Number 36, May 1952 (pdf, 29.1MB)

  • "No Strings"Major C. J. Miles
  • Mass, Quantity and QualityLieutenant-General Kurt Dittmar
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Waterloo, 1815Editorial Staff
  • Are You a Mediocrity?Lieutenant-Colonel F. P. Serong
  • The Present Yugo-Slav. ArmyGeneral J. Breuillac
  • Anti-Aircraft in the Field ArmyMajor V. M. Higgs

Number 35, April 1952 (pdf, 33.5MB)

  • Armoured Operations in KoreaLieutenant A. Argent
  • Can We Defend the Middle East?Captain B. H. Liddell Hart
  • Some Responsibilities of the Platoon CommanderCaptain H. Gayst
  • Helicopters in KoreaMajor R. C. W. Thomas
  • Hong Kong - Asian OutpostLieutenant T. A. Gibson
  • Leaguering in Mountain WarfareCaptain J. C. Gorman
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Valmy, 1792Editorial Staff
  • Air Security of TroopsMilitary Review, USA

Number 34, March 1952 (pdf, 34.4MB)

  • Operation CommandoDirectorate of Infantry, AHQ
  • A Matter of PrincipleLieutenant-Colonel F. P. Serong
  • Soviet Partisan WarfareArmy Information Digest, USA
  • To the Last Man and the Last RoundMilitary Digest, Pakistan
  • Decisive Battles of the World - SaratogaEditorial Staff
  • The Turkish ArmyDirectorate of Military Intelligence
  • The Army Service CorpsMajor O. C. Matthews

Number 33, February 1952 (pdf, 27.7MB)

  • Artillery in the Defence on a Wide FrontLieutenant-Colonel F. R. Evans
  • The Situation in Indo-ChinaMajor M. D. Malgonkar
  • Formation Recognition SignsMajor J. T. Ashenhurst
  • How Crete Was Lost - Yet With ProfitCaptain B. H. Liddell Hart
  • Mobility of the Soviet SoldierArmy Information Digest, USA
  • O and M - Can It Solve Your Clerical Problem?Lieutenant-Colonel F. W. Speed
  • Defence of Western EuropeGeneral Gunther Blumentritt
  • Decisive Battles of the World - PultavaEditorial Staff

Number 32, January 1952 (pdf, 31.4MB)

  • The Source of Military MoraleLieutenant-Colonel L. J. Loughran
  • Machines and MenMajor-General Kazimierz Glabisz
  • Decisive Battles of the World - BlenheimEditorial Staff
  • AMF Gold Medal Essay - Subject for 1952Directorate of Military Training
  • PanicLieutenant A. Argent
  • Lessons from KoreaWilliam Courtenay

Number 31, December 1951 (pdf, 39.5MB)

  • The Film in WartimeAnthony R. Michaelis
  • Some Limitations of the Atom BombG. S. Waters
  • Hedgerow FightingMajor V. M. Hill
  • Tanks in Defence in KoreaLieutenant-Colonel George B. Pickett
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Defeat of the Spanish ArmadaEditorial Staff

Number 30, November 1951 (pdf, 30.0MB)

  • An Attack on DefenceLieutenant-Colonel E. F. Aitken
  • Soviet Empire in Central AsiaEtienne Auber
  • Substituting the "Speed Ball" for the "Red Ball"Lieutenant-Colonel P. H. Slaughter
  • 4.2-inchMortar in KoreaLieutenant A. Argent
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Defeat of the English at OrleansEditorial Staff
  • History and Development of the British Service RiflesSergeant K. L. Hanrahan
  • The Geneva Conventions in Relation to the Armed ForcesSardar Bahadur Balwant Singh Puri
  • Officer Cadet SchoolDirectorate of Military Training

Number 29, October 1951 (pdf, 30.4MB)

  • The Study of War, Part I - Military HistoryLieutenant-Colonel M. P. O'Hare
  • New American EquipmentFrom Military Review, USA
  • Don't Jump to TanksLieutenant-Colonel W. R. Kintner
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Hastings, 1066Editorial Staff
  • Geopolitics of the Indian OceanS. P. Sharma
  • Dispersion is NOT the AnswerColonel M. A. Solomon

Number 28, September 1951 (pdf, 33.1MB)

  • Tank-Infantry SupportLieutenant J. C. Gorman
  • The NCO and Tactical ThinkingCorporal K. L. Hanrahan
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Tours, A.D. 732Editorial Staff
  • The Technique of Solving Tactical ExercisesLieutenant-Colonel G. E. Muggelberg and Lieutenant-Colonel D. M. Benson
  • The Language of Military SymbolsDirectorate of Military Training
  • Armoured Infantry CombatCaptain F. von Senger u. Etterlin
  • Machine Guns - Their History and DevelopmentWarrant-Officer J. H. Welch
  • What Is Tank Country?Brigadier William Murphy

Number 27, August 1951 (pdf, 34.5MB)

  • The North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationDirectorate of Military Intelligence
  • Battle for the StraitsLieutenant-Colonel F. O. Miksche
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Chalons, A.D.451Editorial Staff
  • Japanese Strategy in the PacificEdmond Delage
  • A Unique MonumentEditorial Staff
  • Psychological Factors in Atomic WarfareBrigadier-General James P. Cooney
  • The Malayan War, 1948-?Lieutenant T. A. Gibson
  • Organization for an AirliftLieutenant-Colonel William B. Bunker
  • Tank Defence Against Atomic AttachMajor Garth Stevens

Number 26, July 1951 (pdf, 33.8MB)

  • Tactical Appreciations for the NCOMajor C. L. Thompson
  • The Story of Anglesea BarracksBrigadier E. M. Dollery
  • Persian CrisisDirectorate of Military Intelligence
  • The Soviet High CommandArmy Information Digest, USA
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Victory of Arminius, A.D. 9Editorial Staff
  • Oil Supplies in WarMajor-General W. E. V. Abraham
  • Fire StormCaptain R. S. Millar
  • Tomorrow - Next Week - Next YearLieutenant-Colonel Robert E. Coffin

Number 25, June 1951 (pdf, 30.9MB)

  • Maintenance of the Australian Infantry Battalion in KoreaMajor L. I. Hopton
  • The Reading of Military HistoryLieutenant E. Ehnhuus
  • Hedgerow FightingCaptain J. C. Skehan
  • Japan - Her Future in the Far EastDirectorate of Military Intelligence
  • Experiences in Russian of a German Battalion CommanderFrom "Militeart Tidsskrift"
  • Battle of the MetaurusEditorial Staff
  • Where are Today's "Great Captains"General Gunther Blumentritt

Number 24, May 1951 (pdf, 33.3MB)

  • Tactical ThinkingMajor-General S. H. W. C. Porter
  • The "Surprise" BattalionsDirectorate of Military Intelligence
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Arbela, B.C. 331Editorial Staff
  • Airborne Operations in NormandyMajor T. N. S. Wheeler
  • Debogging Army VehiclesMajor L. G. Rickard

Number 23, April 1951 (pdf, 35.7MB)

  • The Eben Emael OperationH. R. Kurz
  • The Middle East and IsraelDirectorate of Military Intelligence
  • Battle of SyracuseEditorial Staff
  • The Semi-Automatic RifleWarrant Officer J. H. Welch
  • Soviet Military OrganizationArmy Information Digest, USA
  • Operational ResearchCaptain F. R. Bond
  • Problems in an Airhead OperationMajor-General Otto P. Weyland

Number 22, March 1951 (pdf, 33.2MB)

  • Tanks in KoreaLieutenant-Colonel George B. Pickett
  • Chinese Communist AimsDirectorate of Military Intelligence
  • Decisive Battles of the World - MarathonEditorial Staff
  • The Cheap WarMajor Robert B. Rigg
  • The Royal Australian Survey CorpsDirectorate of Survey
  • Tactical Appreciations for the NCODirectorate of Military Training
  • A Whetstone for Your Sword - 2Lieutenant-Colonel L. J. Loughran
  • Modern Air-Ground DefenceLieutenant-Colonel F. O. Miksche

Number 21, February 1951 (pdf, 36.1MB)

  • LeadershipField Marshal Sir William Slim
  • TibetDirectorate of Military Training
  • Your SpeechHenry C. Porter
  • Soviet World AimsDirectorate of Military Intelligence
  • Organization and Employment of RAEMEDirectorate of Mechanical Engineering
  • A Whetstone for Your SwordLieutenant-Colonel L. J. Loughran
  • Snow and Ski Warfare SchoolLieutenant J. C. Gorman
  • Tactical Use of the Guided MissileCaptain N. A. Parson

Number 20, January 1951 (pdf, 38.6MB)

  • The Eben Emael OperationH. R. Kurz
  • The Middle East and IsraelDirectorate of Military Intelligence
  • Battle of SyracuseEditorial Staff
  • The Semi-Automatic RifleWarrant Officer J. H. Welch
  • Soviet Military OrganizationArmy Information Digest, USA
  • Operational ResearchCaptain F. R. Bond
  • Problems in an Airhead OperationMajor-General Otto P. Weyland

Number 19, December 1950 (pdf, 38.0MB)

  • Loss of the PeaceAndré Gerteiser
  • Army Branch, Department of SupplyLieutenant-Colonel A. F. Swinbourne
  • Fire Power - How to Increase It!Corporal K. L. Hanrahan
  • What Is It Like?Captain K. C. Gardner
  • Organization and Employment of the RAAOCDirectorate of Ordnance Services
  • The Field Marshal's BatonEditorial Staff
  • Jet Fighter Aircraft in Support of the ArmyMajor E. G. Scammell
  • Organization and Employment of Native TroopsCaptain C. J. Orme

Number 18, November 1950 (pdf, 42.7MB)

  • Background to KoreaEditorial Staff
  • Five Minutes to TwelveDirectorate of Military Training
  • Convoy ConcertinaColonel J. W. Bishop
  • Invasion Without Laurels - 2General Baron Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • The Story of BloodAustralian Red Cross Society
  • Navigational AidsMajor P. H. Read

Number 17, October 1950 (pdf, 35.7MB)

  • National Service and the ArmyDirectorate of Military Training
  • Invasion Without LaurelsGeneral Baron Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Administration and Maintenance in the FieldDirectorate of Administrative Planning
  • AMF Gold Medal Essay, 1950-51Editorial Notice
  • There's Something About a MortarMajor-General S. H. Porter
  • Physical and Recreational TrainingCaptain E. Balfour
  • The King's EnglishDirectorate of Military Training
  • Soldier of the MonthLieutenant-Colonel H. Fairclough
  • Liberty and DisciplineField Marshal Sir William Slim

Number 16, September 1950 (pdf, 38.6MB)

  • Armoured Division - New ModelMajor C. J. Miles
  • Post Mortems on Tactical ExercisesEditorial Staff
  • Operation "Overlook"Lieutenant-Colonel J. G. C. Waldron
  • Mass Destruction WeaponsMajor G. A. Johnston
  • Funny, But I'm SeriousLieutenant-Colonel L. J. Loughran
  • A Comparison of Russian, American and British Field ArmiesMajor S. J. Watson

Number 15, August 1950 (pdf, 8.3MB)

  • The Campaign of the Fourteenth Army, 1944-45Field Marshal Sir William Slim, GBE, KCB, DSO, MC.

Number 14, July 1950 (pdf, 7.9MB)

  • The Role and Organization of the Army Medical ServiceColonel J. Glyn White
  • The Infantry Section in DefenceMajor-General S. H. Porter
  • The Sub-Unit CommanderCaptain P. A. Mayer
  • The British Expedition to Greece, 1941The late Field Marshal Earl Wavell
  • What's in a Name?Lieutenant-Colonel C. W. Watson-Smyth
  • The Logistical Planning of Operation OverlordLieutenant-Colonel Frank A. Osmanski, US Army

Number 13, June 1950 (pdf, 7.1MB)

  • The National Service System of the British ArmyLieutenant J. C. Gorman
  • The Infantry SectionBrigadier S. H. Poerter
  • El Alamein to the River Sangro - 5Lieut-Colonel O. D. Jackson
  • Sea PowerRAN Directorate of Naval Intelligence
  • Organization and Employment of the Amy Service CorpsDirectorate of Supplies and Transport
  • Field Artillery RocketsCaptain Pierre Martel, Canadian Army
  • The Logistical Planning of Operation OverlordLieut-Colonel Frank A. Osmanski, US Army

Number 12, May 1950 (pdf, 16.1MB)

  • The Basis of Expansion for WarDirectorate of Military Training
  • The GuardsmanFrom London "Observer"
  • The InfantryDirectorate of Infantry
  • El Alamein to the River Sangro - 4Major O. D. Jackson
  • The Logistical Planning of Operation OverlordLieut-Colonel Frank A. Osmanski, US Army
  • Proof and ExperimentalMajor H. F. R. Woodley, RA
  • Air Liaison with the NavyEditorial Staff

Number 11, February-April 1950 (pdf, 21.3MB)

  • The Australian Army JournalEditorial
  • Return of the Golden HordeEditorial Staff
  • The AttackMajor-General F. Kingsley Norris
  • New Combat Clothing under TestEditorial Staff
  • Modern Concepts of IntercommunicationDirectorate of Signals
  • How to Increase Attendance at CMF ParadesCorporal D. Middleton
  • It's Hard to Fight a Ghost - An AnswerAnonymous
  • Alamein to the Sangro - Part 3Major O. D. Jackson
  • Armoured Support in Forest CountryOperation Report
  • Abbreviate and Waste TimeLieutenant-Colonel L. J. Loughran
  • Assault by HelicopterMilitary Review, USA
  • Russian Combat in CitiesMilitary Review, USA
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