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Edition from 1999
21 December 2016

Issue 1/99 (pdf, 26.7MB)

  • Urban Operations - Oversight and Opportunity Major C. Knight
  • Winning the 'Three Block War' A Few Suggestions From Quantico Lieutenant Colonel S. Tulley
  • Strike Force - Implications for Australia Lieutenant Colonel W.R. Vickers
  • Marketing Force Modernisation: The US Army Approach Lieutenant Colonel O.P. Richmond
  • Military Science in an Age of Peace A View from Century's End Doctor R. Spiller
  • The Influence of Technology on Future Military Operations Major M. Eggler
  • Direct Fire Support Captain R.J. Worswick
  • Surface-to-surface Medium Artillery Requirements Beyond 2000 Major R.W. Overheu
  • Doctrine Versus Capability Towards a Mature Mechanised Combat Engineer Capability Major M.B. Ryan
  • Decisive Event Planning: Incorporating Manoeuvre Theory into the Military Appreciation Process Major P. Chipman and Major B. Bailey
  • A Savage War Of Humanity: Some Military Lessons Of Kosovo Doctor M. Evans
  • Human Factors in War: The Psychology and Physiology of Close Combat Lieutenant Colonel D. Grossman, US Army (Retd)
  • An Intimate History of Killing - Face-to-face Killing in Twentieth Century Warfare Reviewed by Doctor A.M. Ryan
  • The Human Factor in War - Two Books about Unit Cohesion Reviewed by Major R. Parkin
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