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Land Power Forum

Soldiers wearing night vision goggles in the dark

Land Power Forum is a public blog published by the Australian Army, and is specifically designed to generate informed discussion and new ideas that contribute to Army modernisation and the future of land power beyond 2020. Land Power Forum provides a discussion space for informed analysis, commentary, thoughts, and ideas among military practitioners, interested stakeholders, subject matter experts, and deep thinkers.

  1. Canon_part2
    The Canon and Four Generations of Warfare – Part 2 22 June 2017 The 2016 Land Power Forum paper, The canon and four generations of warfare,[1] notes that in June 20... read more
    Tags: Strategy
  2. Machine Learning
    Machine Intelligence Ubiquity: A Confluence of Combat and Cyberspace 19 June 2017 ‘Any useful statement about the future should at first seem ridiculous’[1]  
  3. Doctrine in Digital Age
    Rethinking Doctrine: An Opportunity to bring Doctrine delivery into the Digital Age 19 June 2017 "Our subordinates are from the digital and “sharing economy” generation where disruptive technologie... read more
    Tags: Strategy
  4. Cyber for Landlubber
    Cyber for Land Lubbers 18 June 2017 We are the guns, and your masters! Saw ye our flashes ? Heard ye the scream of our shells in the nig... read more
  5. Internet of Military Things
    The Internet of Military Things & Machine Intelligence: A Winning Edge or Security Nightmare? 21 May 2017 Army finds itself at the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) where rapid technological ad... read more
  6. Exercise to Warfighting
    Transitioning from Exercise to Warfighting 21 May 2017 History exists between twenty and sixty degrees north latitude.
  7. Three Cs
    Three Cs - Planning Observations from Exercise Hamel 2016 17 April 2017 This paper shares planning observations from 3rd Brigade Headquarters Forward during Exercise Hamel,... read more
    Tags: Land combat
  8. Post Traumatic Growth
    Should Army also talk about Post Traumatic Growth? 17 April 2017 Army is making significant progress to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness, particularly il... read more
  9. ADF Space Operations Self-Reliance
    ADF Space Operations Self-Reliance: An Alternative Universe and the Primacy of Vision 5 April 2017 The year is 2022, and regional actors have initiated hostilities near a familiar peninsula, several... read more


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