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Amphibious / joint / interagency

  1. Exercise to Warfighting
    Transitioning from Exercise to Warfighting 21 May 2017 History exists between twenty and sixty degrees north latitude. Intertwined within this parameter ar... read more
  2. Navigators as warfighters 15 August 2016 The Maritime Warfare Officer (MWO) stream and in particular the specialisation of Principal Warfare... read more
  3. Providing the golden thread: Strategic deterrence as the new strategic concept 27 November 2015 With the release of Archipelagic Manoeuvre, Army set out its big idea for land power's future employ... read more
  4. Delivering a strong land force into the future: the Australian Army Journal Winter 2015 edition 16 October 2015 The Australian Army is not just facing an uncertain future operational environment, it is also in th... read more
  5. Australia, expeditionary warfare and maritime strategy 19 August 2015 Clausewitz believed that the ways and means of warfare were determined by a combination of four fact... read more
  6. Army-police interoperability: Collective contributions to future land power 12 June 2015 As we argued in an earlier post, if recent operations such as Anode, Sovereign Borders and the respo... read more
  7. War: An integrated endeavour 10 April 2015 I agree with Dr Palazzo’s pragmatic observation that considering warfare from the perspective of dif... read more


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