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Amphibious / joint / interagency

  1. Response-To-Transitioning
    30 July 2017
    In his post, ‘Transitioning from Exercise to Warfighting,’ MAJ Mitchell suggests that "The maturity...
  2. Necessity of an Amphibious Strategy
    30 July 2017
  3. Defining_Joint_Force
    2 July 2017
    Joint, combined amphibious operations constitute the most important and consequential novelty in the...
  4. Indo-Asia-Pacific
    2 July 2017
    In his introduction to Admiral Harry Harris’ Lowy Institute Presentation, Executive Director Dr Mich...
  5. Exercise to Warfighting
    21 May 2017
    History exists between twenty and sixty degrees north latitude. Intertwined within this parameter ar...
  6. 15 August 2016
    The Maritime Warfare Officer (MWO) stream and in particular the specialisation of Principal Warfare...
  7. Australian Army soldiers, predominantly from Brisbane's 7th Brigade, are participating in Exercise Haringaroo near Kota Bharu, Malaysia, from 23-27 May 2016.
    8 August 2016
    The Professional Standards Councils suggest that ‘a profession positions itself as possessing specia...
  8. 27 November 2015
    With the release of Archipelagic Manoeuvre, Army set out its big idea for land power's future employ...
  9. 16 October 2015
    The Australian Army is not just facing an uncertain future operational environment, it is also in th...
  10. 19 August 2015
    Clausewitz believed that the ways and means of warfare were determined by a combination of four fact...
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