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Cognitive edge

  1. Tables with a cardboard and drinking straw bridge spanning the gap with small drones on table and bridge
    4 December 2019
    In our two previous blogs on MakerSpaces (Part One and Part Two) we have taken our readers through a...
  2. Soldier with helmet and mounted night vision goggles looking down at notebook with light cloudy sky in background
    13 November 2019
    Our people must be leaders and integrators who contribute to multi-disciplinary teams, enabling us t...
  3. Light bulb shape with words related to creative thinking within Army
    12 November 2019
    The beginning of this journey could be characterised as an unorthodox approach to solving a problem...
  4. 28 October 2019
    “[I]f one is to understand ‘the great mystery’ one must study all its aspects, not just the dogmatic...
  5. Marawi, Philippines, with smoke from burning buildings
    11 September 2019
    “Power is war, the continuation of war by other means… Should one then turn around the formula and s...
  6. 28 August 2019
  7. Silhouette of a man reading in a library
    5 April 2019
    Volumes are devoted to armament; pages to inspiration. George S Patton[1]  
  8. Army personnel in planning
    28 February 2019
    This is Part 2 of a blog on Information Warfare (IW), in case you missed it, you can read Part 1 her...
  9. Missile firing from ground, bottom right to top left
    26 February 2019
    A Submission to the Chief of Army’s ‘Contest of Ideas’
  10. 21 February 2019
    Information Warfare (IW)[1] is a whole of government challenge in which Joint Forces must play an in...
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