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Cognitive edge

  1. super soldier
    From Digger to Super Soldier: Human Performance Management Policy 20 November 2017 Human performance technologies continue to advance at an exponential rate.  A core part of this adva... read more
  2. Access
    Towards a Land Power Narrative: We Provide the Access 9 July 2017 The Army has value. As a national institution, few rival the place of the Army in the nations psyche... read more
  3. Reading
    Military Recommended Reading - July 2017 9 July 2017 Military Texts Referenced:   1. From Victory to Stalemate: The Western Front, Summer 1944. Decisive... read more
  4. Post Traumatic Growth
    Should Army also talk about Post Traumatic Growth? 17 April 2017 Army is making significant progress to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness, particularly il... read more
  5. Teaching junior leaders to think 28 August 2016 “It is essential that all leaders from subaltern to commanding general familiarize themselves with t... read more
  6. Enabling Army Innovation 14 July 2016 The Defence White Paper 2016 challenges us all, specifically the Australian Army, to innovate and to... read more


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