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Cyber / space

  1. dark background hooded person with digital data across screen
    28 March 2019
    The conduct of Information Warfare (IW)[1] and operations in the Information Environment (IE)[2] are...
  2. keyboard with magnifying glass over a few keys
    26 March 2019
    For the future Land Force, the ability to counter Information Warfare (IW)[1] and operations in the...
  3. Man standing in front of futuristic imagery and table
    13 March 2019
    In 2015, the First Principles Review Reportobserved that Defence was lacking in its ability to manag...
  4. Military computer operators in a dark tent
    19 February 2019
    To understand technological change, look for the enduring patterns and concepts
  5. 21 August 2018
    As Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems proliferate, we must be prepared for what is to c...
  6. Digital
    13 October 2017
    Without changing our patterns of thought, we will not be able to solve the problems we created with...
  7. CyberWorkforce
    9 July 2017
    The Australian Army is grappling with the problem of developing an appropriate cyber workforce. As t...
  8. Machine Learning
    19 June 2017
    ‘Any useful statement about the future should at first seem ridiculous’[1]  
  9. Cyber for Landlubber
    18 June 2017
    We are the guns, and your masters! Saw ye our flashes ? Heard ye the scream of our shells in the nig...
  10. ADF Space Operations Self-Reliance
    5 April 2017
    The year is 2022, and regional actors have initiated hostilities near a familiar peninsula, several...
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