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Emerging threats and opportunities

  1. The Commander, the control of logistics, and the false debate on centralisation: Responding to the needs of the modern battlefield 24 November 2016 ‘Sound logistics forms the foundation for the development of strategic flexibility and mobility. If such flexibility is to be exercised and exploited, military command must have adequate control of its logistic support’ - Admiral H. Eccles,Logistics in the National Defense
  2. Policy, the Australian Maritime Strategy and Future War: Part 2 7 November 2016 In an earlier blog post for this forum, I discussed some of the government’s latest policy, its relationship to the Joint Archipelagic Manoeuvre concept and a shopping list of new and enhanced means. These means included:
  3. The Innovation Quest through Cultural Badlands 1 November 2016 ‘But a nation that does not exploit new and emerging technologies, that does not continuously modernise and which does not seek novel opportunities for advantage over potential adversaries will be found wanting when its military is needed.’[1]