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Emerging threats and opportunities

  1. UAV
    Autonomous Resupply: Drones for the Supply Chain reinforce the Kill Chain 30 September 2017 Robots are no longer new on the battlefield, and neither are drones after their widespread use in ne... read more
  2. Doctrine
    Wiki-ing to the Future for Doctrine 9 July 2017 It’s great to see the humble subject of doctrine receive attention – and some innovative thoughts.
  3. Challenge-of-Connectivity
    The Challenge of Connectivity for Future War 2 July 2017 ‘You may not be interested in war but war is interested in you’                                    ... read more
  4. Monthly Tech Scan 18 June
    Monthly Emerging Technology Scan (METS): June 2017 19 June 2017 Miniaturised Ammunition Fuzes The US Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Centre (ARD... read more
  5. Internet of Military Things
    The Internet of Military Things & Machine Intelligence: A Winning Edge or Security Nightmare? 21 May 2017 Army finds itself at the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) where rapid technological ad... read more
  6. The Commander, the control of logistics, and the false debate on centralisation: Responding to the needs of the modern battlefield 24 November 2016 ‘Sound logistics forms the foundation for the development of strategic flexibility and mobility. If... read more
  7. Policy, the Australian Maritime Strategy and Future War: Part 2 7 November 2016 In an earlier blog post for this forum, I discussed some of the government’s latest policy, its rela... read more
  8. The Innovation Quest through Cultural Badlands 1 November 2016 ‘But a nation that does not exploit new and emerging technologies, that does not continuously modern... read more


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