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Emerging threats and opportunities

  1. Tanks in smoky haze
    13 August 2019
    No Sherman Tank could stand up to a Panther Tank, but the U.S. had advantages of supporting airpower...
  2. 30 November 2018
    The first part of this blog focused on the risks of human bias inadvertently coded into AI. Part 2 e...
  3. Postgraduate Duy Tung Nguyen from University of NSW - Canberra, demonstrates artificial intelligence research in the Autonomy Laboratory during the Human Performance Network research forum at the Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, on 12 Dec 2016.
    29 November 2018
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers exciting opportunities for Army; however, there are also signifi...
  4. 11 October 2018
    In order to influence where religious feelings are strong, a deep understanding of the faiths is nec...
  5. 21 September 2018
    If economics drives politics, then it will also drive conflict.
  6. CALFS18 Podcast cover image
    6 September 2018
    Today we saw presentations based on The Character of Future Indo-Pacific Land Forces. Following the...
  7. CALFS18 Podcast cover image
    5 September 2018
    Today we saw presentations based on Generating Land Power through Partnering. Following the session...
  8. CALFS18 Podcast cover image
    4 September 2018
    Today we saw presentations based on Land Power and Countering Violent Extremism. Following the sessi...
  9. CALFS18 Podcast cover image
    3 September 2018
    Today we saw presentations based on The Indo-Pacific: The region of global connection. Following the...
  10. Australian Army soldiers from 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, clear a building during the Duke of Gloucester Cup section competition at Singleton Military Area.
    31 August 2018
    Contemporary Western armies are capable of operating in urban areas but few field capabilities for u...
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