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Land combat

  1. A Defence Science and Technology employee uses emerging technology as Soldiers conduct a multi storey building clearance as part of the 2017 Contested Urban Environment Strategic Challenge conducted in Adelaide South Australia.
    3 April 2018
    The Future Land Warfare Report 2014 (FLWR) raises the prospect of the Australian Army establishing a...
  2. Battle_of_Mosul
    25 June 2017
    The largest conventional land battle since the capture of Baghdad in 2003 has been ongoing since Oct...
  3. Three Cs
    17 April 2017
    This paper shares planning observations from 3rd Brigade Headquarters Forward during Exercise Hamel,...
  4. 20 October 2016
    The word canon originated from Greek as kanōn (rule). Today, one definition of canon is ‘the list of...
  5. 20 October 2016
    The current manner in which the Australian Army formally develops its junior officers is heavily foc...
  6. Centenary of Anzac AFL Match
    29 August 2016
    Simplicity is a principle of war. The ongoing pursuit of ‘synchronised effects’ is causing staffs, s...
  7. Australian Army soldier during Exercise Kowari 2014
    22 August 2016
    “It is essential that all leaders from subaltern to commanding general familiarize themselves with t...
  8. AFP International Deployment Group walking together on the field
    21 July 2016
    In an address to the National Press Club in October 2006, the Commissioner of the Australian Federal...
  9. Australian Army soldiers from the 1st Military Police Battalion during a battalion attack on the urban operations training facility at the Townsville Field Training Area on the Combined Arms Training Activity on 11 June 2014.
    11 July 2016
    There is a tidal wave of new research and practice in the area of enhancing human performance. In th...
  10. Harsh waves in the ocean
    20 June 2016
    As Army Officers we’re trained to respond to low probability, high impact events so maybe it’s a pro...
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