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The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Changing Character of War
Thursday, 22 March, 2018 - 12:30

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will drive major changes in the character of war.

Land Power Forum

Land combat

  1. Article Author: Battle_of_Mosul
    Immediate Lessons from the Battle of Mosul 25 June 2017 The largest conventional land battle since the capture of Baghdad in 2003 has been ongoing since Oct... read more
    Tags: Land combat
  2. Article Author: Brigadier Chris Field Three Cs
    Three Cs - Planning Observations from Exercise Hamel 2016 17 April 2017 This paper shares planning observations from 3rd Brigade Headquarters Forward during Exercise Hamel,... read more
    Tags: Land combat
  3. Article Author: Brigadier Chris Field
    The canon and four generations of warfare 20 October 2016 The word canon originated from Greek as kanōn (rule). Today, one definition of canon is ‘the list of... read more
    Tags: Land combat
  4. Article Author: Nicholas Waugh
    The Junior Officer All Corps Training Continuum: A Requirement for Change 20 October 2016 The current manner in which the Australian Army formally develops its junior officers is heavily foc... read more
    Tags: Land combat
  5. Article Author: Colonel Chris Smith Centenary of Anzac AFL Match
    It is time to expunge the word synchronise from our military vocabulary 29 August 2016 Simplicity is a principle of war. The ongoing pursuit of ‘synchronised effects’ is causing staffs, s... read more
    Tags: Land combat
  6. Article Author: Flight Lieutenant Naomi O'Neill Australian Army soldier during Exercise Kowari 2014
    Teaching junior leaders to think 22 August 2016 “It is essential that all leaders from subaltern to commanding general familiarize themselves with t... read more
    Tags: Land combat
  7. Article Author: Stephen Hindes AFP International Deployment Group walking together on the field
    An Australian Gendarmerie Force 21 July 2016 In an address to the National Press Club in October 2006, the Commissioner of the Australian Federal... read more
    Tags: Land combat
  8. Article Author: Major Elizabeth Boulton Australian Army soldiers from the 1st Military Police Battalion during a battalion attack on the urban operations training facility at the Townsville Field Training Area on the Combined Arms Training Activity on 11 June 2014.
    The New Era of Human Performance: Bulletproofing; Brains and Bravery 11 July 2016 There is a tidal wave of new research and practice in the area of enhancing human performance. In th... read more
    Tags: Land combat
  9. Article Author: Major Leon Young Harsh waves in the ocean
    Islands of Privilege in a Sea of Chaos - Dystopian Future 20 June 2016 As Army Officers we’re trained to respond to low probability, high impact events so maybe it’s a pro... read more
    Tags: Land combat
  10. Article Author: Andrew Kirby Members of the International Stabilisation Force (ISF) Quick Response Force (QRF) conduct a Population Protection and Control (PPC) exercise and assessment, testing their skills in controlling a rowdy mob, in Dili, East Timor.
    #War: Is the enemy more agile, adaptable & situationally aware than us? 14 June 2016 The continued success of the Australian Army Blog is good news – especially since our adversaries  h... read more
    Tags: Land combat


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