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Situational awareness

  1. ClimateChange
    Defence will not be Prepared for a Changed Climate 18 September 2017 The world has already missed the opportunity to prevent many of the most serious consequences of Cli... read more
  2. MP
    Military Police Contribution to Evidence Based Operations 18 August 2017 “The ultimate goal of a military operation is to ensure that a person no longer poses a threat to th... read more
  3. Teaming-Get_Ready
    Teaming: Get ready 30 June 2017 In the movie Batman versus Superman, Batman concludes that the era of a single superhero is over. To... read more
  4. The Professional Portfolio: Setting the standard today by investing in tomorrow 14 November 2016 Every soldier has an individual responsibility to study the profession of arms. A soldier without ei... read more
  5. The New Reality: How augmented, virtual and mixed reality will enhance the future soldier 18 July 2016 2016 is set to be a significant year in the development of virtual reality (VR) technology, where ma... read more
  6. Emerging Technology Scan: May 31 May 2016 Whether you’re interested by new drone technology, quantum computing or the latest mobile phone tech... read more
  7. Emerging technology scan: October 20 October 2015 The Army Futures Team identifies emerging threats and opportunities in technology, encouraging and p... read more
  8. Operation Protective Edge: Social media observations 15 October 2015 State actors have lagged non-state opponent use of media in recent decades. Such proficiency in the... read more
  9. Intelligence for sale: Commercial space sensors and their use 19 April 2015 The increased availability of information collected by space based sensors is changing our battlespa... read more
  10. Combat in Afghanistan: One soldier's perspective 10 April 2015 In November 2001, Australia joined the United States-led coalition in the war against the Taliban an... read more


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