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  1. Canon_part2
    22 June 2017
    The 2016 Land Power Forum paper, The canon and four generations of warfare,[1] notes that in June 20...
  2. Doctrine in Digital Age
    19 June 2017
    "Our subordinates are from the digital and “sharing economy” generation where disruptive technologie...
  3. 24 December 2016
    Previously I argued that the battlefield has always been dispersing, and tactics have adjusted accor...
  4. 24 November 2016
    ‘It is no great matter to change tactical plans in a hurry and to send troops off in new directions....
  5. 7 November 2016
    How long will it be until Russia invades the Baltic States? Or Poland? Or indeed even attempts to ca...
  6. 1 November 2016
    Throughout the past two decades the words religious extremism and terrorism have become synonymous w...
  7. 8 September 2016
    As described in my earlier blog article, force design is a difficult process despite its fundamental...
  8. 5 September 2016
    When armies recognise that they face an uncertain, unknowable, future, more often than not their res...
  9. Australian soldiers cover up to protect against dust and endure very hot conditions during a Danish and British off road armoured convoy from Forward Operating Base (FOB) Price to FOB Armadillo.
    18 August 2016
    This post is the sequel to The Australian way of war: What is our military culture?  It is intended...
  10. 1 August 2016
    Major Leon Young’s recent article galvanised me to consider his question if we wished to avoid the d...
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