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David Kilcullen

In this Chief of Army's Seminar, Dr David Kilcullen presents his findings from a paper written on how Army operates in a joint setting in a future urban network control environment. 24 June 2014

On 24 June 2014, Dr David Kilcullen delivered the keynote address The Australian Army in the Urban, Networked Littoral for a Chief of Army Seminar. Dr Kilcullen's presentation was based on a paper of the same name written for the Army Research Paper series. His latest book Out of the Mountains also explores some of the themes and issues presented in this seminar, which include urban warfare, urban control operations, and the overarching processes that are driving urbanisation, littoralisation, and inter-networking of marginalised urban populations.

Having served as an Australian Army officer, and with years of experience in diplomatic and policy advisory roles for both the Australian and United States governments, Dr Kilcullen is well-renowned as a counterterrorism and counterinsurgency expert and he has written widely in this area.

Download the transcript (pdf)

Download the paper The Australian Army in the Urban, Networked Littoral (pdf)

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