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Hew Strachan

In this keynote address, Professor Hew Strachan uses his expertise in contemporary history and strategy to help Army uncover lessons of the past and encourage us to think deeply about future conflicts and security challenges. 25 March 2014
1 May 2017
Australian Army Research Centre Author

On 25 March 2014, Professor Sir Hew Strachan delivered the keynote address Strategy in Theory and Practice: Lessons for Army from the last 15 years for the Future Land Warfare seminar ‘Army’s Institutional Lessons from the last 15 years’. The objective of this seminar was to contribute to the effort to record Army’s institutional lessons and to inform the Chief of Army Exercise in 2014.

As the editor of the book The Changing Character of War, Prof Strachan is exquisitely qualified to provide this address. In this book, Prof Strachan has provided precise analysis on what in war is new and what is not, but also what has had to be relearned at such a heavy cost because of our own errors. In this way, his work is particularly relevant to the ‘lessons learnt’ theme of this seminar.

Professor Hew Strachan - 25 March 2014


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