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Amphibious capability

Amphibious landing craft
The ability to deploy offshore is crucial and Plan BEERSHEBA will tie in with existing programs to improve the Australian Defence Force's amphibious capability.

Plan BEERSHEBA introduces the Australia Defence Force's new amphibious capabilities such as the new Landing Helicopter Docks (LHD) ships which represent a fundamental shift in how Army will deploy land forces and conduct operations in response to the full spectrum of conflict scenarios in the future.

The Army's Deployable Joint Force Headquarters will foster and develop an amphibious culture across Army. To reinforce Army's commitment, the Chief of Army has designated the 2nd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (2 RAR) to form the core of Army's contribution to a future amphibious force as this development work is done.

During an interview with Army News, the Chief of Army explained that with new amphibious ships already in the pipeline, it's time for Army to 'make a very significant buy in.'

"What Beersheba is doing is giving the government and the ADF a wider range of options when they looks at the Army. Everything from humanitarian assistance through to warfighting, the Army can do it. The Army can get to that operational area with the right capabilities in the right timeframe and do something about the situation when they get there," Lieutenant General Morrison said.

View the Army News article here.

Last updated
21 December 2016
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