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Plan Beersheba

Under Plan Beersheba our Army continues to modernise in order to remain equipped and prepared for new and emerging threats.
15 June 2017

Army has maintained an adaptable and modern force structure capable of meeting the demands of various operating environments since Plan Beersheba was introduced in 2011. The 2016 Defence White Paper provided capability development opportunities for Army to modernise, investing in new and updated capabilities that address current and emerging threats. Cyber capability, enhanced air defence, long-range rocket artillery and land-based anti-ship missiles will be an important part of our future Army.

The Army’s capability will benefit further from new infantry fighting vehicles, combat reconnaissance vehicles, and armoured engineer mobility support vehicles being introduced into service. This will improve protection of personnel within the combat brigade unit-of-action from highly lethal weapon systems and hold commensurate mobility up to and including our most capable close combat platform - the M1A1 tank.

The Army has responded to the future requirements with amended unit structures at home and more powerful combat groupings on operations.

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25 July 2017
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