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Army demonstration to a group of civilians
Under Plan BEERSHEBA there will be significant changes for the enabling brigades and organisation of our Army, in particular, the Army Reserve.

The Army Reserve - 2011 and beyond

The Army Reserve has a new role - to deliver specified capability and support and sustain Australian Defence Force (ADF) preparedness and operations.

To fulfil this role, the Army Reserve has four core tasks and several supporting tasks. The core tasks include:

• Delivery of specified warfighting capabilities with an emphasis on stability operations; 
• Provision of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, and domestic security as part of a Whole-of Government approach; 
• Provision and maintenance of specialist individual capabilities; and
• Contribution to Army surge capabilities.

Underpinning these tasks is a commitment to the promotion of Army's image and the ethos of the ADF through the Army Reserve's strong bonds with regions and local communities.

Plan BEERSHEBA is Army's plan for the next phase of the Adaptive Army Campaign.

Under Plan BEERSHEBA, the Army Reserve will consist of six brigade-sized formations within the 2nd Division with units, sub-units, teams and individuals integrated within Army's Combat Support and Combat Service Support brigades. The 2nd Division formations will be paired, with each pair aligned to, and on the same Force Generation Cycle as its partnered full-time Multi-role Combat Brigade.

In each 'Ready' year, the paired Army Reserve formations will be required to produce a battalion-sized group which may be used in its entirety or as a 'capability brick' by the 'Ready' Multi-role Combat Brigade commander for operational deployments or in major exercises.

In order to fulfil the enduring annual Army Reserve capability requirements, the generic structure of the 2nd Division formations developed for Plan BEERSHEBA include, a Royal Australian Artillery mortar capability under the command of an Infantry battalion, the re-roling of all Army Reserve Royal Australian Armoured Corps units to the production of Bushmaster crews, and the embedding of the Brigade Operational Supply Company within each Combat Services Support Battalion.

During 2011, significant work has been devoted to establishing the Army Reserve within the Army's 'Total Force' concept. This work has been conducted in collaboration with the Australian Regular Army and the Australian Public Service. Complementing this work has been the Cadet, Reserves and Employer Support Division's (CRESD) Plan SUAKIN.

Plan SUAKIN is designed to develop the Reserve workforce required for Plan BEERSHEBA and to enable better use of the Army Reserve in Force 2030. CRESD has developed a sophisticated Personnel Cost Model and a Predictive Behaviour Model which facilitate accurate costings for operations, as well as determining what incentives best motivate different skills groups for specified tasks. These decision support tools will be an essential part in progressing the Army Reserve components of Plan BEERSHEBA and integral to designing the Army Reserve of the future.

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21 December 2016
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