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Press Release – Land 200

The Australian Army is shaping soldiers to think and fight digitally in the information age by continuing to deliver major reforms to its communications network.

A new package of work in the Land 200 project, Tranche 2, is another step toward establishing a digital nervous system at the heart of Army capability.

Already Tranche 1 of Land 200 has integrated new software, computers and a tactical data radio network onto dismounted soldiers and about 2000 platforms, including armoured vehicles, armed reconnaissance helicopters and Navy landing craft.

Land 200 Tranche 2 started in September 2017 and will:

  • train soldiers to think and fight digitally, including the use of
    • new portable tablets to display hypothetical tactical exercises without troops
    • an enhanced simulated software program to provide situational awareness data, such as soldier movements, to the battle management system to allow personnel to practice making decisions as they would in battle
  • integrate new technology onto more than 500 vehicles such as tanks, trucks and armoured recovery vehicles, which will:
    • allow commanders to target threats up to 50 per cent quicker
    • use automatic alerts to warn crews earlier about enemy action
    • allow platforms, such as tanks, to generate and hand-off multiple threats that need to be targeted to other platforms equipped with the battle management system
    • allow communication between the battle management system and the M1A1 Tank's sensors and heavy weapons systems
  • deliver a new tactical communications network, which includes the Harris 158 digital, multi-band, multi-channel radio and a new Network Planning and Management System to support operators in running the network
  • enhance the battle management system software introduced in Tranche 1 to:
    • support the collaborative planning requirements of larger Brigade and Division level headquarters
    • protect against cyber threats.

Digital reform is important for the Army at a time when traditional thinking about command, control and communication is challenged by evolving global threats.

Worldwide communications systems are becoming more interlinked and large populations of people are likely to be permanently connected to global networks, providing constant access to ‘real time’ information.

On today’s battlefield every soldier, vehicle, weapon system and headquarters is reliant on a large number and variety of complex mission systems, digital communications networks and technologies.

The new 'digital nervous system' integrating these technologies will cultivate comprehensive situational awareness to help Australian forces out-think adversaries.

The new system will help provide all decision makers a critical advantage during operations as they are given more time, information and context to win battles and protect soldiers' lives.

The final package of work for Land 200, Tranche 3, is expected to reach Gate 0 of the Defence Capability Lifecycle in mid-2018.

Tranche 3 would include:

  • replacing or upgrading technology that has become obsolete since the project started
  • finishing the tactical communications network
  • completing the integration of the battle management system into combat platforms and remote weapon stations.
Last updated
10 April 2018
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