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Project LAND 200

The LAND 200 Project will provide Army with digital radios and Battle Management Systems (BMS), both vehicle-mounted and dismounted (on the soldier), across the Australian Defence Force.

LAND 200 is made up of various phases of three projects, JP 2072, LAND 75, and LAND 125, and will deliver capability throughout Defence in three Tranches between 2011 and 2021-2022.

LAND 200 Tranche 1 was endorsed by Government in November 2009. New radios and systems commenced delivery across Defence in May 2011. The capability delivered to date, mainly into the 7th Brigade, has progressively become engrained in the day to day business of that Brigade. This significant capability advancement has started to alter command and control operating procedures and through further use and experience, will have a lasting impact on how Army fights. The Tranche 1 radios and systems were used on Ex TALISMAN SABRE 2011 (7th Brigade) and Ex HAMEL 2012 (1st Brigade) at the Brigade Headquarters level down to individual soldiers wearing the dismounted capability (pictured below). During Ex HAMEL13, the 2/14 Light Horse Regiment Combined Arms Battlegroup fielded the digitised capability. These activities highlighted the significant benefits in, not only battle management, but mission planning and execution. The new radios provided an excellent digital backbone for the passage of information in near real time and supported the Battle Management System (BMS) at all levels.

LAND 200 Tranche 1 is due to reach full operational capability in 2014 with the final delivery of all equipment. Under this Tranche, Army will receive digital Battle Management Systems for the soldier, Protected Mobility Vehicles, Unimog and G Wagon.

LAND 200 Tranche 2 was endorsed by Government in August 2013 and will continue with PMV and G-Wagon installations, as well as installation of radios and systems into the M113AS4s, LAND 121 Medium Heavy Trucks, and PMV-Light. This Tranche is undergoing an unprecedented series of activities designed to inform the submission to Government for project approval. LAND 200 Tranche 2 will deliver sustainment training and simulation capabilities for individual and collective Battle Management Systems requirements; weapons integrated Battle Management Systems (into the Tank and ASLAV); Brigade Headquarters software applications for all headquarters functions including interoperability with key Joint and Coalition systems; procurement of a new digital soldier radio; modification of the current soldier Battle Management System to significantly reducing weight and size whilst enhancing capability; and delivery of a robust tactical network architecture to support Land Networking capabilities from the individual soldier to a Divisional Joint Inter-Agency Task Force Headquarters.

Synchronised with Army’s Plan BEERSHEBA and LAND 121’s B-vehicle replacement Program, LAND 200 will undergo its greatest challenge between 2013 and 2018 in delivering a holistic Land Networking solution to two Army formations, enabling Brigades, training establishments, Special Forces and other Services. LAND 200 Tranche 3, planned for 2017 – 2021-22, will complete deliveries to the remainder of Defence and provide technical refresh of equipment previously delivered in Tranche 1 and 2.

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10 December 2016
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