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High Mobility Engineer Excavators

Protected engineering vehicle
Through Project NINGAUI, the Australian Defence Force will acquire four systems, which will see each system hold two protected High Mobility Engineer Excavators.

The protected High Mobility Engineer Excavators (HMEE) will be acquired to repair damaged routes and create bypass routes.

The HMEE is a self deployable excavation system with attachments to execute a wide range of mobility, counter mobility, survivability and counter-Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) missions.

Coalition partners operating in route clearance roles have acknowledged the significant benefits to having a route remediation/bypass capability.

Should a route be compromised by the detection or detonation of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), the HMEE would then perform the task of repairing the existing route in the case of a detonation or providing a safe alternate route in the case of an IED being detected.

HMEE’s are fitted with bar armour, spall liner, blast attenuating seat, belly plate and situational awareness systems.

HMEE’s can be utilised by the manoeuvre commander supported by his engineer search advisor in dynamic route selection – or selecting a completely new route where there is suspicion of a threat, or where the route is impassable. The time taken to repair or create a bypass is dependant on the length of the task, the quality of the terrain, and the experience of the operator.

Six HMEE were delivered on ANZAC Day whilst the Dawn Service was being conducted, and moved northwards to Tarin Kot on the same day. Three are now fitted with all the equipment required for operations, and are operationally capable.

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10 December 2016
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